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Popcorn girl 22 Nectar from the fountain of youth

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The girls skip school for another form of education from their dad

We all shared a light breakfast nude in bed 11 and 12 year old Marcia and Sue joining their moms in my big bed… throughout both young girls kept trying to get a rise out of their dad’s dick… and I will admit that the antiques of the nubile little things rubbing their little titties across me as they kept reaching fro something on the other side of the bed was pleasurable. especially when they would lean across my lap and brush their little tits on my dick until they felt it stir…

Both mothers watch in amusement as the little virgins tried to get me aroused …. and when they were beginning to succeed they finally interceded. “Okay, girls that’s enough … you both know it’s a school day..” “Ah really… can’t we just call in sick …” “Ya, aunt Judy … please please please …” “Sorry, not today… now get going you don’t have much time to catch the bus” No sooner had the girls slid off the bed then both moms moved in to take their place … but they were less subtle and began fondling my balls and stroking my dick while kissing my chest and lips…

“No fair ..MOM !” both girls called as they left to get ready for school…. I pulled both ladies up and kissed them then as they were distracted I slid out from between them …. “You heard them…. no fair moms … we have a lot to get done today … ” I headed to my shower but was only alone briefly as both Judy and Jackie joined me and we did use a lot of hot water washing and touching all over each other until the cold water hurried us up.

As we were getting dried the girls walked in dressed for school … “took you guys long enough … we should have turned the hot water on sooner in the other room…” they giggled Both girls wore school uniforms … jumpers with the skirt a little too short and white blouses that probably fit last year … even with their small tits they were pulling the tops tight and showing a little lace from their satin training bras…. and little satin ties … they looked like a pervs dream school girl…. “Nice” I said as I looked them over … “they seem a little small thou..” both twirled and showed a little pantie …. “ya, the counceler said our moms needed to buy us new outfits that fit … the old prude … the teachers all like them .. they never say anything just try to hide their hard-ons…” “We will look into new outfits soon.. ” Jackie interrupted “now kiss us bye and get … the bus should be here any minute ” and then we all heard a horn outside …. both girls rushed to me and reached up and kissed my cheek while their little hands reached for and held my dick … “see you tonight Daddy?” “I look forward to it girls … ” and they kissed their moms and ran out … Judy called after them ….. “Don’t slam the…” BANG “door”

“ We need to get dressed and get going too …” Jackie said .. “I got an interview and we have some papers to sign at the bank…” We all went separate directions. I met with my theater manager and offered him a promotion and pay raise so I could be less hands-on giving me more time with the “family” .. then canceled my lease on the furnished apartment which left only my cloths and personal items to load up … I then headed back to my new home… I put my things in my room and wandered the house … while in the basement looking out I saw movement in the pool house window … it looked like a nude body running past the window… I didn’t think anyone else was home so I went to investigate

As I got close I could hear music playing loudly … trying the door I found it open and went inside … I didn’t see anyone but the music was coming in from the back room so I followed it and what I found was a pleasant surprise … Sue and Marcia were both nude and laying on the bed clutched in a passionate 69 … both girls going hard on eating each others per-teen pussy … The sight got my reaction as my dick jumped to fill my slacks … Rather than let them know I was there I chose to watch and enjoy… I quietly stepped back into the other room and removed my cloths then returned to enjoy their show…. neither girl was letting up on her oral assault on the other … and neither knew I was standing in the door pulling my dick as they licked each others bald little slits they rolled around changing places several times as each wanted to be on top … pushing her pussy into her sister/cousins face and little fingers… I saw that neither was pushing deep into the others cunt … I hoped that meant that their hymen were intact and Daddy was going to get to take both girls cherries… “DADDY !!” Marcia had looked up and saw me .. they both screamed and jumped from the bed …

“I could have swore your moms said today was a school day…. aren’t you home kinda early ??” “We skipped… we never even got on the bus and snick back here hoping to catch you alone … we waited forever… then gave up and …. well started without you…” “But now that your here cum join us..” both pushed me to the bed and down on it…. “We can fool around but I promised your mother they would be involved on loosing your virginity …” “Daddy there is A LOT we can do and still be mom’s little virgins…. Now Marcia has already tried this and it’s my turn …” Sue sat on my legs and leaned over my dick and began kissing and licking my dick …. Marcia wasn’t shy either and straddled my face and pushed the loveliest little pussy onto my mouth…… memories of being in this position with their mothers years ago came back the feel of their little bodies on top of mine … the smells of their youth .. the taste of the little pussy rubbing against my tongue and the feel of a tight hot mouth engulfing my shaft. I was becoming lost in my memories until I felt Sue push her finger against my ass … that brought me back to the two young beauties with me now … the way Marcia sat on my face kept me from seeing the beauty of the tiny breast she was rubbing and squeezing while I worked my tongue against and into her little twat…. but I was able to see the loveliest little butt … with her tiny asshole flexing as she road me ..

Sue’s little mouth worked lovingly on my dick … one tiny hand stroking my dick while she moved her lips up and down … licking along the shaft then engulfing my head and pushing down taking me as deep as she could while swirling her little tongue along the vein under my crown … she would push herself deep as she could then up for a breath and down again … deeper each time … little by little deeper into her tight mouth until I felt my dick push against the back of throat … until she started to gag .. she pulled off then took a deep breath and pushed hard and deep …. and i felt her throat close around my dick … hot and even tighter the 11 year old learning to please my dick … she tickled my ass … but when she began pushing into her throat both hands took hold of my hips and pulled herself hard onto me …. and pushed hard taking me into her each time … bringing me closer each time …

With Sue’s efforts I had lost track of my duties to Marcia’s lovely little slot … until she wiggled her hips reminding me to get to work … and I did I reached up and pushed her forward to lean over me which brought her tiny little clit to my tongue … between the two girls and now my efforts her clit had hardened and began to push from it hiding inside her hood … as I licked against it her legs trembled and i felt her push more weight against me … her moans expressed the feelings neither her sister nor I could with our mouths busy and full of another … Sue and I both coming closer to our peaks with the ministrations being given to us….

I could feel my balls drawing up getting ready to shoot my seed … the very seed that had created both these girls .. into Sue’s throat … I wanted Marcia to join me and worked harder to bring her along … as I again felt the little digit tickling my butt I brought my fingers to Marcia’s . No sooner had I touched her butt than she pushed back and engulfed my finger … and screamed … her thigh clutching me tight and holding her pussy hard to me and cutting off my breathing … and Sue also pushed her finger into me and pushed me over the top and I pumped my cum deep into her throat and into her stomach …. both Sue and I struggling to breath yet loving what we were doing neither would let up … with pumping shot of shot of cum into Sue until it began leaking from her mouth onto my crotch … and Marcia climax bringing on her sweet nectar squirting onto my chest and face coating me and running down onto the bed beneath me and she collapsed to the side letting me catch a breath … I reached for Sue and pulled her limp from from my dick … almost unconscious as soon as I pulled her from me I felt her draw a deep breath then sat up and collapsed onto my stomach. I held both girls lovingly with a hand on each as we all caught out breath. ….

Both girls having caught their breath moved up and cuddled to me and I cupped their tiny asses in my hand … as their heads lay on my chest … I pushed up and rolled over onto Sue’s little frame … and kissed along her throat .. down her collar to nurse on her little nipples while moving a hand to her wet .. hot slit … I continued down until I was tasting a sweet virgin cunt again … as I licked and tongued her pussy her sister/cousin was kissing and fondling her beasts … we both worked on her little frame … she was moaning and withering beneath us … her little hands not knowing where to go … who to touch and stroke my head … shoulders … Marcia’s tits .. her cheeks her lips … I could quickly feel her coming to a peak … her tiny frame trembling her breath coming in pants and louder moans …

She was reaching the point that she was not able to catch her breath and kept moving … pushing up to my tongue moving her pussy left and right moving me to get the greatest pleasure … I took a play from her own book and moved a finger to her tiny asshole … god .. it was so small .. I didn’t think I would be able to do what I planned … but like her sis when she felt my touch she moved her little star back and swallowed my finger …. letting out a loud moan again I felt a pair of pre-teen thighs clasp onto my face … and was washed with another spray from the fountain of youth from her young pussy…. then I felt her go limp … I slowly pulled my finger from her and kissing her gently on her trembling mound I moved up her body and Marcia and I both held her unconscious body between us … I reached across to Marcia’s sweet lips and softly kissed her ….

“mom was right when she told us what a lover you were …. we though she was making some of it up … I can see why She and Jackie love you like they do … and like Sue and I are coming to…” we both joined her sister and fell asleep cuddled together ….

A short time later we were all woken up rather abruptly…”DAVE !! … you didn’t !” both Judy and Jackie stood in the doorway looking at us with shock and disappointment on their faces. Marcia jumped from the bed a little unsteady but moved toward her mom … “Mom… he didn’t … I promise !” turning to her daughter ..”and you… young lady … you are suppose to be in school … both of you !’ looking to Sue sitting up in the bed as I had begun to retrieve my pants …

Jackie finally found her voice.. “We talked about this … all of us … this was not to happen like this … we all ..” Sue jumped from the bed and moved to her mom … “we’re sorry mom … but we didn’t have ‘sex’ we knew we were all going to be together when Dave gave us his gift …” “Wait … my gift … already .. you want ..” I stuttered “Not yet …dear .. ” Judy moved to put her arms around me .. “not that gift yet … they meant when you made them women .. but this place smells like a brothel … everyone get cleaned up and strip the bed … girls bring it all to the house …. we need to call the school and let them know we found you …”

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  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    Wow I’m amazed seeing all these stories. I want to see MORE and I can imagine Dave even fucking his grand daughters lolol

  • Reply Bisexlover69 ID:1fr6pwrqj

    Another incredible chapter, you keep this series so fresh. I can’t wait to see the girls sessions losing their chery.

  • Reply Cloudwalker ID:gnrvcvoid

    popcorn’s boss I love your imagination. 22 chapters and it’s still fresh. Each episode I
    become Dave, you write so descriptively that I’m able to slip right into his character. I
    can taste and feel, and OMG is my poor dick sore. Keep it up dude – and it’ll keep up. lol