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Mom and daughter fun encounter in the park

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Slutty mom helps daughter suck cock in the park.

Being single with no ties, I’d take a walk around the park daily, most weekends I’d see a mother and daughter. The young mother had gone from leaning over showing her cleavage while pushing the cute baby her in a pram, to walking a nice little girl, now around 10 or 12 around the park. Clearly they lived local. I always wondered what she did for work. We’d say hello, and sometimes have a chat about the weather.

The mother was average height, a stunning face, with pointy features and great set of breasts, but she had a tattoo at the bottom of her backside of a bear. The daughter was short for her age, a little sweet version of her mom, lighter hair sometimes had her hair in pigtails or a ponytail. Often their hair and clothes would match. My favourite was when they’d wear cut off shorts in the summer, and cut off crop-top showing their belly buttons, the mother had her navel pierced. In the summer you could really see what a natural great shape the mother had. I’d taken a few sneaky pics over the years, and put them in a folder I’d named ‘park MILF’, those photos had helped me ejaculate many pleasurable creamy loads thinking about her nice tits. Especially one where she wore a black top with a see through mesh section on her chest. Most of the photos had her daughter in them; but that didn’t stop me messing all over the place.

In the winter the park was quiet, on my stroll the mom and daughter were sitting on the bench. They were in their winter coats, but both semi-unzipped, the mother’s hair was loose under a bobble hat, as she sucked on a lollipop. She wore jeans, white pumps and a woollen grey sweater with a sections missing, gaps on the shoulders and chest that showed her cleavage. The daughter’s hair was in low pigtails that day, pink hat, pink snow boots, grey thick leggings and a sweater with a sequin unicorn head on it, and a Burberry scarf. She chewed bubble gum, blowing bubbles now and again.

I thought about them a lot, imagining fucking the mother in the bushes from behind, while the daughter played on the swings. Surrounded by trees on the path, seeing them cosy on the bench, breath visible in cold I was already a little aroused. As I got closer we exchanged some pleasantries and I commented how the mother didn’t age and the daughter was growing up so fast. I noticed an empty bottle of alcohol on the floor but didn’t take much notice.
“You’re too kind.” She said, looking a my hardening cock in my jeans. She could see me trying not to look at the cleavage of firm tits. She looked at her daughter with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Strangely, her young daughter cutely looked my bursting crotch area up and down and gave me a cute wink.

I got a little embarrassed, and said goodbye and began to walk off. The mother gripped my cold hand and said, “don’t go, you look like you need warming up.” And with her free hand ran it across my bulge. Holding my hand, placed it on gap of her warm tits. I gave a glance to the unfazed little girl in double digits.
“Oh, don’t mind her, she’s used to this, I’m surprised it’s taken so long for us to get to.” said the mom.

I’d always suspected she could be a dirty cunt, but not around her daughter. I could feel the warmth of my pre-cum dripping in my underwear as she unzipped me and pulled out my modest sized cock and balls. With a quick look around she pulled me closer, her coat obscured the sight as she used my juices to lube and tugged me. With rosy cheeks the young girl swung her legs, her boots rubbing on the path watching excitedly. I thought it would put me off, but it got me aroused, even harder.
Not hiding the fact at all, “Look at this,” said the mother to the daughter, as with her legs wide, she massaged my balls with one hand and began pulling me off with the other. She spat with perfect aim between in the gap sweater where it ran down her cleavage. A clean string of gob dripping from her long tongue continued to ooze on her tits.
The girl blurted out, “Titty fuck my mom, mister.” actually pushing me even closer to her mother’s open legs and the bench.
Still sitting on the bench, the mom lifted up the sweater slightly and I caught a glimpse of her perfect nipples as she pulled me closer.
My rock hard dick slotted nicely between her warm tits. With my hands on her shoulders I fucked her tits, while she held my ass, our warm breath filling the cold air as her daughter watched on smiling.

Standing up, I tried not to shoot my load on her well lubed breasts, my cock dripping pre-cum everywhere mixing with her spit.
“Kiss him.” The mother instructed. And with that the girl excitedly stood up on the bench. I noticed a damp patch darkened her little leggings, I didn’t know if it was sweat, piss or that this girl could actually get turned on that young. I’d never thought about very young girls much before. Standing on the bench, her little warm mouth she kissed my cheek as her mother moved in perfect rhythm to my motion against her tits.
“Give him a proper kiss.” Demanded the mother, as she moved me from her tits and began pulling me off again.

I stuck my hands in the mother’s jeans and soaking wet panties, past her trimmed pubes I had a quick rub of clit. I took out my hand and the mother sucked her juices from my fingers.
Then, as her daughter tried to kiss me, I moved my head away not sure if I wanted to do that.
“Are you a fucking gay? Or a pedomom lover? Kiss my princess you fucking bitch.” Pouted the mom.
Standing on the bench the daughter held my head and gave me proper kiss. Her little tongue moved around as she let her pink gum loose into my mouth. I nearly choked as the mother spat out her lollipop stick onto the floor, and began blowing me as her petite daughter deep kissed me like a pro princess.
I wanted to shoot my load so bad, I think the confusion about the preteen helped cool me down. However, as her dainty two hands held my hand tightly, the more her sweet face stirred something that I used to feel wanking over on pictures of girls on social media when I was a teenager.

I had plans forming in my mind. I pushed the mother from my cock as the girl sat back down on the bench. Kissing the mom hard, I stuck my tongue down her throat, I hadn’t really suspected it before; but clearly she was a dirty, nasty bitch. The mom put my hand on her throat, and I squeezed, choking the slut a little as we French kissed, I could taste my salty precum and the sweetness of her finished cherry lollipop. I spat her daughter’s chewing gum in her mom’s mouth.

Unsurprisingly, my dick was becoming a little limp in the cold. As the mom blew a big bubble with the gum, she stuck her hands in her jeans and rubbed herself.
“She’s ready,” she said, giving her daughter a wink. “Is your pedocock?”
I thought her words would turn me off, but they turned me on. The two females each took one of my hands, like they’d done this, or planned it before, and sat me between them on the bench.
“Do what you like with her.” the mother smiled.
The girl could see from my face I was still a little in disbelief.
“I’ll help him mom.” She put her dainty hand with pink painted nails around my cock, it looked huge in her tiny hand. “You like that don’t you mister, you perv.”
I looked at her little hard protruding nipples either side of the unicorn head, the sequins sparkled in the winter sunlight as my cock got rock hard again. Her mother reached across guiding her daughter’s head on my shaft.

My cock felt huge in her soft mouth as her mother held her pigtails together with one hand, bobbing her daughter’s head up and down. As her daughter gulped and gagged on my cock, the mom was gushing with her other hand still in her panties. I wanted my dick so badly in one of these hot tight cunnies.

As her sweet small tongue flicked over my throbbing cock, the mother let go of her daughter’s hair, making me take over holding the little pig tails below her hat. Squeezing my leg the mother shuddered in ecstasy sopping her and jeans panties with gratification. It looked like she’d pissed herself as steam raised into the air.

“Tell me when you’re going to shoot your load, so I can push my princess down on you!” She said, licking her sticky creamed fingers. “It’ll be a great finish.”
I knew I was going to milk the moment of every bit of satisfaction. I gave the mother a nod, she knew I was close. I gripped the girl’s Burberry scarf tight, as the she pushed her gagging daughter’s head deep into my pubes and balls.
“You’re making mummy jealous,” gasped the mom.
Thanks to the mothers helping hand, and with my cock balls deep down her daughter’s throat, with a twist of my wrist I tightened the scarf around her skinny neck, I exploded, pumping endlessly, shooting reams of my huge fucking load down her throat. Her little body twitched as she choked on my pulsating cock. Releasing her, bloodshot eyed she came up gargling spunk, gasping for air, with cum dripping all down her chin.

I’d had the best orgasm ever! I worried for a moment that she’d didn’t like it, but thought, fuck it. However, she gave me a big grin with her little teeth, and her mother leaned over and they had a cummy-kiss over my dripping cock.
They both looked at me cum-covered and doughy-eyed.
“I loved choking on your pedocock Mister.” Panted the daughter, sperm pooling on her unicorn top.
“He can cum to our house one day,” announced the mom, giving me a wink, wiping cum from her chest.
“You bitches were great!” I exclaimed.

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  • Reply Kimmy ID:e5wucn20i

    I love moms who want their little girls slits fucked by pedo cocks and to rub their own slutty cunts while they watch mmmm

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      Any experience by chance? You sound fun AF.

    • Al ID:btte84sqrj

      Yes had a girl watch me fuck her 11yo she beg me to cum in her

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    Anybody wants bbc

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    Damn I would of loved to have watched as some pedo cock was sucking my little girls throat.

    • Angel1000 ID:1eq7k2mxwlmi

      Glad you enjoyed.

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    Single moms using their kids as cock bait huh,check out my single mom story. Choking a nice touch by the way

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      I will, thanks

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    When I did my very small film. I wore pigtails and the older guy in the film used them as handlebars when I gave him a very sloppy blowjob, then when he got behind me, he doggy fucked me while pulling my pigtails very hard like he was riding me like his horse and also the same way when he had his cock all the way into my ass ! when he was done with me, I had his sperm leaking out of my pussy and ass and my braces were also full of his sticky cum !! Tara !!

    • Peter ID:2rdls2goq2k

      I hope you love it bitch, this is the right use of pigtails, so you cannot escape. How old you were.

    • Peter ID:2rdls2goq2k

      Thanks for your comment about your age Tara. I love little girls with pigtails, many of them take me blowjob holding their pigtails. It was turn me on so much see them suffer in this way.

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      Awesome TARA

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      Nicely done TARA…

  • Reply Peter ID:2rdls2goq2k

    You are realy one very lucky bastard, i love the part of pigtasils.

    • Angel1000 ID:1eq7k2mxwlmi

      Thanks pigtails are awesome.

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I was 18 years old then Peter.

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    Part 2 please

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      One is called “Mom demands fun while her teenage daughter swims“ and there’s to to follow: Mom and daughter cum-fest home visit Part 1 and 2

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    a part 2?

    • Angel1000 ID:1eq7k2mxwlmi

      One is called “Mom demands fun while her teenage daughter swims“ and there’s to to follow: Mom and daughter cum-fest home visit Part 1 and 2

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    It’s great that parents can get such a kick out of seeing their kids with perverts. Nice!

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      Filthy. But nice.

  • Reply Captain America ID:55wsg94x8

    Wish I could meet a mother and daughter

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      Thanks Adam. Another story should be published shortly.

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