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It’s a cumpation

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I was trying to decide between Continuing to fuck my Mom, fuck my aunt or try to satisfy them both after much deliberation, I decided that I would try to satisfy them both. I called them both to meet them at my mothers house. I sat them both down at the dining room table and I told them how do you spent the last couple of days wrestling with this problem we had. I told them both that I wanted them to watch me have sex with the other one. Hi I started with my aunt which my mother was not happy about, I told my aunt to strip naked and with my mother sitting in the chair in the same room I pointed out all my aunts positive attributes. I told my mother that she had an unbelievable body beautiful breasts as I squeezed them both perky nipples which I squeezed them both I did point out that my mothers pussy was tighter than my aunts. My aunt wanted to argue that point but I said no we’re out of the preliminary rounds right now we are in the playoffs and i’m gonna have both of you suck on my cock until I come and I’ll time both of you whoever gets me there the fastest and what the most pleasure the winner of that round then I’m gonna fuck you both and whoever gets me off fastest and what the most pleasure will win that round I may have to call in some experts to see what they think as well in the grand finale won’t be me fucking both of you up the ass to see who makes me come the fastest and turns me on the most and there will be no lubrication! I told them both that no matter who wins or loses that doesn’t mean the end of our sexual relationship. I flipped a coin and asked my mother to: call it she said heads and it was heads. I told her to give me a sexy striptease which she did can I measure how big my penis got from the excitement of watching her strip. My cock was 10 inches long and rockhard fully erect. I started to fuck my mother and I got a little irritated the fact that she didn’t bother to shave her pubic hair trying to deal with all that red hair! I really did enjoy fucking her but it was like the 400th time I fucked her so it’s starting to lose it appeal.It took me 22 minutes to cum, with vaginal sex only. My cock is still hard so I decided to try anal I stuck my cock inside my mother’s ass and she let out a scream I am just pounding her ass hole. I came In 28 minutes when I was still hard, So I shove my filthy cock into her mouth and face fuck her for like 20 minutes Until it is nice and clean I pulled it out and came all over her face. This is my Mom


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  • Reply Bob ID:1d4uq39lfq6s

    You certainly love fucking your mom, don’t you? Thanks for the pussy pic of your mom. She is heavenly!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

  • Reply Z ID:gnrrw0fzj

    Luv the photos!