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Sex education for my brother

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My little brother (12) was starting to get horny, so I (15) had to help him.

I wasn’t able to fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about his hard dick this morning. He was wearing his blue striped pyjamas but I could tell that he was hard, the fabric wasn’t hiding much. I pretended like I didn’t see anything and went on with my day. Now here I was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t get it off my mind. I wonder how it would’ve been to hold and feel it. Fuck, I can’t just lay here and think about his dick. I have to do something.
I got out of my bed, but when I reached for the door handle, when I realized what I was wearing. Just pink plain panting. I should buy more underwear soon, they are starting to sit a little too tight on me. I grabbed the first top I could find it was a white T-shirt that only went down to my bellybutton, then I stepped into the hallway. I have never left my room without something covering my lower parts (skirt, short or pants) but I couldn’t wait anymore. The thought of him being hard turned me on for some reason.
I opened his door and stood in the doorway. He looked at me and asked “why are you in my…” He stopped as his eyes slid down my body, I could tell he looking at my pink pantis. It took him a good second before he took his eyes away. I walked towards his bed, he quickly took a pillow and covered himself. I sat down know to him
And asked “hey, what u got under there?” ” Nothing!” Was his response. “Come on now show me what you are hiding” I said while removing the pillow “no don’t” he panicked. I look like my brother has gotten hard from looking at me. ” It’s not what it looks like” he tried to explain. I tried calming him down with “don’t worry it’s normal for boys like you to get hard” “really” “yeah and that’s why am here, I want to help you” “you do” he asked with a smile on his face. ” I want you to always remember how lucky you are for having a sister that is willing to help you with this. You just have to do anything I tell you to” “I will ” he responded with excitement.
I laid down next to him and asked for his hand and told him to place two fingers firmly against my pantis, then slide them back and forth between my legs. ” Like this?” “Almost” I am place his hand property, after that he was on his own doing fantastically. I almost stated moaning, but I couldn’t just yet, now it is his turn to feel good.
He was on his back and I got on top of him, with each knee other side of him and my ass on his chest. I pulled down the same pyjama bottoms that he was wearing this morning. Now there was only one layer between me and the price, his green boxers. When I pulled them down his dick popped out and flung towards me.
I grabbed a hold of him dick and started jerking it. He was trying to lay still but he was struggling. I keep going faster, because I wanted him to cum for me. He reached his hand out under my T-shirt and when straight for my boobs, it was so unexpected that I started moaning uncontrollable. He kept on squeezing them, when all of a sudden he came all over me. My T-shirt got most of it so I removed it.
I turned around and asked if he was ready for the last thing “yes!” He said with a big smile. I slid down my pantis and slowly placed his warm dick inside my wet pussy. I felt him grow inside me as I bounced up and down, he was hypothesis by my bouncing boobs, grabbed his hands and placed them on my boobs, told him if I wanted he could grab and squeeze them as much and as hard as he wishes. Oh boy did he do what I suggested my boobs felt like they were on fire, but at the same time it felt incredible. he didn’t stop because he saw how close I was to moaning again,
My bouncing was slowing down, so he grabbed my hips, and thrusted me down on his dick. It went deeper than it ever had gone before, I let out a moaning scream of pleasure as he filled me up with him cum.
I collapsed on top of him, his cum quickly started overflowing, dripping down his dick and on to the bed. He grabbed a blanket to cover us.

The next morning we went down to get some breakfast..
To be continued in part 2

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    Part plz Tilla

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    You are so sorry of a person to react like that from constructive criticism . just shows your intelligence bigtime.
    the overall story line was good but it could of had a better delivery yet according to you your god and perfect.
    mark a spot your all shit looser.

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    Good story, needs work on grammar and spelling, proof read it before posting. But yes do a part two

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    Wow. Reminds me of my sister a few years ago altho we neva fucked lol

    Email me if u want [email protected]

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