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Father & Son (Part 1)

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Father teaches son…

I’m kevin, 13 years old. I’m well built skinny teen. With blue eyes, black hair and slim body with some good abs.

My parents are divorced but I live with my mom…Dad and I are close, he invested in Bitcoin in 2010 and 8 years later he became billionaire. He given my mom and ton of money. But things changed and my father took me in when my opened a designer business in Paris. Dad then bought a shares in The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Being a teen boy, many called me cute. I got my looks from my father who was a model in his younger days. I was confused about my body and what it was going through. I had feelings for boys and girls…and was confusing. I didn’t know anything about sex…that was what everyone at school talked about…sex and dating. Were as me I was a nerd with my books and games. I started Puberty when was 13…My penis is 7.3 inches, a lot of women and men stare at my crouch…some smile and other cat call me at time.

So when I started have to white stuff coming out of my penis and wetting the bed…I went to my dad. He had just gotten back from the golf club…I asked if I can ask him some stuff.
He said sure son, anything you want.
We sat on the island tools in the kitchen…and I said dad I have this white stuff coming out of me…it’s coming from my penis. And I am wetting the bed when I sleep. He looked a bit surprised but calm, I said I like thinking of boys and girls and holding them and kissing them…started crying.

Then hugged me and calmed me down, said it’s okay son. I got you, everything is going to be well. After I calmed down…he said it’s okay to feel these things. Son he said, the white stuff is called sperm, known as CUM. It’s comes out of your penis known as cock when we are Horny. It’s when we are attracted to someone and want to have sex. Your body is developing these things…to prepare you when you older.

He said it’s natural son, do you masterbate?
I asked what’s that dad, he said it’s where you jerk off…I said I don’t know what is dad. He laughed and said okay. It’s where you hold you cock and jerk off and then you cum. I asked does it hurt he no son…it feels good.
He then said, son how about I teach you some special things. Things we can keep in secret. I said okay dad…we can. I went to my room and felt a relief. I found my dad hot, He was tall, blue eyes and ripped. He had lot of muscles. He was body was built very well since he worked out everyday.

The next night, after the staff left. Dad told me it’s time to teach me. I got excited and scared so put off my PS5 and went downstairs.
We went into the media room where there was a box of tisses and something red in a bottle called lubricant on the side table. He turned the tv on, said to sit on the couch son. He came and sat down next me, he said son I need you to promise me you won’t tell anyone about this. It’s secret that we have to keep between us okay…I said okay dad. I promise. He said, we are going to watch something called porn.

It’s where people have sex son, I said dad I am shy. He said okay son, you will enjoy it.
He put on video about 50mins in length. There was a boy on a bed, side of the screen was a message saying 14 year old, 5.4 Inches cock bottom boy and his name was Billy. The video continued and he was moaning, my father said son. The boy is jerking off, where he will shot cum from his cock. The boy put his hands into his butt was playing his hole…I got so a hard on…and dad said I see you like son.

I said yes dad, it looks cool. He said kevin, do you have any questions. I said no. I was getting more harder…dad said would you want me to show you how to do that son.
I said yes, but would it be weird…he said no son. I said okay. He stood up and pulled me up with him…he said strip off all your clothes kevin. I did as told, dad also took his clothes off too. With only my underwear on, dad slowly pulled it down and then his…my cock shout up and dad said wow son, nice cock.

I said thanks, he pulled me down on the couch and said okay son I want you to relax okay, I am going to jerk you off okay…we will start slow. Is that okay?

I said yes, he started jerking me off and it felt so good. And was massaging me slowly and his cock was leaking. Dad you are hard and leaking. He said it’s okay kevin, I kept my eyes on the TV where the boy was on fingering his butt hole. Dad said his pussy hole is open son, now I want you to do exactly what I was doing with my cock. I did that and it felt so good…I was moaning and then I started coming hard…I screamed and said dad its coming…he held my thigh and said boy come baby…and then I did.

I came all over my body. Taking deep breathes, dad said breath son. You done well. That was a lot of cum son. Did you enjoy that, I said yes daddy I did.

Part 2 coming soon.
I’ll keep more of the sex scene time.

If you have any questions or thoughts.
Email me at [email protected]

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  • Reply BaldBreederforsluts ID:1ef1700hhxyw


    I love a nice eager boy

    • James ID:1dosjn8t13fx

      I am a nice eager boy!

  • Reply Doc C ID:37gd0jpev9i

    Tell us more 10/12/23

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Kevin01424 !!! Britney

  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    This is so wonderful, and so erotic. Your father is a good man. He loves you so much and is so gentle. He just wants you to learn how you can pleasure yourself and him with your young body and is teaching you himself, not letting you be taken advantage of by strangers.

    My father taught my brothers what your father is teaching you, but Mom participated, as they both did in my training.

    There is no sexuall love as fulfilling and satisfying as family live–people who raised you, who you grew up with, who know you better than anyone else. The bond of love, of trust, of protection, are so strong. We who are in living incestuous relationships are so lucky, and your journey has just begun!

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      Go to one of my posts and highlight on Anonymous 2. It will load all of my posts, only. You can read them all. Enjoy. Keep in mind. They are all real. (As crazy as it sounds.) πŸ˜‰πŸ†

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      I agree with you GoodGirlQuietGirl. I’ve been fucking my mom and dad for 10 years. It was a total surprise when it first started. The sex is unbelievable. Better than I’ve ever had!’πŸ†

    • Kevin01424 ID:5qv30tadzi

      I agree with you. My story does continue. Keep in mind, that all of it was real. From every word as I could remember. I’m 19 years now, in college. I just released my part 2, I’ll have to go back to my dairy and get more notes. I’m not sure how many parts there would be, but will try and fit everything in 1.

  • Reply Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    Read my posts. I’m in a 3 way incestuous fuckscapades with my mom and dad. Some of the stuff we’ve done is so hot. I never would’ve imagine banging my mom, shich I used to fantasize about, or blowing my dad. He returns the favor and quite often, too. It started when I was 23. It’s crazy. But. I love it!πŸ†πŸ†

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      How do I see your posts? I’m interested, but haven’t been here much beyond reading stories.