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Adam Madison

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Inheriting his Fathers business Adam Madison also inherited his Mother, who had been too busy enjoying her life than to worry about his childhood.

The past year had not been kind to Jane Thomas, and her pretty 16 year old daughter Eliza ,Jane herself a pretty woman in her own right who was often confused by people as being Eliza’s sister not her Mother , had suffered the passing of her husband,Eliza’s Father from Black Lung Diseas from working in the mine, leaving his wife almost penniless after they had paid for the funeral. Hers and her daughters wages combined from working in Adam Madison’s giant cotton mill hardly supported them, and after they paid the rent ,and the small amount of food they purchased each week there was little left for candles and coal for the winter fires, let alone for material to make clothes with. A few weeks after her husband’s funeral Jane and Eliza had to move into a small cottage where they they rented a single bedroom and shared the rent with several other women who worked in the mill and had lost their husbands in the past.

One of the few breaks from working 6 days a week and as many as 12 hours a day was the May Day Holiday , it gave the working class a chance to enjoy a day of frivolity, with music and dancing around the Maypole, games for the children, food and drinks for the adults and everything paid for by the Madison family , and of course not forgetting the most important part of the day, the competition to elect the May Queen. It never crossed Eliza’s mind to enter the competition, but when her Mother and there friends from the cottage convinced her she should enter, the giggling Eliza put her name down on the form to take part in the competition.. She finished second behind the village elders daughter, a rather plain 14 year old who was following in her two elder sisters footsteps ,they both had been the May Queen in the two years previous, much to the amusement and a certain amount of disbelief of the villagers who were watching.

Skipping back to her Mother with a big grin on her face , sixteen year old Eliza held out her hand showing her Mother she had won a weeks wages in less than than an hour . She expected her Mother to jump for joy but she just said ” well done darling “. Eliza looked at her Mother ,” aren’t you pleased ” she asked her Mother feeling deflated and some what sad , “what’s wrong” she asked quietly ? Her Mother cuddled Eliza and said ” nothing darling, but while you were in the parade Adam Madison the mill owner sought me out , he inquired about the possibility of walking out with you “. Eliza laughed out loud, “why would he want to walk out with me ” she said feeling somewhat flattered . Her Mother said slowly ,” he thought you were the priestliest girl entered today , he wants us all to go for a pick nick down by the canal by the locks tomorrow when we come out of church “.

Eliza could hardly sleep that night, she shared a bed with her mother in the tiny room and she tossed and turned all night until her Mother said sternly “Eliza go to sleep please “.Eliza smiled in the darkness and cuddled up to her Mother and whispered “are you excited about tomorrow”, her Mother lied and said “yes”. After church Eliza ,her Mother and the other four women that share the cottage with them walked nervously chit chatting down Waterside Lane to the canal. Rounding a high wall they stopped in their tracks, not knowing whether to go towards the canal or run for home. On the grassy bank by the side of the canal there was Adam Madison’s coach with two magnificent black horses eating the grass by the water, along side was and a large hand cart with four maids unloading it. Adam himself was standing talking to the lock keeper ,several tables had been set up and were being laden with food, and Adams Mother Margaret was standing by the side of the cart organizing everything.

Adam Madison looked up and saw the group slowly approaching, he hurried towards the group of women. ” My dear Mrs.Thomas ” he said kindly ,” good afternoon and a good after noon to you Eliza ,and to your friends , I was afraid that maybe you would not come and my Mother and I would have to eat the pick nick all by our selves ” he said,laughing, “ladies” he said to the group, “come, come it’s time for lunch ,you must be hungry after listening to one of old Father Whiteheads sermons”
After a magnificent lunch Adam Madison invited Eliza to go for a walk along the canal,by the time they returned an hour later it was more difficult to determine whom was more smitten with whom, they were both gushing about things like two school children ,even the maids who knew Adam Madison very well stood wide eyed listening to him laughing, and acting the fool, a side of him they had never seen before.

The side they had seen of Adam Madison was one of sexual perversion, since his Fathers death his main pleasure seemed to be humiliating his Mother in front of the houses female staff. Adams parents had sent him away to a boarding school when he was only six, and he had only come home for short periods at Christmas and in the summer. He spent all his time when he was home on his own either wandering the huge grounds talking to the gardeners and farmers , or sitting in his room reading , the only time he had any communication with his parents was at dinner , but more often than not they were out and he dined alone.

As he grew older Adam began to grow away from his parents totally, he understood his Father was busy running the Mill ,but he began to hate his Mother who ignored him more the older he got. It wasn’t until one evening when Adam was 12 years old and a rare occasion when his Father was away and he and his Mother dined together that beneath all the hatred he had for the first time realized how pretty she was, and especially how large her breasts were . He even noticed when she walked across the room to leave, how the material of her thin cotton blouse rubbed her nipples making them hard. He went up to his bedroom and laid on the bed thinking of his Mother’s body and it was not long before he was naked with a huge raging erection.

Every time he got near climaxing he stopped, remembering at his schools religious teaching classes the Monk who taught the class had often preached of Onan the second son of Judah being struck dead by his creator for the commission of such a heinous sin as masturbation . He didn’t know what to do ,it took him twice that night and several times the next day of rubbing his shaft before he spilled his blow into his hand , the feeling left him ecstatic , breathing heavily and covered in sweat he couldn’t wait to wash up and start doing it again.

Adam was 16 when he left school and joined his Father at the mill , he was assigned to an office in the financial department . He had asked his Father several times if he could move int the operation side of the business, but he spent his days board ,doing menial tasks in the office until the day his Father unexpectedly died, leaving the twenty one year old Adam as the new owner of the most profitable mill in the country.

Two of the maids serving the guests at the pick-nick ,Marion and Becky had been been serving dinner the night Margret Madison first came down for dinner dressed in something other than black mourning clothes, it was a month after her husband death . When she rose to leave Adam who had been drinking heavily told her ” to remain seated “,he said ” he needed to tell her of his plans for her future.” Margaret Madison sat in silence as her son stood swaying from the alcohol he had drunk,telling her ” she was his property now, living in his house ,eating his food and being looked after by the maids he paid “. When he sat down she said ” Have you finished “. “No” he said smiling at her, “if you don’t like the rules then I will find you rooms in the village and you can begin work at the mill in the morning ” Unable to speak Margaret Madison sat looking at her son in silence,she knew being a woman she could never inherit her late husbands property,but she never dreamed that her son would speak to her like he had just done.

A few nights later after Margaret had gone to her bed room Adam went to the kitchen , Marian and Becky had finished cleaning the kitchen and were enjoying a bottle of the masters red wine. They looked at Adam terrified,stealing the masters wine was a case not just for dismissal but also for a trip to the court house and the chance of going to prison. Both of the girls started crying. “Be quiet” said a half drunk Adam, ” now come with me and if your good we will forget all about you little thieves in the night stupidity ” . They immediately jumped up and wiping the tears from their eyes they followed Adam to his Mothers bedroom . Opening her bedroom door without as much as a knock he found his Mother kneeling by the side of her bed saying her prayers . Adam began to laugh ,” whore” he said nastily” it will take more than the good Lord to save you tonight,” and going behind her he put his hands under her armpits and lifted her violently to her feet.

Turning her around the frightened woman was about to say something when Adam Madison took hold of the neckline of her silk nightgown and tore it open from the top to the bottom allowing her full breast and thatched cottage to be in full view. Taking hold of his Mothers arm he led her around to the bottom of the bed ,” take it off her” he said to the two scared and frightened girls who stood wide eyed looking at him. They took an arm of the night dress each and removed them from Margaret Madison, she stood naked in front of him, unable to look him in the eye,s he stared at the ground trembling at the thought of what he was going to do next. He pushed his Mother backwards until she sat on the bed,
” you two ” he said looking at Marian and Becky ” help my Mother up the bed until her head is on the pillow.he said pointing toward the headboard of the bed. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a guinea, the equivalent of a months salary for either girl. Bending over his Mother he placed the coin on his Mothers belly just above her hairy cunny . ” Well” he said ” who is going to pleasure my Mother” ? Marion needed no more encouragement she climbed onto the bed, on her knees she spread Adams mothers legs wide, putting her arms under his Mothers knees she lifted them up falling forward she buried her face in the squealing woman’s cunny, her tongue searching for Margrets little man in the boat , finding it she bit it gently between her front teeth and looked up at the panic stricken woman. ” Lay still and stop pulling my hair ” Marion hissed ” or I will bite the fucking thing off ” and with that she reburied her face back in Adams Mothers hairy crinkum – crankum.

Adam sat in the chair watching Marion licking his Mothers cunny , ” is there a guinea for me ” asked Becky shyly, he smiled at her and put his hand into his pocket,pulling out another guinea held it in the air and as he began to undo the fly’s on his pants before he said “come over here and earn your guinea Becky “.

It was late Saturday afternoon one week after May Day just before they finished work that the foreman came to Jane Thompson and told her she was needed in the Board Room immediately. Eliza tried to catch her Mothers eye as she walk off the work room floor,but when the factory closed for the night and her Mother had not returned Eliza went home alone ,only to find her Mother in the cottages kitchen . ” What happened ,where did you go “said Eliza ,” I was worried sick” she said holding her Mothers hand tightly.

” I had to go and meet Mrs Margaret Madison” said Jane softy, ” she wanted to tell me some news” she continued. “Good news I hope” said Eliza trying to lift the spirit of the conversation. Jane took a deep breath and blurted out ” she wanted to know if I would give my consent as your guardian for you to marry her son Adam Madison, so you would then become Eliza Madison Lady of the house at North Brook Manor “. Eliza let go of her Mothers hand and slumped into the chair, she looked at her Mother and tried to speak but no words came out Eventually she broke the silence and said “and what did you say” ? Her Mother looked at her with tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to smile ,” what would you have said if Margret Madison had asked you the same question ” her Mother asked her daughter ? Eliza didn’t speak for what seemed like an age , eventually she said ” I guess you could move into the big house with me ” she said smiling,” and we would never want for anything ever again, and you and I could organize the dinners and parties that are held at the Manor ” she said sounding more enthusiastic as she thought of all the things that would change there lives for the better.

She got up and stood behind her Mother putting her arms around her Mothers neck ,she kissed her head and said ” I guess I would have said yes” she said laughing softly. ” Mother” said Eliza still clinging to her Mothers neck, ” can I ask you a question, I mean can I ask you any question “? ” Of course” said her Mother rubbing her daughters arms lovingly with her hands ,” you know you can ask me anything”.
” Will my new husband want to , want to ” she repeated again, “will he want to join giblets “she said her face burning red with embarrassment having to ask her Mother such a question. Her Mother tapped her arm gently,” of course he will said her Mother, that’s what husband and wives do”. ” Will it hurt “said Eliza, her Mather laughed softly, ” only the first time you might feel uncomfortable at first” she said remembering her own first night and how she has screamed in agony when he husband broke her in ,but she wasn’t going to upset her daughter with the wedding being over a month away.

Eliza and her Mother moved into the west wing of the Manor the following week, the date of the wedding had been announced and the house had become a hive of activity, dress makers were called to make the brides dress , cook and the kitchen staff were given a different lists almost every other day, the local butchers , bakers, and brewers were all given huge orders for the party to be held for everyone living in the area on the village green after the after the wedding in the village church was over. The woman that should have been the happiest apart from the bride to be was Margaret Madison ,her son spent his evening in the gardens with Eliza, or teaching her to play Whist and Dominoes , but when Eliza retired to bed two or more of the four young maids Adam had recruited to obey his sick wishes would appear as if from thin air ,to ruin what had been glorious sunny day in Margaret’s life , but she was counting down the days to the time he no longer would he take any notice of her, it would be his silly little 16 year old wife he would amuse himself with .
If she had know what was going to happen in the month that was going to lead up to the wedding she would not have been so smug as she took off her robe and laid naked with her legs open while the maids stripped naked before climbing onto the bed to await her sick sons instructions.

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