it started on the bus

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First time me and my boyfriend tried public sex. started on the bus and then continued at the movie theater

since I don’t have any knew sex stories i’m going to talk about an older one from a few months ago. The first time me and my boyfriend tried public sex. we’ve done it a couple times since and both love it. We are both 17, and can drive, but I don’t have a car and his was in the shop so we were taking the bus down to the theater. It wasn’t very crowded and we sat in the back section, while everyone was near the front. To get to the mall, and theater, its a good half an hour trip, and ten minutes in my boyfriends hand, that was previously on my knee glides up my leg some, till he’s at the top of my leg. I look up at him and he’s looking forward, smiling. he then moves his hand over to on top of my pussy through my sweat pants. Though he was going slow and i could not feel it to well the thought of it was starting to get me really wet. after about 5 mins or so I was so horny and wet, i had already soaked through my underwear and my pants were getting a little wet. luckly I was wearing my black adidas sweats so it wasn’t too noticeable visually, but i could tell by my boyfriends smirk that he could definitely feel it. he then took his hand away and slipped it into my pants, under my underwear and started rubbing my clit straight on. it took all my will power and cheek biting to not moan out right there. after another few minutes he slowly put 2 fingers in my and started thrusting in and out while rubbing my clit with his thumb. my legs were shaking at this point. I kept looking around checking if any of the five other passengers saw, but none of them were looking at us. I was getting really close to cumming and my face was bright red, when my bf starts rubbing my g spot with his two fingers. I almost immediately start spasming on his hand, and accidentally let out a small moan. after a minute he pulls his hand from my pants and casually licks his fingers before putting his other arm around me. we rode the rest of the ride in silence, both with big smiles on our faces. we get to our stop and get out, and head to the amc theater. we went to the smaller one, that is almost always empty. there is another one a block away, that is very big, but this one only has 4 screens and no one ever goes to it. we buy our tickets for Knives Out and head to our theater, which only had like 10 other people in it. we were late, and the previews were already almost over. I guided my boyfriend to the very back, and we sat in the last row. most of the people were sitting at the front, and the closest person to us was an older man, who was about 5 rows in front of us. about half an hour into the movie i reach my hand over and put it on my boyfriends crotch, wanting to repay him for the bus. I could feel he was already hard. Right away i unbuttoned his pants and let his cock spring out. i could just make out his smile through the dark and I started rubbing him. pretty soon I could feel his pre cum dripping onto my hand and I, as nonchalantly as I could, bent down and started sucking him. I was being as quiet as I could, so I was going pretty slow, so I was making sure to make a lot of use of my tongue. after some time I could feel his cock begin to swell up, and his hands started pushing on my head till his entire cock was in my mouth, and I could feel his balls on my lips. He then started cumming a lot, shooting his cum right down my throat. I made sure to drink it all before coming back up. I left his cock out and after a couple of minutes he was already rock hard again. He put it back in his pants and grabbed my hand and we started making our way out of the theater, even though the movie was only partially through. As we passed by the row with the old man he was looking at us and smirking, which was just getting me even more horny. my boyfriend led me to the mens bathroom and pushed me up against the wall and we started making out. he pushed my pants down, and pulled them off of me so I was standing there with my pussy on full display. he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out, picked me up against the wall and started fucking me. I was so wet and it was dripping on my legs. I started to cum really quick my my boyfriend didn’t stop fucking me. after I came I heard foot steps and saw a man, prob 40s or 50s, come into the bath room. He stopped and stared at us, a look of shock and amusement. I stared back at him, all while my boyfriend was thrusting into me hard. he went and used the urinal, never looking away from us, and I never stopped looking at him. when he finished up and washed his hands he started walking to the door but then stopped and turned around. I could tell he was hard through his pants, watching my boyfriend fuck me, and then he reached into his pants and started jerking off. i was going crazy with my boyfriend fucking me and another older man jerking off to me and I came really hard a second time. soon after my boyfriend started cumming hard in me, balls deep (good thing i take the pill lol). It felt so good to feel his cum in me and after he finished we sat there breathing hard before he put me down, and I went and put my pants back on. my bf and I were giggling making our way out of the bathroom, the guy looking up closed eyes stroking his cock in his pants. As we passed to get to the door, I reached out and grabbed his crotch and cock through his pants, and he looked down and saw me and I could feel his cock pulse and him start to cum. I let go and followed my boyfriend out, the guy behind us grunting. Though we’ve done it a few more times in public, nothing has beaten the first time

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    perfect, love fucking my bitch in public

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      Can you make me your bitch too and fuck in public with other guys watching us