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Father and son (Part 3)

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Father takes his son to a doctor for a check up.

After he was done, i was so tired. My ass hurt so much but the pleasure was good. Son, i am going to run you a bath. I will be back to get you, is that okay. Yes dad. He was gone. What just happened, did my dad just have sex with me. This is not right, i need my phone or laptop to go on google and do some research. He came back, he picked me in his arms and carried me into the bathroom, okay son, i am going to place you on your feet down okay. He did that, and then helped me into the tube. The water was so good when it hit my cock and ass. He washed me with bubble bath and salt, feeling more sleeply. He picked me up, dried me off and carried me to my bedroom. He left me wrapped in a towel nothing else, he came back with some pills and a bottle of water. He gave me them to me told me to take them, i did and he put me to bed. The same way he did when i was a kid.

I woke up refresh, trying to figure out where i was. Then everything came back to me, all that happened to me. What my dad had done to me, how i liked it. My father walked in the room while i was laying in bed, he had a breakfast tray in his hands. Hello son, i brought something for you to eat, was going to wake you but i see you are awake. I asked, how long did i sleep for sitting up.
He said its late in the afternoon soon, 5:45pm. I slept in the whole day? Yes son you was very tired after our fucking. I sat up and he kissed me, tasting his mouth. Orange and a bit of spice. I pulled back, he placed the tray on my lap. A cheese burger, fries and pesi sat there, Eat son and he left. I ate and then got up. Put on my rob and the maid came in to take the tray.

I went to shower. My father came in and told me to get ready son. I am taking you to see someone, who are we going to see dad. He said you will see, i got dressed and we left in his limo. We sat right in the back. We are going to see James kevin, his going to give you a check up. I might have hurt you son, so i need to know you are okay. My butt is sore dad, no pain and my lower back is a bit sore too. I am sorry kevin, he held my hand then quickly put his hand on my crouch. I should have not touched you, But i did. So lets check out your hole okay. James was 1 of my fathers close friends and doctor. Sitting alone in a doctors room after 6 was a bit scary for me, sitting on the table with only a hospital rob. I heard loud talking outside the room then James and my father walked in. Hello kevin ,how are you. I am good i said, Your dad told me everything, do not be afraid okay. Okay, i will try not too. He sat in a small stool in front of me. I need you to lay back, i did and he picked my legs up and put it on these iron lefts. He adjusted it, my legs were wide open. My father came to my side. James asked, How do you feel kevin?

Tired and shy, cold too. Its okay, do you feel any pain. No, just sore and my back is aching. Thats expected, let me take a look okay. I am going to have a look okay, He opened my butt, wow he said, You have a pretty ass kevin. Pink sweet hole. My father said, i told you. Its perfect. Now hurry up james, i need to know if my son is okay…..Okay Klein, chill the fuck out. James got up got some tools and bottles from the cupboards, he came back. He open me more, Put some lube my hole and opened me with his finger. Both his hands had gloves. Ooh…breathing heavy. James pulled out his finger and looked at my dad. Then he used a tool, which looked sharp. No, i shouted. Its kevin, Its a tool. More like a device james said. Okay, my father held my hand..comforting me. It was his fault. James put more lube in my hole and on the tool then put it in me. It was cold, he pushed more and then opened it in me. Hitting something in me, Making my cock get hard. Thats your P shot, relax okay. He continued, its looks you have a small tare which can be healed in a few days. He pulled the tool out of me, and put his fingers back in me. He fingered me, Hitting whats called my p shot, Cum was coming out of my cock. Yes, ooh…feels so good. Fuck I want to ride you kevin, and fuck you too. My father laughed yeah…his my pussy boy now.

Thats it Kevin james said, you like that don`t you. He grabbed my cock and jerked me off. Yes, ooh, james please. I am coming. I came all over his hands and my stomach. He sucked his hands with the gloves still on. Good boy, have a lot to teach you kevin. I am sure your father will handle that. For now, you must rest, i will send over some meds and creams you have put on okay. Okay i will james. I got dressed and dad spoke to james, laughing and looking at me. Dad took me home, i went to bed. Wanting to get fucked by my dad, but was still tired. Maybe tomorrow.

Part 4 coming soon
Will put in more of the sex scenes, just following my dairy and notes.
If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]

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    Doctors are so lucky, they have an endless stream of young boy cunt. I was one of them, groomed me for six years. read my story if you’re interested.

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    I hope the doctor gets to enjoy Kevin on the next visit–to check that he is healing. The doctor loves the boy’s pretty pink hole. He should put Kevin back on the exam table and houst his legs high and wide. Perhaps the father will share his son with his old friend.

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    Please check your typing before you publish it