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Cuckolding gone wrong – Incident 1, Part 1

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The time when we were on vacation and invited our host to join in some fun. He thought it was open invitation to bring his friends along

Hi I’m Alan (35) and I’m married to Rachel (31). We have been married for 10 years now. We both are adventurous when it comes to sex and like to experiment. It started with exhibition style, when my wife would flash strangers on the subway or while hiking, etc. But soon I wanted more. So did she.

So we decided to go an a vacation and try something a little more daring.

We went to Aspen. We both loved to ski and thought it would be fun add another to our bed to add the heat. So after a day of exposing to other tourist and getting just giggles here and there, we decided to see if she can seduce the AirBnB host where we were staying.

I called him in saying that we were facing some issues with the heat in the room. When he came in was looking into it, my wife came out of the shower with just her black thongs and towel wrapping her hair around. And she was very casual and chill about it as well. The 32DD breast were firm and bouncy as she walking the room swaying her thick ass left and right. She saw the host, Jimmy look at her almost naked body.

“Oh I hope you wouldn’t mind. Have to get ready for today’s sightseeing.” She said looking him in the eyes and rubbing her hair.

“Oh no.. it’s ok.. I mean.. Why would it bother me….” He said a little sheepishly.

“No I thought me walking naked might be a little distracting for you.” She smiled.

“Well, you have fine body for sure. But…” He said
“But what? Not fine enough for you to get distracted?” She said in a naughty voice, now drying her hair with a dryer.
“No No I mean… you are married and your husband is here… ” He said looking at me.
I walked to Stacy and grabbed her tits from behind, groping her hard, while rubbing my dick against her thick tight ass.
“It’s ok man, I know I have a hot wife and I cannot stop men from wanted to fuck her.” I said kissing her neck.
“But only a few know how magical her pussy is and awesome her cunt taste” I continued now kissing her from behind. While sliding my hand down in her crotch and in her panties rubbing her clit.
She was still facing him so he was able to see her naked breast getting groped and my hands playing with her clit. He was turned on.
Jimmy was visibly shocked at our actions and word. He was now rubbing his cock. My wife was looking him in his eyes and biting her lips. She gestured him to come close as she made moaning voices, because of me rubbing her clit.

Jimmy came forward and Stacy pulled him close with his hard dick and kissed him. Jimmy was a 5’6″ guy, around 45 with a beer belly. He didn’t resist a beautiful women like Stacy grabbing him by his dick and kissing his tongue. He looked at me.

I wicked and said. “Hey I knew what I was getting into when I married this slut” I slapped her ass and walked away in the shower.
“Will catch you guys up after the shower” I said closing the door.

Stacy immediately sprung into action and went down on her knees still maintaining eye contact with Jimmy with a naughty smile and sparkle in her eyes. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down along with his underwear. He wasn’t too big. He was around 5 inchs only. But she still acted like she was wowed by his cock and started to suck it. His pubes where coming in the way but she was doing a great job. She grabbed his both ass cheeks with both hands and to town on his dick. She was gagging on that 5incher. Making him feel proud and happy. This gave him confidence and he held her hair and started to throat fuck her. Then he started to talk dirty. Boy! he was in the zone.

“Yes slut, take it. Take my dick you whore. Yes, take it. You filthy slut”

Then he lifted her by her hair and pushed her on the bed. She fell on her back giggling, approving of rough behavior. This helped him to take full control. He lifted he legs up and went down on her pussy. He was eating her pussy like a pro. She was moaning like a bitch on heat. He was fingering her pussy while sucking on her clit.

“You like this uh, bitch? You like when a stranger eats your pussy, you sulty cunt?” He said fingering her harder.
“Oh yeah! Oh yes, I like it, I love it. ” My wife said with her eyes closed and her both hands groping her tits. “Yes, yes, fuck me like a your whore” She continued.

He stood up and held her folded knees and spread them apart. He spits on her face, her own pussy juice. She smiles in approval and licks her lips.

He places his dick on her pussy and rubs it a little then while looking her in her eyes shoves his whole dick inside her in one go.

“uuuugghhh” a mild scream came out of her. Then she smiled. She was loving it.
He was now fucking my wife on the bed with her legs spread out and him inbetween them. He placed all his weight on her, as he was mauling her breast with both hands. She was in pain, but the good kind. He was kissing her lips and face while thrusting his cock in and out of her. He then lifted her legs and placed it on his shoulder and fucked her even harder.

“Take you city slut…. I bet your mom was a whore and your daughter will be one too. You filthy cunt” He said. He was fucking her with everything he got. I could hear he squeal with every thrust. I was now standing behind them, naked, and watching him go.

He made her open her mouth and spit in it and made her swallow. She didn’t resist. So he kept spitting on her face and mouth. Now I had my camera out and recording this fun experience. He saw this but didn’t said anything. He was focused on fucking my wife. She was covered in his spit. He breast and nipples were red due to all the mauling and groping done by him. Her pussy and thighs were also getting red. But she was enjoying every bit of it.

“I”m going to cum…. I’m going to cum deep inside your cunt… And you will have my babies to whore” He said pulling her tits close for better grip. Then with a huge grunt he came inside my wife.

He was tired and fell on my wife’s naked body. He was sucking her nipples. I pointed the camera down and saw from behind his dick still inside her and his thick warm cum just oozing out of her wet cunt.

Then he stood up slapped her tits and spit on her face one last time. She took it with a smile.

Then I put the camera close to her pussy watching the cum drain out of it.

He used her towel to wipe himself clean as he was sweating.

I placed the camera on the table and positioned myself to fuck my already fucked up cunt. I slid my hard dick inside her wet and warm pussy. It was awesome. I kissed her spit covered face and mouth.

He saw this and took the camera and recorded close to us. He fucking her cum dripping pussy and kissing her mouth which had his spit in it.

“Oh boy you guys are filthy. You like it dirty I see.” He said recording with one hand and jerking dick with another. He again spit on her tongue and watched me kiss her. He was going to cum again. He came on her mouth. Were I was kissing. This didn’t stop and I kissed her lips and his cum. He was amazed and turned on at the same time. Now I came inside her and fell on her too.

We all laughed and sat there for a while naked. Then he stood up put his clothes on.

“Well, that was fun. It’s good that you guys are staying a couple of more days. I’m sure we can have more fun” He said

“Oh sure, anytime you please. After all this is your house. And anything in it is your property.” Stacy said, in a naughty voice while removing the double cum out of her pussy and licking it in a sexy way.

He smiled back and left. We laid there naked for a while before we felt asleep. We thought it would be a good rest before lunch.

Little did we know that tonight was going to be way too adventurous then we bargained for.

Part 2 in the process…

(Anyone who want to discuss this incident in detail or talk dirty about their family or my family can reach me out at [email protected].)


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    Please write the next part as well!

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    Loved it! Your wife needs a huge black dick. Let me know if you are in search of one. I will fuck your wife the way she deserves.

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    Wow. That is an amazing story. And a picture of a truly beautiful naked woman.
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