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Camp counselor camp explorer~#4

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Taking the boys to the next level and they find out they like it.

We had all gone on a long hike and after we all ate lunch we headed back to the cabin. The boys were tired and dirty.” everybody strip your clothes off and throw them in a pile” i ordered. I walked down the row and gave each boy a number one through three and said” if you’re a number three hit the showers”as four boys headed to the showers.The other boys were all standing there naked I told them Let’s take the bunk beds and swing them into the center of the room. We had three beds on each side long ways i had them take the mattresses off the bottom bunks and put them on the floor in between the beds. I then had them take blankets and cover the outside of the bed to make a fort. The cabin had no drapes for the windows so this would be good cover for my new game.” okay if you’re a number two hit the showers”I ordered.” so what is this for?” one of the older boys asked.” it is going to be our stage.” i replied. As the first group of boys had dried off I motioned them over to our fort. It was dark the only light was from the top of the bunk beds.I told the boys to grab a couple lanterns and bring them into the fort.
I had brought some porno magazines for me to jack off too so I went and grabbed them out of my backpack and brought them back to the Fort.I had some real nasty ones with lots of fucking between guys and girls and girls and girls and also guys on guys. I pulled the blanket back covering the Fort and tossed six mags onto the mattresses on the floor. The boys sitting on the edge of the beds Just stared at them.” go ahead and look at them” i said. They quickly snatched them up and laid on the mattresses to look at them. Within a minute all of them were erect.” from the looks of you guys i think you might like those Lol,” i joked. I told the last four boys to go take their shower but they didn’t want to leave.I made them go and tell the other boys to get out.The boys getting out came running over all wet to see the magazines.I made them dry off before they came into the fort.They all crowded onto the mattress’s so the could see.There was a lot of ews and ahs and a lot of giggling.I sat on the edge of the bunk and started to stroke my cock as I thumbed through the mag.I could see some boys looking at me from the corner of my eye.I quickly got hard and made sure they could see my swollen purple head popping out of my fist as I started stroking faster.I turned to look at the boys and said”You guys have never jacked off before?start stroking” to the older boys started stroking it well the others would raise their hand down to the cock touch it and pull their hand away. The other boys took a very quick shower and we’re back dripping wet. I had them dry offand told them to get on the top bunks So they would have a good view. I told them” if you got a cock start stroking it” the boys all begin to play with themselves except for one Tanner my little shy one.

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  • Reply Bidaddy ID:ffh2ubrd1

    I wouldn’t mind helping those boys

  • Reply SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

    Maybe help Tanner first then help the rest