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The Adventures of 2 Deviants

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His name was Goliath no last name no family. Its like he just appeared on earth. He almost 7 feet and was black as night and strong as 10 men. My name is Gisborne. Orson Gisborne. Just call me Gis well the two of us we are deviants here in the south.

Don’t know what a deviant is well its someone or something that deviates from a norm. I got that out of dictionary I can read ok Goliath can’t read. Its 1930s south so I take care of ole Goliath and he protects me. I’m a skinny white man I might be scared but I’m a man where it counts.

We had a business as junk haulers around deep south most white men were scared of Goliath and most white women want to see his monster prick. We made decent money with our trade. I did the talking and Goliath did the action.

One day on the road we came across a sandwich shop on a dirt road. We stop and I got some ham sandwiches for us to eat. The owner was in a pickle and had to get back to his place and didn’t have anyone to watch the place. I told him I was fine upright citizen who could help him out. At first he didn’t believe but didnt have much choice because he didn’t want close down as lose money for the day.

The owner showed me everything and what do that he would be back in about 4 or 5 hours. That is what I must about the olden days people so trusting. He left and I got Goliath to come in side to help out.

Now here is where a deviant mind is dangerous. I was going to have some fun with people who came into the shop. I told Goliath we are going to make some special mayonnaise for the customers coming in. I pulled out that massive tool spit on it and stated jacking him off in the half used jar of mayonnaise. I’ve been queer my who life since I was a boy. I messed around with girls my body had more feminine accents then masculine. But like I said early I’m a man where it counts.

The slick uncut black cock was jerking in my hand as Goliath was beading sweat on his brow. Summers in south are quite hot and he was fighting the urge to cum for me. I decide he need more encouragement I wrapped my thin lips over his big thick head. I sucked good and hard making his hips buck. No matter what Goliath could never fight me going him a good blowjob.

He was near read to shoot I place his dick in the jar and shoot a good load in the mayonnaise jar. His man cream was thick very thick as I keep pumping into the jar. As he put the monster way I stirred the mixture until I heard the door open and two people came in.

The older gentleman and his daughter who looked about 13 came to counter. The gentleman asked where Ivan was and I told him he ran into town and me and Goliath are helping out today. The little girl looked at the big black giant and clutch to her daddy. I told them both that he is no threat and was my best friend.

Both of them looked at each and looked at us. The man want two sandwiches and fixins for the lake. I got some fresh white bread and made two ham sandwiches with extra mayonnaise. The girl told me she loved mayonnaise on her sandwiches. So I gave her a big spoonful to try telling her this is special mixture I made fresh for today. Watch that little cunt swallow my friends cum mix mayonnaise made my dick hard. She told me that it was yummy.

I gave her one more spoonful and she was happy so was I. Afterwards I finished the sandwiches and added potatoes chips and some tea cakes. The man paid the money and left with sweet little daughter with some of Goliath’s sperm in her belly.

I told Goliath this is going to be a great day. About 30 mins later a prim looking lady came into the store with her son and daughter also wanting some sandwiches for the lake. I asked what was going on at the lake. Some people in the town are enjoying a day at the lake. Ivan makes his best days on Lake days. I see I today her making more ham sandwiches with our special mayonnaise. I hand more spoonful of it to the lady and her children.

Seeing this made me very horny my dick started to grow. The lady and her offspring left and I needed to jack off which I did in the mayonnaise jar. The mixture was extra thick now felt like I shot gallon into it. I cleaned quickly when a another woman entered the shop. Poor white trash she was about 15 or so. She was looking for Ivan and told he went into town. I doubt she had any money her dress was old like from the 1800s and her oily hair reeked.

I asked her if she was hungry and she didn’t say anything but stomach said it all. I told her you got kin out here. She nodded and then she said Ivan would make sandwiches for her and her family when she would do her little dance.

I asked her what dance would she do. The little teenage started to get shy when she saw Goliath standing in the doorway in the back. She said she never saw a nigger up close be for. I told her he not a nigger he Goliath the most powerful colored man you will ever see. Her eyes got big when he approached her. I heard another car approached and told her to go in the back with him.

Another man and his wife came in to get supplies and sandwiches for the lake. I went to make the sandwiches making small talk handing out the special mayonnaise to the wife. The little girl kept staring at Goliath then looking down at his massive cock growing. Goliath weakness is young girls and some boys but mostly young girl. We both have taken advantage of plenty of young girls here in the deep south.

My favorite of all time was on the outskirts of Auburn a pretty little blonde about 14 walking home from city. We came across her asking if she wanted a ride. Kids were trusting in them days. Her name was Honey Mae Stalling and she smelled of honeysuckle. I was driving and smiling know what Goliath was going to do with this sweet smelling bitch. His long black finger inched down into her inner thighs and pressed her panties. She grasp and try to remove his hand with no avail. Her tears started coming and I licked her face as I turned down a old dirt road.

I told her we won’t kill her if she just play along and enjoy making her a woman. Goliath’s fingers into her pussy and he fingered fucked her hard and fast. She was crying and moan on his long black fingers. I told her that her mother became a woman this way with her daddy. All women go through this with men and we are help her along. I kissed her lips shoving my tongue down her throat making her choke and cough.

We threw her on the back of the truck bed taking her sun dress off. Her body was tanned from the sun and his young tits were prefect. I sucked on them as Goliath as her sweet young pussy. She moaned moving her hips on Goliath’s face covering it with her female slime. I put out my dick 8 inches thick rubbing it across her lips. She told me no I not put this in her mouth. I pulled my switchblade and told I cut your throat and leave your body out here. She reluctantly open her mouth with perfect white teeth. I gentle place my cock in this pretty cunt’s mouth. I fucked her face making her choke made my dick hard hitting the back of her throat.

The feeling was amazing I tried to hold but I came covering her throat with my hot cream. I was done and rolled off the bed as she was trying to breath. I told Goliath she is all his and man did he fuck the shit out of that girl. 11 inch is lot to take in but Honey Mae went from a girl to woman very quickly in 30 mins she had her tongue out and eyes rolled back in her head. We both fuck her in her tight ass and pussy together she was a sticky white mess. Both me and Goliath had to take a piss and pissed on her to somewhat clean her up.

Then we dropped her off where we found her before on the ground and moved on to the next town.

As I was finishing up the sandwiches and chit chat Goliath was molesting that poor girl fingering her pussy. The couple left and I went to the back. I asked what dance she did for Ivan and she said she would dance on his thing to get food for her family. I told her dance with me and Goliath and will get food and some money. I put out a sign be back in hour.

That little bitch was trained by nasty Ivan. Her dirty skinned knees were on the floor as she sucked me and Goliath and man was she a professional at it. She cupped our balls licked our asses and deep throated us. Then lift her dress and showed her dance to us riding our cocks. This little dirty whore was better than most adult women and she mewd like good little whore. I got behind as she rode Goliath and started buttfucking we were all animals in heat the little girl was the piece of meat. I could my balls tightening and I little out a howl when shoot my load. I could her Goliath gunting as he flood her with his spunk.

I got up and cleaned up told her to lick Goliath cleaned. I went to make some special sandwiches and chips for her family. I then gave her 10 dollars and sent her on her way. Before she left she told me she loved Goliath’s cock. I asked her how long she had been dancing she told since she was old enough to walk. Her dad showed and it can get men to give her things. Well he is right when you get older find you a rich daddy and maybe you might get a fancy with car. Her eyes lit up when I told her that.

About an hour so or two Ivan return and told him about the customer and show the money. He thought we was gone rob him and told him we are helpful people. He gave us a 20 for our trouble and crackers and sardines for the road.

Both headed to the truck spent from the day and need to recover. I told Goliath to drive as I place my head in his lap as he stroked my wet oily hair I could smell his musky scent as I pulled his cock and started sucking on it as rode down a very bump road


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