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Mom passed out

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New Year’s Eve, party every year at our house. I was 16 now. So mom and dad sat and played cards all night with their friends usually till midnight and everyone went home shortly after.
So I had fallen asleep early. I wake up my bedroom is in basement. Mom and dads is on first floor. My two sisters is upstairs.
So I wake hearing mom putting clothes I. Washer. She had just started it standing I. Front of washer in a t shirt.
I said everyone leave mom? She just mumbled. I walk ip to her she looks at me and I see she’s waisted . She stumbled and I caught her and helped her sit on couch. I said I will go get dad.
I go upstairs dad was already in bed and snoring. I shut the door . All the lights were out everyone was In bed.
Just like mom. Doing laundry so she didn’t have to deal with it in morning.
Mom is 38. Short petite. Yes she has a nice butt. Until this night I never really thought much about mom’s sexiness.
So I go back downstairs to help mom up. And she is lying on her back on couch passed out.
I shake her she just mumbled. I go to get her a blanket when I come back I noticed her panties was showing.
I stare at them . She had on red panties with black laces.
I couldn’t resist I put blankets on floor and raise her shirt some. My heart skipped a beat she said okay. I answered
Okay what. She slurs we can do it. Do what mom. She didn’t answer. I look at out line of her body and I see the shirt formed around her tits and her underwear pulled up in her crack some I could see her lips.
Mom said something. I said what? She said we need to go to bed. Yes you do I responded.
She raised her hips up stretching. And her shirt pulled up more I could see her belly. It was flat atleast with her on her back. I could see faded stretch marks from having kids. Okay
She says. Okay what? I asked. She raised her hips. Waiting she lowered back down. I am hard now watching her. I wanted to see more but I shook mom to see if she was awake . No response.
I could almost make out her pubic hair too her panties.
I reach up and pull on them slightly on each side . She raised her hips. I pulled them on down.
I was looking at mom bare pussy. I run my finger up into her without thinking. She moaned and spread her legs. She was wet and I not even thinking about what I was doing pull my boxers down and pull her legs up she spread them wider and I pushed into her. It was. Amazing. No. Pulled up her legs and raised her ass off couch to meet me bottoming out deep as I could get. She squeezed her legs around me moaning. And I start fucking my own mom. She was rocking her hips and I felt her tightening up and she gasped and moaned out I came with her. She just kept rocking her hips as she came down off her orgasm. I slipped out of her thought she was wake up but she drifted off to sleep.
I get up and pull her panties back on . Scared dad might be getting up. Realized I just fucked mom. I put a blanket on her and I go to bed.
I sleep better than I had in a long time. I get up in morning. The blanket was on couch. Mom was nowhere to be seen.
I go upstairs. And she was at kitchen table drinking coffee.
She said hey. I freeze. Good morning. I say good morning and go to bathroom. She still was in t shirt. I come back out she says she’s going to get a shower. She stands and heads to bathroom. Dad was just getting up. And nothing was said about last night and her being waisted. I don’t think her or dad realizes how drunk they were.
That was 6 months ago. Mom is pregnant. Says she 5 and 1/2 months. Mo and dad called it a oops when they found out she was pregnant. Guess she was not talking bc anymore.
Dad was wearing condoms. But like mom said they are obviously not 100%.

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    Great story. Way to go dad