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I Raped Mother and her lovely daughter Part 1

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I raped a mom and her daughter after I found them in a tight situation so I took advantage of it

I was on my way home after I had some fun at the annual neighborhood block party that was going on at a park about eight blocks away where I lived I told my mom I was going home to study for a test but that was a lie I wanted to go home and masturbate while sniffing my mom and little sister panties

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was horny and perverted teen I honestly wanted to have sex with both my mom and sister I always wanted to know how it felt like to fuck a young girl with her mother but sadly I couldn’t get the opportunity to fuck them the best I could do was just sniffing there panties while I was home alone but they weren’t the only one I wanted to fuck

Walking down the street the neighborhood was extremely quiet almost like a ghost town everyone in the neighborhood was at the party I was the only one there I was about to passed by a special house now what makes this house special well about a year ago a woman and her daughter moved in I decided to help them move in I took this chance to get to know them the woman name was Aya while her daughter name was Hina

Aya was a very beautiful asian milf she had massive tits she also had a nice plumpy ass I felt like she could be a JAV actress with a sexy body like that her daughter Hina was a cute pretty 12 year old girl she has a nice slim body and long legs what surprised me about her was she had a nice ass for a 12 year old since that day I had the urge to fuck them it was hard for me to not think about that since both girls were totally defenseless Hina somehow always had ways of showing off her ass without her realizing it specifically when she wears skirt or dress Aya always had a nice cleavage view or showing off her ass she couldn’t hide her big tits or her ass you will always get a good view of her no matter what outfit she wears

I was standing in front of their house sadly they weren’t at the party that day she mentioned she had family matter or something so they couldn’t go I about to go home when I thought of something why not break in and steal a pair of their panties from them so I can happily jerk off while sniffing their panties instead of my mom and sister the thought of it make me excited so I went for it since on one was here I won’t get caught

I walked around the house to see if there was a way in but everything looked secure I try every window but they were locked I was about to give up and go home when I thought of a stupid idea why not check the front entrance to see if it’s open maybe she forgot to lock it when they left which I doubt but I tried it to my surprise the door was unlock so I entered inside I headed to the stairs when I notice the living was a mess and some stuff were missing BAM BAM BAM before I could think to what happened I heard a noise coming from upstairs so I went upstairs

I just got upstairs when I noticed Hina door to her room was open I went in only to see her room like the living room was in a mess her drawers were opened there was clothes everywhere it looked like it was ransack by someone SLAM BAM SLAM again I heard the noise but this time I heard it clearly it sounded like it came from a room down the hall so I went there I was close to the room when I heard “MMMMMMPHHH!!!!! HMMPH!!!!! GMMMFFF!!!!!!” “Mmmh Mmmm!” I heard two muffling sounds coming from the room one was loud while the other sounded weak I slowly turned the door knob and slowly open the door only to see something wonderful

On the floor was Aya and Hina both tied up gagged and blindfolded BAM BAM BAM “MMMMMMPHHH!!!!! FMMMMF!!! HE….LP!!!” Aya was slamming her foot against the drawer while yelling for help “Mmmph Hmmph” Hina was next to her mother lightly moaning I couldn’t believe what I was seeing both girls had their hands tied behind their back feet tied together with ropes both were cleavage gag their eyes were covered with duct tape Aya was in her underwear black bra and to my surprise black thong while Hina had on a over sized white T-shirt and light pink panties Aya stopped moving she seemed tired I walked towards her I kneel down helped her up then removed her gag she spit out a ball of panties she had in her mouth I changed my voice I try sounding like batman “What happened lady?” She lightly coughed “Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you! Who ever you are please call the police we were robbed by a couple of men is my daughter okay Hina are you okay baby!” Hina was laying on her stomach moving her wrists and “Don’t worry madam your daughter is okay she seems scared but okay” I replied “Thanks goodness please help us can you untie my hands so I can untie myself and my daughter while you go call the police” I down on Aya sexy body then looked at Hina this was the opportunity I was waiting for I mean she doesn’t know it me and this is probably the only chance I get to fuck Aya and Hina both were helpless so they can’t do anything to stop me honestly I was conflicted about this situation “Excuse are you still there? There sure be a pair of scissors on the drawer I was kicking on” I got up looked through the drawer than found it

“Madam you sure you can’t get free?” She struggle moving her wrists and feet while doing so her tits jiggle like crazy even with a bra her tits can jiggle like that “No I can’t the ropes are really tight I been struggling around since they left no matter what I do the ropes won’t loosen up” I looked at her body again see her wonderful tits nice plump like figure then looking at Hina nice ass I decided what I wanted to do I kneel down pick up the roll up pantie I grin “Sorry Madam but I’m going to have some fun with you and your lovely daughter” “What!?” I caress her inner thighs she lightly flinched “What do you think you doing please help us untie us now” I continued caressing her thighs until I reached her pussy I lightly rub it again she flinched then she moved her upper body forward to stop me “Stop Please! SOMEONE HELP US PLEA… Mmmppphf!!” I shoved the roll up pantie in her mouth then gag her again “Gmmmfff!! Hrmmmph!!” I love how she sounded gagged I pushed her down then whispered in her “You behave yourself or else something will happen to your daughter do you understand” I lightly smacked Hina “Mmmm” She heard her daughter moan then she lightly nodded

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