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Watching her grow 8

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Debbie gets her turn just not like she expected

Alice and I took advantage of the none functioning video system on the school bus every day that week. usually just a little mutual masturbation or oral sex when we could. But between us we worked out a plan to get Debbie involved…

That Friday evening I arranged to take my bus home for the weekend as I had a trip on Saturday they had no problem with it. Step One done …. Alice set up a sleep over with Debbie at her home … Didn’t tell her that her mom was gone and assumed Alice was staying within Debbie … Step Two done

So dropping off all the students except Debbie and Alice then headed to Alice’s … when we pass our secret turn off and pull down the side road … I park and grab a bag hidden by my seat and walk back toward the girls … Debbie had no idea about our secret rendezvous and had no idea what was going on… “Uh… Mr D what’s up?” Stand up Debbie … Alice sit still and do not move … I grabbed Debbie by her arm and while pulling her up I pulled a black hood from my bag and pulled it over her head … “Hey … what the hell ” Debbie yelled “What’s going on Dave? ” Alice said sounding concerned but wearing a smile … “Shut up … both of you” I spun Debbie around and snapped a pair of handcuffs on her little wrists then pushed her into another seat … “Now your turn … stay quiet and don’t give me any problems ” I winked at Alice and we acted like I was doing the same things to her I just did to Debbie.

I knelt down and pulled Debbie to the edge of the seat … “Hey, not so rough … what the hell is going on …” “I said shut up … another sound and I will get rough ” I then grabbed her top and ripped it open sending buttons flying all over the bus… she drew in a breath in surprise but said nothing Alice kept up our charade …”Whats he doing … Dave whats up … you never … “Shut up … it will be worse for both of you” then winked at her

Her little titties were perfect for a 10 year old … just slight mounds topped with hard little nipples moving up and down as she was breathing hard in fear of what might be happening… “Nice … not as nice as Alice’s but with a little excessive we can get these growing” I held both of her luscious tits in my hands .. squeezing them and pinching her nipples… “Ow … hey you just gotta ask if that’s what you want ..” “What about the cameras … someone’s gonna know “Alice almost giggled

“Yeah, their gonna know … if fact their gonna pay good money to see what happens ” then I pushed Debbie onto her back on the seat … as her l;little legs flew up I grabbed her my little poney panties and quickly pulled them off … “Nice little pussy girl… to bad it’s not cherry” and I ran my finger along her little lips … still dry … I licked my finger and tried it again and pushed between her lips… and kept rubbing until I felt her getting damp… then I brought my finger to my mouth and licked it …. “Mmmm … not bad … I’ve had better …” and again looked and winked at Alice… who had moved to the seat behind Debbie so she could lean over the seat and watch…

Pushing her legs apart I leaned down and took a whiff of that tiny pussy then ran my tongue along her grove.. “What the heck… did you just lick me down there?? that is gross” Debbie tried to close her legs but I was in the way and went back and licked her again and again until she started moaning … Alice tapped my head and got my attention … when I glanced at her she was holding up her finger and pointing at Debbie’s pussy… I thought she wanted to do it so I started to back off but she shook her head and motioned me to do it … so I leaned back in and ran my tongue along her lips again then brought my finger up and began pushing into her tight little twat…

Her brother’s dick must be tiny … she was as tight as a virgin and started to pull away in pain but I held her in place and continued to push into her … I worked in and out and slowly added a second finger.. she was moaning but the added finger brought a winch and ouch from her… but did not stop my progress on her pussy … Looking over at Alice she had pulled off her panties and was working her little digits into her pussy … I pushed Debbie’s legs back until they were almost touching her little tits … then lowering my tongue to her little ass I worked my tongue into her tiny rose bud…

She began squirming as I stuck my tongue into her ass and add a third finger into her pre-teen pussy. “No… please … I’ve never …” her little ass hole clinched tight trying to keep me out …. something I planned to deal with soon but for now she needed to feel a real dick inside her tight little twat. I kept working three fingers into her deeper and faster … as I moved back to licking her cunt around my fingers and on her clit…. being only 10 her button was still hidden and took a little encouragement and sucking to bring it out …. this also resulted in her moaning more and she began to push back against my fingers pushing into her … pain or not this little one wanted fucked … and who was I to deny her… “Please … ugh …. my … ugh … my hands ….” being pushed back on to her arms and wrists was really uncomfortable and making positioning her difficult …. they were cheap cuffs and only took one hand to push a button to release them so i quickly slipped them off … “Touch the hood and it will not be pleasant” She had no interest in getting her hood off … both her hands came down to hold my face to her cunt … pushing and rubbing her bald pussy onto me face …..

I motioned Alice to open my pants and get my dick out …. our crowded position made it backward but she was able to get my pants to my knees and free my hard on … Dripping with pre-cum she took it in her mouth to get what she could and slick up my shaft to fuck her friend… Alice started to get carried away with her blow job and began deep plunges taking me into her throat…. I knew that if she continued I would be blowing my seed into her and I had other plans to this load of baby makers…

Debbie realized I was not going to stop sucking and teasing her clit and had begun pinching and fondling her own little titties… watching her wither in passion had me on edge to cum …. I tried to pull from Alice’s mouth only to have her move with me and keep sucking like her life depended on it … I pulled my fingers from Debbie pussy and leaned up which brought a gasp from her and her moving her pelvis around searching for their attention … I reached down to Alice and grabbing her hair I pulled her off my dick …

As I moved toward Debbie Alice grabbed my dick and aimed it at her little friends winking pussy … she rubbed me along her lips and then notched it in her tiny opening that had quickly retreated in size when I pulled my fingers out … When I felt myself in her cunt lips I tried to push into her … still almost virgin tight since her brother had very little to stretch her out … her muscles resisted the stretching but when Alice pushed on my ass she shoved my dick into her friend …. Alice screamed as I went in … I could feel her tearing and hoped it was just the remainder of her hymen tearing away and not me damaging her little cunt. .. but the damage had been done and I pushed on until I could go no deeper … looking down I could see Alice’s tiny hand still holding my dick that had yer to fit into the tight little pussy squeezing me tight …

Alice moved one hand to holding my balls and the other kept pushing me in every time I tried to pull back. … We could hear Debbie panting heavenly under the hood she was still wearing …. her screams only slightly muffled by the cloth … I wanted her to still think I was recording so I told her “Oh man, the guys are gonna love watching this …. her pussy is so tight …. and it’s bleeding like a stuck virgin ….

“OH GOD DAVE …. it’s too big … I can’t … I can’t ….. please …. slow down … it hurts … ” Debbie pleaded for mercy but never once said stop or take it out … her little body betrayed her pleas and worked to take more on each stroke. Each time I pulled back she raised her ass to keep me inside and as i pushed back in she pushed to me until the pain was too much then tried to pull away …. but by then I had a grip on her hips and would not let her pull away. I was in control of this “rape” she had teased and said she wanted to be next and by god I made sure she got what she asked for. every time I went deep into her cunt I held it in place and rotated my hips side to side trying to stretch her then push harder into her …. little by little I got more of my dick into her pre-teen pussy ….. I was touching parts her brother never got near ….

Then I felt my head push against her cervix and could go no further … she was so small I still had a couple inches of my 7 1/2 inch dick outside of her …. she proved to be smaller and tighter than Alice although our first fuck was tighter she had learned to take all of my dick and had learned to relax her cervix and allow my head to enter and dump my cum into her fertile womb. As I forced my dick against Debbie’s cervix and rubbed she screamed then I felt her tense and scream again as she began cumming …. her pussy flexed again and again grabbing and realeising my dick …. trying to milk the cum from my balls into her …. her screams of pain changed to moans and scream of pleasure as I could feel her cum coming out around my dick and soak both our crotches and the seat beneath her. Her little hands reach out and grabbed my hips and held me to her keeping me from moving as she came again and again …. breaking her grip I continued my assault and picked up my pace as I was quickly reaching my peak too

Then with one final push I held myself against her cervix and filled her with cum …. she again screamed and came again ….. “Oh shit ….. i feel it … soooo warm … sooo good … fill me little cunt” and I did until it was leaking out of her pussy …. I saw Alice kneeling next to me and pulled my dick from her friend and turned to her grabbing her head I pushed my dick into her little mouth and finished cumming in her while he little finger worked her clit to her shuttering climax …

We all were out of breath and slumped back soaking in the pleasure of out group climax …. Debbie finally reached up and pulled her hood off and looking around the bus saw Alice slumped next to me nude wiping the cum from her chin and swallowing it. “You bitch… you were in on this ?” Debbie accused “Yep, wasn’t it great …. and the weekend is just starting” I ran my finger along Debbie’s dripping cunt lips and scooped up our mixed nectar … drew it to my nose and sniffed then stuck it in my mouth and licked it clean …. did it again and this time offered it to Alice who willingly licked my finger clean …. then I motioned toward Debbie’s pussy … at first Alice was reluctant to do what I wanted but then she leaned in and began to lick directly from her friends pussy ….. Debbie was sore and tender but was enjoying having her friend clean up her cunt and began to move with the attention she was getting … then Alice moved up and took Alice’s clit in her lips and as she sucked it she slid a finger into Debbie’s’ ass …. this pushed her into another screaming climax clamping Alice’s head between her thigh and trapping the wiggling finger in her butt

When she became too sensitive she finally pushed Alice away and collapsed back onto the seat while I pulled Alice up and kissed her and licked the nectar from her face … When Debbie finally got her breath back she asked … “Uh,… about the cameras …. are you really gonna show them to people …. what if someone knows who we are?” “Would that be a bad thing …. having others know what a slut you two are?” I asked as I winked at Alice “Will all the other bus drivers see them?” “You mean will your uncle see them? … do you want him to?” “I was kinda hoping so …. I was thinking about having him like you and Alice have each other”

Alice and I looked at each other in shock at what her little friend had just confessed to us …. “I am sorry to say that no he will not be seeing this …. ” her shoulders slumped “you see none of the cameras are working …. we were just kidding about recording this …. is that something you want?” “Oh yes …. I want to see what I look like DOING IT …. and I think if my uncle saw it he would want to do me too”

“You know girls” I said as I looked at both of them “what we are doing and talking about doing can get us all in a lot of trouble” they both nodded … “but we have the weekend … maybe we can work something out …. do you think your uncle Bob would like to visit my cabin for some fishing this weekend?” “YES ” Debbie almost screamed “he loves to fish … and maybe we can do even more …” “Ok, lets get cleaned up and we will head up to my cabin and call him … “Right now?” Debbie asked “Of course silly …” Alice said “We’ve had this planned all week but now we may get to have even more fun…”

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    Popcorn’s boss you are aces. Glad there’s going to be a 9 and am looking to reading more. I fantasize about living the stories you write. To use a phrase from yesteryear, Good stuff maynard.

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