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Sam and Holly – Part 2

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Sam is watching his young niece Holly – the next day

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Holly was the first one to wake to the early morning light. She stretched a little, but quickly stopped doing that when she felt the heavy arm of her uncle draped over her. It made her feel small, despite him treating her like a woman. Her body was so sore, the spot between her legs slightly throbbing. She smiled. The low breathing of Sam told her he was still asleep. It had hurt so much the first time he entered her, but that was quickly replaced by bliss. Never had she ever thought her body could feel that way. Something hard poked her leg and slowly she twisted in Sam’s arms, careful not to wake him. When she glanced down, she realized what it was. His cock was hard, yet he was still sleeping. She frowned a little, before she let curiosity take over. Her tiny hand wrapped around his cock. It felt hard, yet strangely soft at the same time. Warm. She couldn’t get her hand all the way around it, so she used her other hand too and stroked the length. A tiny bead of clear liquid appeared at the top as she did this. Sam stirred a little, a sleepy moan escaped his lips, but Holly paid no attention to him. Instead, she wiggled down and licked the bead away. She had seen her mom do this to her dad one time when they thought she was asleep. Her mom was on her knees in front of her dad, he held her face as he pushed his cock deep in her mouth. Holly opened her mouth and took the cock between her lips. There was no way it would all fit. She pushed him a little deeper, but quickly moved back up when she started gagging. How had her mother done that? She tried again, but she barely came any deeper.
“Holly,” Sam moaned, his hand suddenly resting on the back of her neck. She looked up, letting the cock slip from her mouth.
“Did I wake you, uncle Sam? I’m so sorry. I was just curious.”
“Don’t stop, princess. Keep going, it feels so good.” Her cheeks flushed a little as she took him back in. Spurred by his groans she licked and sucked him as best as she could, remembering a few things her mother had done. She had played with his balls.
“Sit up on your knees, that way it is easier,” Sam mumbled, before rolling to his back. Holly did as he asked and she did find it easier to take him deeper into her mouth, feeling proud as he moaned again. His hand slid between her legs, quickly finding her pussy and driving a finger inside. She was still so sore, yet she wiggled her hips to his movements. It felt so good. It wasn’t before long that Sam’s finger was soaked by her juices.

Suddenly he sat up, twisting Holly around on her knees, so her ass was pointing towards him. He took place behind her and pushed down on her spine, so she hollowed her back for him. She knew what was coming and held her breath as she felt the tip of his cock press against her pussy folds. He slid in easily and Holly whimpered as he stretched her wide. Sam’s large hands held her hips and pulled her back against his movements. He wasn’t gentle and kind like he was yesterday. He slammed deep inside her, his balls slapping against her ass. Holly hollowed her back further, quickly enjoying the feeling that was coursing through her again. She was getting close quickly this way, but before she reached the edge, Sam slowed a little. He gathered a thick drop of spit and carefully let it drip down between her ass cheeks. It slid down lazily and he watched until it had reached her little, puckering asshole. He would not fuck her there, not this weekend, but he would give her all the experiences he could. He placed his finger on top of her asshole and felt how she froze.
“Relax, princess,” he mumbled, as he applied pressure on her tiny hole. She whimpered again as the tip of his finger suddenly popped in. He kept a steady pressure, watching how her asshole slightly widened over his knuckles. Slowly he pulled out, before pressing back in again. It felt like her ass was pulling him back in. So he let it. Faster and faster he moved, fucking her young ass with his finger at the same time his fat cock stretched her pussy.
“Sam,” she moaned, pushing her hips back against his movements. Her tiny hands were in fists. “Oh god, it’s too much.” Sam grinned. He was contemplating adding another finger to her wanting asshole. When she came hard and screamed, his doubt was gone. That exact moment, he shoved another finger inside her.
The burning sensation Holly felt at that moment only fueled her orgasm. Sam’s other hand found her clit and it was a complete sensory overload. She didn’t know where her first orgasm ended and where the next one started. Sam was in heaven, seeing this tiny person give everything to him. It drove him on and he slammed back into her one last time, filling her young womb with his seed. He groaned loudly, the hand moving from her clit to her hip for support.
“Fuck, Holly,” he groaned. He stilled, feeling his cock twitch inside her hot pussy. They were both panting hard. Sam let his cock slide out of her pussy, before slowly removing his fingers from her ass. He loved seeing how her small hole gaped a little, before relaxing back to its original shape. He pulled her into a cuddle and chuckled.
“Good morning.”

It took a minute for both to gather their strength as they snuggled on the bed. Holly could feel the thick seed slowly drip out of her.
“I’m making a mess of your bed,” she said softly, as she listened to his heartbeat.
“Don’t worry about it, I can always wash it. How do you feel?”
Holly thought about that for a little while, before she looked up to him. “I’m super sore, but I feel good. Happy.”
“Good. You feel amazing on my cock, by the way.” He watched how her cheeks turned pink, but they didn’t break eye contact. “You’re doing so well. But you know we can never talk to anyone about this, right?” Holly nodded and smiled.
“Tell anyone how you fucked your young niece’s pussy and stuck your fingers up her ass?”
“Holly! Such filthy words for such a young lady,” Sam laughed.
“I want you to do it again,” Holly softly said. “Fuck me, I mean. It makes me feel…” She searched for the right words as she watched his face.
“Sexy? Well, you are damn sexy. I will fuck you again. But first, we are going to take a shower.” Sam got up from the bed and pulled Holly with him.

Not much longer they were both under the warm water, feeling their muscles relax. Sam took extra care of his little niece, showing his appreciation for her by washing her hair and massaging her scalp. Next, he soaped up her body, enjoying the slippery feeling of his fingers on her skin. Holly enjoyed every moment of it. His huge, rough hands rubbed all over her body. He took the showerhead off its stand and carefully rinsed all the soap from her body, before his fingers made their way between her legs. He was careful and gentle as he washed his seed from her body. Feeling his fingers so gently rubbing her private parts only made her wish he would dip his fingers back into her, but he didn’t. Not this time. Instead, Sam quickly washed his own hair, soaped up his body and rinsed off. It was practical and fast.

As Holly was drying her hair, Sam walked to the living room, turning off the TV. He was still naked. He cleared the pizza boxes and empty glasses. Then he moved to make some breakfast for the both of them. Holly joined him not much later, also padding around naked. She looked a bit shy, now that the sexual tension was gone and she was still undressed. That was soon forgotten as they dived into the delicious food Sam had prepared.

They ended up on the couch again, the TV silently playing in the background as they chatted about all kinds of stuff. School, hobbies, pets. Holly was leaning against Sam, his hand on her stomach, her eyes on the TV. Sam was watching her. His eyes kept being drawn to her pussy. He wanted her. Again. His hand moved down, her legs opened in an automatic response. He chuckled softly, she was just a little slut. He had woken something in her, and he knew she wouldn’t get her pleasure anywhere else after this weekend. The boys her age would be too small and too inexperienced. Unless she found an older man that would do this to her, she would be returning to him. Again and again. He didn’t really focus that much on her pleasure this time, just letting his fingers explore her folds. He felt how she quickly became soaking wet, but he didn’t give her anything. He skimmed just over her clit, barely dipped his finger in her cunt, and softly kept caressing her lips. It drove her crazy, as her hips wiggled and her breathing became harsher.
“Please, uncle Sam,” she whined, frustrated and desperate to feel him.
“What is it? Tell me.” He knew, but he had plans. He didn’t want to stretch her yet. He loved feeling how tight she was, and after their morning fuck, he had hoped the relaxation had tightened her again, even for a bit. The only thing she would be getting right now was his dick, but she needed to ask for it.
“Can you please play with my pussy again?” He smiled, even though she couldn’t see that.
“I am playing with your pussy, aren’t I?” She sighed in frustration.
“Nngh, I mean inside me.”
“I am just enjoying myself here. Be more specific.” Holly gritted her teeth. She grabbed his hand and guided him to her entrance, but he didn’t slide in. Instead, he just rubbed her cunt so softly it was driving her insane. She wanted to come again. Almost needed it, despite the soreness.
“Will you please give me another orgasm? Please, uncle?” He remained silent, but had enjoyed her young, whiny voice.
“Stand up, you’re going to sit on my lap.” Holly hesitated for a second. Her pussy was still throbbing, but she couldn’t decline him. She got off the couch and stood in front of him. He pulled her closer, her knees on the couch, straddling him. He aimed his cock to her entrance, before pulling her down a little. The tip disappeared between her folds. Holly couldn’t wait much longer and let herself lower on his cock. She moaned loudly, glad she was so wet, cause he felt even bigger like that. Sam moaned with her, throwing his head back.
“Move, baby girl,” he grunted, grabbing her hips to move her up and down. Holly barely had time to adjust to the feeling, as she started bouncing on his cock. She now controlled the movements, the depth. She was in charge of her own orgasm. Quickly she found a steady rhythm that made her feel so damn good. Sam opened his eyes to look at his young niece, bouncing on his cock like a true slut. He leaned forward to take one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked harshly. Her body jerked at that, but never stopped moving. He lifted his hips suddenly as she came down, forcing himself so deep that it made her whimper.
“Again,” she moaned, but he just looked at her, leaving her nipple alone for now.
“Greedy, are we?” She just nodded as she grinded against him for a second, before going back to the bouncing. He took her other nipple between his lips, sucking it deep in his mouth. At the same time, he lifted his lips again, drilling deep inside of her. He kept meeting her hungry pussy a couple of times like this, his teeth grazing over her nipple.
“You’re a little slut, Holly,” he moaned, before holding her close to him, standing up from the couch. He took a couple of steps towards the dining table, laid her on her back with her ass just over the edge. He pulled her legs up so they rested against his shoulders. It was the perfect height for him as he quickly started hammering inside her. She screamed as her orgasm took over. He didn’t hold back, slapping her clit softly. Her body shook and he did it again. He wanted her sore so she would remember these days for a long, long time. His fingers found her nipples, pinching the little buds and twisting them. It wasn’t too rough yet, but it was enough for her. Maybe, if she was good, he would fuck her real hard right before her mother would pick her up. Send her away with a pussy filled with cum and nipples that throbbed against her training bra. That thought alone was enough to push him over the edge, sending his seed deep in her wanting cunt again.

It was almost odd to wear clothes. Her jeans chafed against her sensitive pussy, as Sam had told her not to wear panties. They were slowly walking through a supermarket, getting food for dinner. Holly felt shy, almost as if the people around her would be able to see that her uncle had taken her virginity and fucked her until she was sore. Or that they could smell her arousal and the semen leaking from her pussy. Sam looked like he always did, relaxed and chatting amicably with her. He was very much aware of her absent state, and he loved every moment of it. He knew where her mind was at, and he knew what the jeans did to her right now. They rounded a corner, looking for the pasta, when he noticed the aisle they were in was completely empty. He quickly looked around, before stepping towards her. He pulled her jeans up a little higher, so they sat snug between her pussy lips. She gasped and clasped his arms as he did so. Her jeans were thick enough that nobody would be able to see it, but she would feel it rubbing against her. Her knees felt wobbly as he pushed her away a bit.
“Why don’t you get that pasta on the bottom shelf?”
He made her walk around a lot, as he lazily followed with the cart. Her cheeks were flushed and he grinned. She could not wait to get home, and he knew it. But he would take his time. Keep her on edge.

Sam followed the little Holly back into his apartment. They still had just over two hours before they would have to get ready for her parents to arrive, and that would be enough. He cleared out the groceries, leaving what they would need out on the counter. He then turned towards her, eying her up and down as she was watching him. Her cheeks were a bit flushed.
“Get undressed,” he ordered softly. Her body shook at his low voice, before she quickly let herself slide off the chair and undress, dropping her clothes on the couch. He then pulled her to the dining table, placing her in the middle on her back. He widened her legs and took out his phone.
“Grab the cucumber and start fucking yourself with it.” Holly’s eyes widened as he said that, swallowing hard. She had picked out a cucumber in the supermarket to go with the salad they would be making, and she made sure she picked a thick one. He pressed record when she reached over, taking the cool vegetable in her hand.
“U-uncle S-”
“Silence, baby girl. Just do as I say. Fuck yourself with it. Come on.” His cock twitched and hardened quickly as he saw how she brought one end to her glistening pussy. It was absolutely huge on her tiny frame. She was struggling to put it in, yet her moans still filled the room as she tried. He stepped a little closer, zooming in on her pussy fighting the green cold foreign object.
“Spread yourself wider, left your knees. That’s it, you’re doing so well.” His hand wrapped around the cucumber as well, just out of frame, and pushed with her. They both moaned as her body gave in, her pussy spreading so wide over it. He then let her do her own thing. watching as she pulled it slightly out before ramming it back in. Holly’s moans quickly filled the kitchen as she was adjusting to the cold feeling deep inside her core. Her mind was only focused on the pleasure it was giving her. It wasn’t long before he started to notice the early signs of her orgasm, and he knew she was not far off.
“Pull it out,” was his next order and she did so without hesitation, floating on that delicious sea of bliss. Her pussy was spread so wide open and he used that moment to pull out his own cock and filling her up. Her insides were cold and they both moaned at the sudden temperature change. He did not hold back as he fucked his young niece’s cunt, forcing his cock all the way in, still filming each bit.
“Fuck, Uncle, I’m going to cum!” Holly suddenly yelled, before her body tensed and her muscles contracted around his cock. It was enough to both send them over the edge, his thick sperm filling her body again. They both groaned and shivered, breathing loudly. He pulled his cock out, aiming the camera on her puffy, swollen cunt, seeing how his seed slowly started to ooze out of her.
Sam then closed the phone, tossed it on the couch and took the cucumber back in his hand. Holly was still floating, her eyes closed as her body relaxed on the cold surface of the table. She did not see what he was planning until it was too late, the cucumber already pushed deep inside her throbbing pussy. Sam wasted no second as he started to fuck her with it, harsher than she had done. Holly was still sensitive but did not fight him, only lifting her knees higher to allow him to do what he wanted. He coated the cucumber in his seed and her pussy fluids, watching it glisten in the light as she came again.

He had left her on the dining table, the cucumber still lodged inside her. He had made some perfect additional pictures, especially from her pussy clasping around the green veggie, not wanting to let go.

“Your parents will be here in half an hour,” Sam suddenly said, as he watched the clock. Gently he took the cucumber out of her, placing it on the counter. He would not wash that before dinner, using it as is. The thought of them all eating a salad with both his and Holly’s cum on it, aroused him immensely. Holly was barely coherent as he pulled her off the table, placed her on all fours in front of the window and fucked her hard again from behind, while pinching her nipples hard. Both being exhausted, it did not take long before he again filled her up.
“Get dressed, little one.” He gently kissed her on the lips, his fingers sliding over her nipples again. “No panties, though.” She just nodded as Sam started to prepare dinner.

Holly felt rather shy when her parents showed up at the door. She could feel the thick cum of Sam slowly dripping out of her, coating her jeans. Her nipples were slightly sore and her pussy throbbed as she hugged both her parents.
“The salad is exquisite,” Holly’s father complimented, as they had just finished dinner. Sam just grinned and winked at Holly.
“Let’s just say it as a special ingredient that Holly and I both participated in. Now, Who’s up for dessert?”

Sam followed Holly to his bedroom as her parents had offered to do the dishes for them, stating to help his little niece pack everything. He sat on the bed and pulled her to his lap, kissing her gently on the lips again.
“Remember what I said, baby girl?” Holly nodded as she looked up at him.
“Yes. Our secret. I really loved the sleepover, Uncle Sam. Thank you.”
“You are welcome any time, sweetheart. I already have fun plans for the next sleepover.” Holly shivered at that and grinned happily.
“I can’t wait.”

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