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Surprise Visit

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Hi. I’m Dick and I hope you like reading about what happens one summer night with Mary a woman I lived with
Mary and I were chillin im the back yard on a Saturday night. We have been together for about 5 years when this happened. Now Mary was a looker for sure. Red hair, sexy butt, perfect tits, smooth shaved pussy that felt and tasted great, even when she came. Along with all that she gave great head. The best part is we loved each othe, and we both had a kink side and loved sex. We had our sexual fantasies talk mainly while we watched porn together
Now mind you, Mary wore Short shorts a Lot, and most of the time no panties. Which I loved about her. Well as I said we were in the yard chillin and she had on her very short shorts on and of course no panties. So pretty much what ever she did or how ever she moved. She’d show off at least one side or the other of her pussy, and she knew it. Now like I said we had talked about our fantasies together. One of hers was to be spit roasted. One cock in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass. Yes she loved it in her ass as much as in her pussy, both made her cum. Hell sucking dick made her cum too. During our talks we both agreed that a threesome would be ok as long as all agreed, and it spontaneously happens with out us actually looking for a third and I’d pick out or ok the other man and her the same with the woman
Again it was Saturday early evening. We were lite drinking maintaining our buzz. I call it buzz maintenance drinking. The sun was low, so I started a fire while Mary went after more beers. I just got the fire going and here came Mary telling me to look what she found left at our front door. Looking up and in tow it was William a very good friend of ours that I worked with. They made their way to the fire pit where I waited. Bill for short told me that he came by to see what we were up to to night. Well I told him some music some beer and a fire them Mary asked if he didn’t have plans that he was welcomed to join us. Bill told us to let him grab the beer from his car and he will be right back.
Now Bill was a part of us and he always was welcome. We have done a lot together. He has spent plenty of nights here and camping together. It wasn’t like a brother but a part of our non physical relationship if that makes any since. But never considered a third wheel. He put the beer in the refrigerator and came out to join us again. When he got back a song was playing that Mary loved so she was dancing to it. Bill told me now where else could he get good beer good music and that kind of entertainment. And NO FIGHTS. We laughed taking a drink. Mary heard him and asked if he was calling her a go – go dancer laughing. Untill now Bill has never seen her in shorts quite as short as she had on. The crotch was just a bit wider the crotch seam of jeans, if you counted the frayed jean material. So when Mary sat down. On the double yard glider across from us he got a view of her never seen before. Bill and I were setting at the pic-nic table facing her and the fire.
Another favorite song of hers came on and she began to dance. Mary made her way to the other side of the table. Well of course we turned to face her. And being the attention whore Mary is she was grinning ear to ear. Then telling us that we was using her for entertainment. As I reached for my beer Mary stepped up on the table telling us if she was our private dancer that she needed a stage. Turning back around she was fully on the table dancing just above us. Making us look up at her. Also showing all but the slit of her sweet pussy to Bill and l. I noticed Bill was needing another beer as well as I did. I asked Mary if she needed one as I stood up. Mary told me that she did and that she would get them, because she had to pee anyhow. I told her that I’d just grab ours and followed her into the house
I wanted to talk to her real quick about a threesome. On the way I asked her if she remembered us talking about threesomes and how I’d choose the man or at least agree. Well of course she did. Then I told her that I agree if it happens to go farther tonight. She asked me if I was picking Bill. I told her yes why not and that he is single and a very close friend to both of us. Mary grinned kissed me and told me that she liked my choice which also was part of our agreement.
Now to find out if Bill would be in agreement. I told her that I would leave again in a few and for her to do her thing and keep dancing for Bill. When we got back Mary took her place in the spotlight again to begin dancing. After a full song I told them.that I’d be right back. As I got up Bill began to get up. I heard Mary saying something about losing all of her audience and what a day to make a girl feel wanted. Bill sat back down telling her that he thought she would stop to wait for me to return. Then I heard Mary telling him that that would have been rude to him and that I left while she was dancing then something about him getting a private dance now.
I didn’t need to do anything I just wanted to give her time to actually work her magic and soften him up to the idea. I found a dark area to look out a window to see how things went. I don’t know what was said but I could see clearly the action. Mary was solely dancing for Bill now right in front of him. Squatting down facing him with her knees apart several times. Then she sat down on the table with both feet on either side of him and started to slowly thrust her hips up towards his face. Bill’s eyes were glued to her crotch as she humped the air in front of his face. Mary lifted one leg at a time to kick her flip flops off behind him. Then she slowed down and it looked like she put her right foot between his legs. I could see her leg moving like she was rubbing his cock wit her bare foot. i was getting hard just watching this and I was ready to fuck her on that table, I’m sure Bill was too by now. I made some noise coming out the door. But Mary kept her position. Getting closer I asked Bill if he enjoyed his dance. As I stood there I saw Mary’s shoes and asked if it was becoming a strip show. Mary basically told both of us that not yet and that the night was still young. Then she asked if we could play a game or something. We asked what kind of game and That we were to old for hide an seek and Bill added truth or dare too. Mary agreed then asked what if we switch things up to make them more of adults games.
So we came up with a new version of hide an seek and and truth or dare with quarters thrown in the mix we played quarters to see who’s them first to count down for hide and dare. What can I say we were buzzed lol. But the dare part played in if you were found, you could take a dare and forfeit being the seeker for 2 rounds and always do a dare with no choice. Well as we drank the dares were getting getting more risky. Now if anyone made it to the safe zone the one that was seeking had to take a dare for a complete 2 rounds and the seeker had to physically touch the hiders not just see them. Well Bill and I got caught by Mary at the same time and she made us take off our shorts. Bill had nothing on under his. Pointing this out to Mary and protesting taking his shorts off. But she stood firm in telling him that those were the rules. Mary caught me again and off came my boxers. She was definitely enjoying watching 2 hard cocks flop up and down as we ran. Every opportunity Mary got she accidentally had her hands on a stiff cock mine or Bill’s We began letting her catch us. Resulting in getting a a few strokes tor our cocks. Mary caught Bill but she took a little longer and gave him a few more strokes, I think to see his reaction if he knew she was doing it intentionally. This gave the opportunity to get back to the safe area so I could win and make her finally do a dare. Bill and her made their way over. I asked if she got side tracked. Mary just grinned. I told her to take all of her clothes off. I won the next round I had Bill play with her tits and her to take his cock into her mouth and suck the head only since no one could hide I had them do this for 10 minutes. Bill didn’t make it to the time limit he yelled out that he was going to cum. With his legs trembling I told him those are rules. He let loose the first long stream followed by 4 more just as hard and long in her mouth. Mary never stope and went the full 10 minutes driving Bill nuts with pleasure. When the time was up Mary took him balls deep in her mouth and throat 4 times with slow strokes. I told Bill he had to do something else and that was he had t I eat Mary’s pussy for 20 minutes after making her cum. Mary went back down on him and I made my move and began to eat Mary’s ass and pussy Bill and I fucked her in the mouth and pussy several times at the picnic table be for cumming in her mouth one after the other we both shot massive loads in her throat before finally going in where we continued to suck and fuck the rest of the night Bill couldn’t get enough of Mary, they woke me up fucking the next morning I just let them have their one on one time but then I fucked her in ass after they were done.

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    I really want this so much and I hope I get it from someone sooner

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      Find the right partner and it could and trust me the spontaneous adventures are the best

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    Full on!

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      You will make a great wife

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