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Seeing my brother getting ass raped

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Seeing my 10yo brother getting brutally ass rape when I was 15

Ok so this happened 4 months ago at my uncle house, he left us with his friend Jordan who is 43 and a white man keep in mind me and my brother are black, after my 10 min of my uncle leaving I said I was gonna take a nap , going up stairs in my uncle room and fell asleep in less than 15min but during those times my uncle friend keep checking on me until I drift off.

I don’t know how long it was until I heard someone loudly moaning and hard slapping sound I didn’t wanna get catch so I quietly went down stairs only to see my uncle on the couch jerking off and my brother being held down and Jordon on top of him fucking his Virgin ass out, I could see cum dropping out of my brother ass while he is moaning and begging him to stop only for Jordon to go faster.

I was scared and ran and hit Jordan to get off my brother but in a matter of seconds my uncle grab me and hit me in my face and I fell to the ground, looking up only to see Jordan still brutally fucking my brother ass. Before I knew to my uncle held me down ripped off my white panty and shoved his cock deep in my ass hard and dry.

It was the most painful thing I felt in my life ass he fucked me I screamed and he kept slapping me to shut up until I did and juts accept that I’m a anal cum slut, after a while it felt good and I started moaning . I could tell even my brother liked it, So after 6min or so they bother bummed in our slutty ass. And we all washed up.

My uncle told us not to tell anyone bc this is our secret and our 4 ways loved. COME FOR PART TWO, TO READ HOW MY BROTHER FUCKED MY UNCLE ASS RAW!!!!!!

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    You guys are so fucking brutal !!!

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    I love a nice tight 10 year old boys bum to fuck

    • Younghole ID:14s7e6rmk0b

      I mean who doesn’t like underage ass to rape and cum in

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    Perfect way to become boysluts. Now enjoy!!

    • Younghole ID:14s7e6rmk0b

      Lol I’m a girl

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    Those little pussy tasts so nice and they love being licked.

  • Reply Joe ID:5qv0umj740

    That should have been very tight

    • Younghole ID:14s7e6rmk0b

      It hurt but I always finger my ass so when he raped me it wasn’t the first time something went in

  • Reply Police ID:hedpke49c


    • Younghole ID:14s7e6rmk0b

      Then why continue to read it?