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I shut my little sister up – live on camera

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She just doesn’t learn and she spat in my food. My mates enjoyed watching me fuck her little ass.

Just keep pushing it, Kayla!
I woke up in the morning and found out school was closed due to heavy snow and the school’s heating system had broken down, hell fucking yes, mom worked at the hospital and had to go because her job is important, she had to walk but it would only take her about 45 minutes on foot.
So mom left really early in the morning, Kayla and I said goodbye to her at the door, “Okay, I’ll see you this evening. Look after each other.” Mom said, giving us both a hug before she left, “Don’t worry, mom.” I said, Kayla wasn’t happy mom was leaving but what could she fucking do about it.

When mom left, Kayla stood at the door holding it open and watched as mom walked out of view, then she closed the door and turned around on the spot, she gave me a death stare, “What? – got a problem?” I asked, then she rolled her eyes and fucked off in to the front room, I headed upstairs and immediately got online to play games with my mates, I wasn’t going to waste a snow day, but who wants to play outside when you can stay in your room nice and warm and kill fuckers on Xbox.

At about 11 o’clock I’d been gaming for nearly 4 hours and I was hungry, I told my mates online that I was sitting this round out because I wanted to get some food, I went downstairs, as I passed the front room I saw Kayla was in there sat on the sofa watching cartoons and shit on TV, she was quiet so I left her alone, I went in to the kitchen and found some leftover meat pie in the fridge, so I chucked it in the microwave and set the timer it for 3 minutes, I was bursting for the toilet so ran upstairs while the food was warming up and I had a good slash.

I rushed back downstairs to quickly get my food because I knew my mates were waiting for me online, I didn’t see Kayla in the front room as I walked passed again so I continued in to the kitchen, I got near the door and saw Kayla standing by the microwave, I saw that the microwave door was open so I stopped just out of sight curious what she was up to, then she turned around slightly and she was holding the plate under her chin, then she spat on it a number of times, I was going to kill the little bitch but then I thought nah, I’ll fucking get her.

I hid against the wall as she skipped out of the kitchen giggling as she went back in to the living room, I took the pie in to the front room and sat on the arm of the sofa, she glanced at me a couple of times but wouldn’t look directly at me, “Want some pie?” I asked her nicely.

“No, thank you.” She replied, nervously.

“I thought you liked meat pie. It’s the last piece, are you sure?” I asked.

She shook her head, “Don’t want any.” she replied.

“Why not?” I asked, sliding off the arm off the sofa and sitting beside her, “Could it be because you fucking spat on it!” I shouted.

The bitch knew I’d rumbled her, she rushed to her feet and legged it up the stairs.

I casually walked after her, “Kayla.” I called as I walked up the stairs, I heard her bedroom door slam shut, when I got upstairs I opened her door to no resistance, but I couldn’t see her in her room, “Kayla.” I called again, then I saw the sheet that was overhanging at the side of her bed move, I lifted it up a little and saw the soles of her feet, she was hiding under the bed, I tickled her feet and then grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her out from under the bed, “Get off me!” she screamed, I flipped her over so she could see me and pinned her down, “Seriously. Why don’t you ever learn?” I said.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise.” She replied.

I didn’t believe her, “Too fucking late.” I said, I hoisted her up over my shoulder and carried her in to my bedroom, I spanked her ass a couple of times on the way, I pulled out my desk chair and stood it in the middle of the room, “No. That hurts.” She cried, when she saw me pick up the left over bandage tape from the other night, I put her down and forced her to bend over the back of the chair, I used my legs to press hers against the back of the chair, she was bent over with her hands and head on the seat, I taped her arms and legs to the back of the chair and walked away.

“Now, don’t fucking move.” I said.

She was struggling to break free and almost made the chair fall over, but it was futile, she exhausted all her energy and just slumped over with her head resting on the seat, she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

I logged back on to my game and interrupted my crew, “Lads. Log on to our private Twitch, I’ve got something to show you.” I said.

One by one my mates logged in and I turned on my camera, after checking they could all see the picture I pulled the chair with Kayla taped to it in to view, “This is my little bitch sister I’ve been telling you about. Say hello, Kayla.” I said.

“Fuck off.” She swore.

My mates started talking, “Dude, what the fuck. You strapped her to a chair.” – “Nice one.” – “Wish I could do that to my sister.”

I turned the chair around so they could see the back of her, then I lifted her skirt over her back and yanked down her panties, “Check that out.” I said, her ass and pussy in full view of the camera.

– “Dude!”
– “You need to fuck that bitch now.”
– “I want to watch. Do it.”
– “Fuck her in the ass right now.”

“I intend to.” I replied, Kayla wasn’t happy when she heard that, I didn’t give a fuck, I turned the chair back around and pulled out my cock, my mates watched Kayla’s face and listened to her groans and cries as I pushed my cock in to her ass, my mates were encouraging me and telling me what to do, I spanked her little ass until it was bright red, I fucked her hard for a few minutes until I came in her ass, they watched as she squealed in to the camera.

Over the next two and a half hours I fucked her in every hole and covered her face in spunk, then my mates were complaining they couldn’t see me fucking her, so I turned the chair to the side, I ripped the tape off her left leg and I lifted it in to the air, they got a really good view of her pussy, then they all watched as I stretch it out with my cock and fucked her hole really deep, when I was done I pulled out and ejaculated over her pussy and ass.

– “Your sis is sexee. Show us more.”
– “I want to fuck your sister’s ass.”

“You spit in my food and I’ll spunk all over you. Fucking bitch.” I said to her, I pushed the chair aside and walked over to the camera, “Sorry, lads. That’s all.” I said, and I turn it off, then I untapped Kayla from the chair, she slid off the back of the chair and on to the floor.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, I’m not a completely heartless fucker you know.

She sat up and tried to wipe all the spunk off her face, it was dripping off her face on to her knees, “Yeah.” She uttered.

I reached down and picked her up and sat us both down on the bed, her eyes were red and blotchy from crying but she wasn’t crying anymore, I picked up a dirty shirt off my bedroom floor and handed it to her, “Come on. Wipe that shit off.” I said, “Seriously though. Do you enjoy me doing this to you or something?” I asked.

“Not when it hurts.” She replied, wiping my spunk off her face.

“What hurts?” I asked.

“In the butt.” She replied.

She was talking to me really calmly, I knew it, I fucking knew it man, she liked getting fucked, “But do you like it not in the butt?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Is that why you keep pissing me off. So I’ll do that to you?” I asked.

She nodded again, this time grinned a little.

I nudged her with my shoulder, “Dirty little bitch.” I joked.

She laughed.

“Go sort yourself out. Mom will be home soon.” I said, she got off the bed and walked away, she called me a fucking asshole as she walked out of my room.

Okay I admit it, I was raping my little sister, that makes me a horrible person, blah, blah, I don’t give a fucking shit, but now I know she actually likes getting raped, or at least likes it rough.

If she pisses me off again I’ll show her what rough is really like. See how she likes it then.

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    Keep going man I like your stories

  • Reply T

    Will you send vids of her being fucked?

    • annoyingsister

      Nah, can’t. But if she pisses me off again I’ll fuck her hard on your behalf.