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On the Farm Part 3

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Megan wants a dog of her own and uncle David knows where they can get one from.

My brother and I stood there stroking our hard cocks as we watched Megan being fucked by the young pony. I still found it hard to believe that her young cunt could take the pony’s cock. My young daughter laid there on the hay bales with her eyes closed, moaning with pleasure and ecstasy.

With his cock hard, David brought out a calve from its stall and after tying her up to the stall’s railing, moved behind the calve and thrust his cock into the calve’s cunt and started fucking the calve at a furious pace.

As soon as David had blasted his cum into the calve, I said, “Get out the way and let me have ago at fucking her.”

I drove my hard cock into the calve’s wet cunt and was surprised at how tight her cunt was. It didn’t take me long before I was standing next to my brother with our limp spent cocks in our hands after blasting my hot cum into the calve’s cunt.

Just then the young pony thrust his cock into Megan’s cunt and started squirting his pony cum into my daughter’s cunt, the pony shot that much cum into my young daughter’s hairless cunt that it started to squeeze out between the sides of her cunt and the pony’s cock.

After the pony had removed his cock, David led the pony back into its stall. Megan laid there on the hay bales exhausted and her cunt dripping with pony cum. David untied Buddy the biggest of the farm dogs and we watched as Buddy rushed over between Megan’s legs and started to lick up the escaping cum flowing out my daughter’s young cunt.

Then with his cock hard, Buddy thrust his cock into Megan’s cum filled cunt and started to excitedly fuck her. With the dog’s cock knotted inside Megan’s cunt. Buddy started pulling Megan across the hay bales trying to remove his cock from her young cunt. But he couldn’t be separated and Buddy would have to wait till his knot became smaller.

It was about fifteen minutes before Buddy could free his doggy cock from Megan’s twelve-year-old cunt. David and I watched as Buddy moved over to the corner of the barn and laid down on his basket to rest.

When David and I helped Megan sit up on the cum cover blanket covering the hay bales, Megan asked, “Daddy can we get a doggy?”

“We will talk about you getting a dog when you come home,” I said.

“I know Tom he’s a dog breeder if you want a dog,” said David.

“Can we go and see him, please Daddy?” Megan excitedly asked.

“I can drive you both over to his farm this afternoon,” said David.

“Please Daddy can we go, please?” pleaded Megan.

After her pleading several more times, I relented and said, “You need to have a shower and get dressed if you want to go look at dogs.”

Megan climbed off the hay bales and rushed inside to the bathroom, by the time David and I joined her in the shower she was finger fucking her young hairless cunt and washing all the cum out her cunt.

“Let me do that for you,” said David reaching down and pushing four fat fingers into her young hairless cunt and started finger fucking her.

As the water flowed over us, I wrapped my arms around Megan and tweaked and twisted her nipples on her budding young breasts.

“Oh Daddy, I love you playing with my tits” squealed Megan.

I rubbed my hard cock between her ass cheeks as David finger fucked her. When David removed his fingers from her cunt, he pulled her mouth down onto his cock. With Megan bent over sucking David’s cock, I pressed the knob of my cock against her young asshole and with my hard cock covered in soap for lube, I drove my cock into my young daughter’s asshole.

After David’s cock erupted and blasted his hot cum into Megan’s mouth and down her throat, he pulled his spent cock out of my daughter’s mouth.
Megan took a deep breath and squealed, “Oh, Daddy, I love having your big cock in my asshole.”

After we had finished fucking Megan from both ends of her young body, we gave her another wash. Then we all got dried and dressed, David and I wore shorts that didn’t hide our erections and a t-shirt. Megan was wearing a slip on dress without any underwear. Her breasts were clearly visible along with her hairless young cunt thru the thin material of the dress.

David phone Tom and asked, “ Hey Tom, are you going to be home this afternoon, I’ve a young twelve-year-old girl here that wants a male dog.”

“Yeah I’m going to be home, come straight over to my farm,” said Tom.

The drive to Tom’s farm didn’t take long and we were soon parking the car out the front of Tom’s house. Tom came out of the house to great us and after saying hello to David and me, we introduced him to my young daughter Megan.

“Hello Megan, do you know what type of dog you want?” asked Tom.

“A big dog with a big cock,” giggled Megan.

“Let me show you what dogs I have,” said Tom taking Megan’s hand in his and leading her to the stables where the dog kennels were.

In the stables Tom showed Megan a Border Collie and then a German Shepard, when he showed her a Doberman, when the Doberman placed his nose under her dress and started licking her hairless young cunt, she instantly fell in love with him.

“I want this Doggy, what’s his name?” asked Megan.

“I call him Duke,” said Tom lifting Megan’s dress up over her head.

“How much do you want for Duke?” I asked.

Tom looking at Megan’s naked young body chuckled, “You can have Duke for nothing Trevor, if I can fuck your daughter.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

After removing his clothes, Tom laid Megan down on a low bench seat that was made for his dogs. He then lifted her legs into stirrups and parted her legs. Then drove this fat hard cock into Megan’s young hairless cunt and began fucking her. As he slamming his cock into her young cunt again and again he reached out and grabbed hold and squeezing her budding breast.

David and I stood there stroking our hard cocks as we watched Tom fucking Megan. When the Doberman came over and licked Megan’s face she reached out and started stroking his doggy cock, she then took his thick cock into her mouth and started sucking his doggy cock as Tom fucked her.

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