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My mother is 54 nice looking for her age Dard hair reasonable size boobe nice shape a little mum tum.. But for her age still very attractive… Mum and dad divorced 5 yrs ago.. I’m 21 she’s done a good job since the divorce.. Working hard and not having much of a social life.. Time came for her works Christmas night out.. She got ready.. When she come downstairs all dressed up.. How do I look.. She asked… You look great I answered… You sure… Definately I replied.. She had a glass of wine while waiting on her taxi.. She was unsure whether to actually go.. I assured her she looked great and to go enjoy herself… I’ll probably be home early she said… Don’t be silly go enjoy yourself.. I replied… Her taxi arrived.. She gave me the usual peck on the cheek as she left
Since I was alone I had a few beers and had a look on the net.. Going through my usual go to porn… As I was looking through.. The thought of how good she looked for her age sprung to mind.. I clicked on some mature porn… I found it really arousing looking at normal older women’s bodies.. Rather than my usual perfect models… As the beer took effect. I recalled the times I’d caught glimpses of mum in various states of undress over the years.. Soon I found myself rather excited and hard.. I decide to go upstairs and sort myself out… As I walked along the hall passed her room.. I decided to go in.. When I went in the room smelled of her perfume.. I decide to have a little look around.. I went to her drawers slid the top one open… It was full of her bras and knickers… Nothing I hadn’t seen before… I looked further in the drawer at the back below other stuff.. Wow some nicer undies even some stockings… I pulled them out laid them on her bed.. As I looked at them I imagined what she’d look like in them.. My cock grew eve n harder.. I looked deeper in the drawer.. Bingo.. A rabbit vibrator.. I took it out and imagined her using it.. While dreesed in her stockings and nice undies… It was so wrong but so horny… I put the vibrator to my nose.. A very faint smell of her pussy remained on it… The beer had really kicked in now.. And the thoughts running through my head were so wrong.. But exciting… I took my cock out.. I don’t think I’d ever been so hard…. It was leaking pre cum.. I took her vibrator and smeared it over the end of it… Naughtily imagining her using it and having my pre cum in her… I took her panties that were on the bed and wrapped them around my cock.. I looked in her mirror.. It looked amazing… I. Thought of her catching me like that and the repucussions.. I decided to return everything back as I found them.. Trying to blank my naughty thoughts… I returned downstairs and watched a film. And had so. E more beers.. Hours later I heard a taxi.. It was around 1.30 am… Obviously she had managed to stay the whole evening… As I looked out the window I could see the taxi driver trying to help her get out the taxi… I went out and helped… Sorry she mumbled I’m a little tipsy… A little I laughed.. And helped her stumble into the house.. When we got in I helped her on the sofa…. Good night?.. I asked… A lot better than I expected.. She mumbled.. She leaned forward to try and remove her shoes.. Obviously way beyond her abilities in her drunken state… Here I’ll do it.. I said and kneeled down in front of her.. I could see down her top.. Her boobs spilling slightly ot of her bra… I went to udo the straps on her shoes.. As I looked up her legs were slightly apart and I could see her panties… I wondered what her pussy was like under them.. The thought was making me hard again… But in her drunken state she wouldn’t notice… After taking her shoes off I sat beside her again.. She didn’t notice my hard cock sticking out… I asked her about her night and she mumbled away telling me it was better than she expected.. And she may have drank a little too much….. She eventually fell into a drunken sleep… My film now finished I tried to wake her.. She wakened I helped her stand… Do you need a hand get upstairs I asked… She was beyond answering.. I held her as best I could and helped her to the stairs… As I wrestled her up the stairs I found and opportunity to have a grope at her boobs… Lovely and soft… I pressed my hard cock against her.. Making me even harder.. She was still oblivious… We made it to her room and I laid her on the bed.. She was out cold.. As I stood and looked at her.. Her skirt had travelled half up her thighs.. I took the opportunity to have a look again at her panties… I could see some hairs peeking out from the sides.. And an unmistakable damp spot on them… I assumed she had peed a little in her drunken state….. I looked at her lying passed out on the bed and left her.. I went downstairs and found my mature porn from earlier… As I watched it I couldn’t stop thinking of her lying passed out on. Her bed.. Dirty horny thoughts crossing my mind… I went up to check on her.. She was still lying passed out… Fully clothed… Surely it would be the decent thing to help her into bed… I shook her… Do you want a help into bed… She groaned.. I took that as a yes…. I began to unbutton her blouse.. Revealing her bra with her boobs spilling out.. Lovely sight.. Removed the blouse.. Undid her skirt button and zip. And pulled it down and off.. As it came of it pulled her panties down slightly allowing some of her pussy hair to peek out.. I was so nervous but so turned on… Should I go further or leave her in her undies? After a few minutes I decided to go for it.. Anyway it wouldn’t be nice to leave her in those wet panties….. I reached around her and unclipped her bra and pulled it off… Her tits looked amazing.. Lovely dark nipples.. Although I had glimpses of them before.. Never this close.. I reached over her brushing my hand over them gently.. In case she awakened.. No still out… Nervously I leaned over and gently licked one of her nipples then the other.. Then gently sucked on one then the other for just a second.. As I leaned back I could see they were bigger.. I leaned forward and done it again a little harder… It felt amazing but wrong at the same time… She stirred just a little so I stopped.. Thinking she might awaken… I stood up for a minute looking at her… Time to remove her panties.. I went to the bottom of the bed at her feet leaned over her.. And pulled them down.. Her hairy pussy was now in full view.. Pulled them down fully and off. I stood up holding them and looked at them.. As I looked at the gusset it was soaked and what I thought was pee.. Was actually cum… Omg.. She’d been fucked by someone.. And it had been leaking out soaking them… I took them and went to the bathroom.. Dropped my bottoms letting my rock hard cock spring out.. As I looked at them glistening with cum.. I thought about adding my load to them.. I wrapped them around my cock and started to wank with them… Her juices and some guys cum rubbing up and down my cock… I was almost Cumming… I stopped pulled my bottoms up and headed back to her room… She still hadn’t moved. I gave her a little shake.. Still out cold… I dropped my trousers again and started wanking my cock with her panties looking down at her.. I thought I could probably do anything… She wouldn’t know.. I kneeled at the foot of the bed and gently pulled her towards me.. Waited a few seconds.. No response.. Lifted her knees and parted her legs wide.. Her hairy pussy looked.. amazing lips parted and wet with some guys cum.. I grabbed my cock and run it up between her lips gently.. She stirred a little.. I was past the point now… I slipped the tip in gently.. It went in easily. And slowly until fully in… It felt better than anything I had ever imagined.. Slowly I began fucking her.. Afraid of what would happen if she awakened.. I couldn’t believe.. I actually had my cock in the pussy that I came into this world through… After a very short time I felt myself start to cum.. Should I pull out or cum in her. Too late.. As I started to cum deep in her a few spurts.. I pulled out spraying cum over her pussy and belly.. Some even landed on her tits… It looked fucking amazing.. My cum mixed with another guys running out my mom.. My cum over her bush and belly and tits… This was surreal… It was obvious she wasn’t awakening… I moved up to her face and wiped the last drops on her lips…. Panic then set in… What if she notices… I got some wipes cleaned her belly and boobs.. Pulled her panties back on her… Placed her under her quilt and went back downstairs…. As I thought about what had just happened.. I panicked.. But it was done now… I went to bed and awaited till morning… Mom came down late.. Hungover.. You were in a state last night I said… Oh I’m sorry she said… The drink got the better of me.. How did I get upstairs… It’s OK I helped… Thanks son she said…. If only she knew😀😀

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  • Reply Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    Mine is very noticed. Not only do I get to fuck my mom, but I also get suck & fuck my dad! Watching my dad suck my cock while I fuck my moms hairy cunt is mind blowing. Only us 3 know this & we have strict rules. 🍆

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Another son slips it inside his mom unnoticed.

  • Reply Amyjones ID:1cwe0yxtptfi

    I think my kids did that to me one night as I had passed out from some meds dr had given me for pain in the living room and the next day when I woke was in my bed nude and my pussy and ass was sore and my hubby at the time was on a business trip

    • BigFamily ID:89csv6s5hi

      Oh my,,,,,,, Such loving children. 🙂