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Jerking Off at school again

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Hi it’s me E I’m 14 and an exhibitionist it has been a while since I last posted, that’s because I was trying out this “No Nut November” thing and its been getting really hard to not cum but recently I’ve been getting really horny lately. I’ve ended up jerking off twice now in my school bathrooms. Although I didn’t cum on either time I just stopped when I was about to cum. My cock got really hard one English class because this girl in an older grade (I think she’s 16) always wears croptops and shows off a lot of cleavage especially today. I excused myself and entered the washroom, i pulled out my cock and started stroking. She volunteered to do a little work at the elementary school a bit and worked with younger kids but despite that she still wore croptops. I went into the washroom and began jerking off thinking about her tits (probably a C-cup) then my imagination ran wild. I imagined her getting left alone in the class of young kids then the boys jumping on her ripping her clothes off and groping her tits. Then the boys would all pull out thier tiny cocks and fuck her hard. That thought made me almost cum but I didn’t I looked down and my poor cock was hard and spitting out pre cum. I left the bathroom my cock still wet in my pants and continued the day like nothing happened.
That’s it from me
[email protected] m ( If u want to(

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