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Getting my BBQ sister in-law drunk then finding her drunk passed out spread nude prt 5

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I finished licking up All my cum from her gape and grabbed my phone and snapped a few more pics of her hairy spread hole while I held her leg up, she looked stunning, I was sweaty and hot looking at her laying there with her leg up staring at her freshly fucked pussy hole, I was completely naked and didn’t care if she woke up with her cunt filled with my hot cum and standing over her completely naked , I jerked my cock fast and it took maybe 2 minutes to cum I quickly grabbed her jaw opened it up and stuck my cock in her mouth and came in her mouth and took a pic of my cock in her mouth, she inhaled and exhaled deeply and I heard her swallow my load and began to snore again. The heat in the room was blasting and the living room was hot and muggy and smelled like hot sweaty sex, I became instantly hard again, I wasted no time and jumped on top of her again, I grabbed her other leg and put it up in the Deckchair position and pushed my cock back up with such ease for a sloppy fuck, round 2 I started pumping her and her pussy was so wet and sloppy it was soaking my pubes and running down the inside if my leg at this point she was snoring pretty loud and I knew she wouldn’t wake up from this, I continued to thrust harder and deeper watching her tits bounce to the rhythm I looked down at her pussy and watched my cock penetrating her hairy love hole, my cock was sliding in and out and my first load turned to a white buttery texture and was Turning my cock white, I loved the feeling of it , I started going faster and I felt her cum again but she didn’t make a sound this time.

I felt her pussy get very warm wet and very slick and was splashing cum on the inside of my leg with every thrust, I loved hearing her snore while I pumped her hairy pussy and watched her tits bounce to the rhythm, I propped her leg on the back of the couch and grabbed my phone as I thrusted in and out of her and snapped a few picks of my ass as I pumped her hoping to catch a picture or two of my cock penetrating her,I threw my phone down and grabbed her leg off the back of the couch and pounded her!

I kept pounding her smelling her hole get stronger with the scent of cum, I felt my cock smacking her ass clapping if you will while I pounded her deep and hard, I then put her legs down and did her in the push up style position again I wanted more of those big fantastic tits in my mouth again, I was fucking the shit out her sucking her big huge 38 dd tits i was full on moaning as I was fucking her, it felt so good I was making all the noise I could! In a way I wanted her to wake up, no such luck so I kept pounding every time I wanted to cum I slowed down to avoid cumming because I wanted this to last as much as I could. switching positions from pushup position to deep thrusts with her big beautiful legs up holding her by her ankles or legs over my shoulders ,this turned out to be the hottest fuck ever and she wasn’t waking up any time soon!

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    id be all over that!

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    So hot and sexy

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    click on my name at the top for parts 1 2 3 and 4