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Beach party gone wrong

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2 guys took me at the beach and hurt me badly

My name is Sara . I was 17 when this happened to me . I was always a need at school . I was only 5ft and only weighed like 45kg . I was very slow to develop so breasts were tiny compared to other girls at my school . I knew my vagina was tiny as putting tampons in was impossible . There was a end of year party and I was shocked to get invited and even more shocked when my parents said I could go . Dress code was swim cloths as was at a beach . So went and got myself my first ever bikini not that there was much to cover . Well the party started and everyone was dancing and drinking around a Bon fire that had been made . I decided to have a few non alcoholic drinks as didn’t want to be drunk at my first party ever . As the night went on I needed to go to the toilet and someone said oh just go to the bushes . I headed over and started going . Then just as I was about finished I heard behind me someone say oh look what I have found . I looked behind me and saw two massive black men looking at me . Before I could do anything one grabbed me and pulled me out of the bushes . I went to scream but his huge hand covered my mouth . Soon I was dragged away from the party area to a clearing . The one holding me said oh this will be fun hold her down . The second man pushed Mr to the ground and laughed as he sat on me . I felt him rip of my bikini top and then say oh this one is tiny no titts at all . He stated playing with my nipes and pinching them . The first guy laughed as he pulled off my bottoms . Then he said shit this bitch is going to break . I saw him walk around then I horrified as I saw his dick . He picked up my arm and said look at what I’m going to put in that tiny cunt of yours . His dick was as long as half my arm and twice as think . I went to scream as he shoved my bikini bottoms in my mouth. Next he said hold this bitch . I tried to fight as he spread my legs but the was to strong . I then felt the head of his cock pushing against my pussy . Fuck this is going to fun he said . Then more and more he pushed and then I felt it the head popped into my pussy . I was so scared as I heard him say fuck this bitch is already bleeding I’ve already broke her pussy . I was crying feeling the burning pain . I could feel him pushing more and more then I nearly passed our as I felt so much pain as I felt my pussy give way and more slide in till it hit my hymen. Hold her I’m going to bust this cherry he says .I feel him move back then his whole body weight push onto me and nearly pass out seeing stars as I feel him rip right through my hymen. I feel him stop in me then cry even more as I hear him say fuck yeah I’m taking a few pics of this . This bitch is pouring blood I’ve fully broken her pussy . I’m numb as he continues to fuck me till I feel him come in me . Hey want a go he says to the other one . They swap . Then I hear him say nah he pussy is to fucked roll her over . They move me . Need I’m I feel the second one at my ass and say well I’ll ruin this hole . I feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole . Him saying I don’t think I fit . He pushes hard and I pass out . I wake up to being slapped . You ain’t going to miss this bitch the one on me says . Then he says now ruin this bitch . I feel the other one now trying to push more in then hear him say something that scared me to death . He says oh shit she is fucked as I feel the worst pain in my life as I feel my rectum tear and his dick slide all the way in . Him laughing saying fuck she is bleeding like a pig . He fucks my ass till he cuts. The get up and dressed and look at me and say that was fun bitch and laugh walking off . I try and stand but can’t . It seems like ages till a person from the party finds me . I’m taken to hospital and they try to repair all the rips and tears in both my holes . I can hardly move for weeks . I’m now 25 and sex hurts me all the time .

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  • Reply aj665

    damn im so sorry girl

  • Reply Mark87

    Oh my god
    I’m so sorry to hear that
    There some men are monster

  • Reply jimjam

    Learn to proofread!

  • Reply Babygirl

    After my first rape, sex isn’t fun if it doesn’t hurt


      But you like it more and more

    • Mark87

      Baby girl
      Would you like to chat on kik
      [email protected]

    • AP

      Some people become rape addicts.