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Daddy loves me

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I love mommy taea dad and my grandpa very much . I love what we do inside and outside the bedroom

I’m Jen B 12 yeaes old I have red hair green eye’s 5 foot 1 inch tall 100 pounds 32A boobs
Dad and grandpa cooked dinner last night . Me and mommy tara are upstairs talking . We hear dad yell girls dinner ready. Mommy Tara and me come down stairs. Mommy tara and I have on light blue crop tops on and light blue matching very tight sort shorts . Dad and grandpa pull out our chairs we sit down then dad and grandpa sit. Dad and grandpa cooked new York strip stakes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and made salad. We are talking about just normal things . Then my grandpa says your girls look so gorgeous and sexy tonight. Dad agreed said absolutely you 2 look amazing tonight. Mommy Tara and me said awww your guys are so sweet. Mommy Tara says we we are with the 2 most handsomest men in the world. They guys say thank you girls. We finished dinner dad and grandpa did the dishes . Me and mommy tara are on the couch. The my dad comes out wuth 2 beers give one to mommy Tara. Then my grandpa comes out with 2 as well . Grandpa gives me on . Even tho I’m 12 they let me dink one beer sometimes. We are watching a movie. The movie the movie my cousin Vinny. . Mommy Tara got her hand on dad on dad crotch I got mine on grandpa . Grandpa dick got really hard .then mommy tara said. You guys thanks for the amazing dinner . Dad starts kissing mommy Tara. I start kissing grandpa. Grandpa playing with my boobss . Mommy Tara and dad kissing mommy Tara got her hand in dad shorts playing with dad dick . Grandpa pulls my crop top down . Plays with my nipples. I take grandpa shorts off . I get between grandpa legs . I start sucking grandpa dick . Then mommy Tara tells dad to stand up . Dad stands up faces mommy Tara. She pulls his shorts down . Mommy Tara starts sucking dad dick . After a few minutes mommy Tara says Jenny baby let’s switch. We switched. Mommy Tara holding my hand . My other hand rubbing my pussy . . Then grandpa pull mommy Tara up takes her shorts off . Mommy Tara starts riding grandpa bouncing up and down in grandpa dick . I’m still sucking dad dick . . Then dad leand me back dad gets on his knees. Slide his dick in my pussy start moving in and out . I’m bouncing back and forth im moaning. . Dad grabbing my boobs as he going in and out . . I hear my grandpa my new daughter in law may I to fuck your ass . Mommy Tara said yes daddy in law . Mommy Tara goes gets the lube . When mommy Tara comes back . I’m sucking grandpa dick as dad fucking me . Mommy Tara puts lube on grandpa dick and her ass . Grandpa puts his dick in mommy Tara ass . Starts moving in and out . Mommy Tara moaning and bounce then dad and grandpa switch. Grandpa slids in my ass and dad in mommy Tara pussy grandpa moving in and out I moan load I start to cum . Then mommy Tara cums on dad dick . Mommy Tara says my sweet husband I can’t wait for you to impregnate me and out daughter Jenny. Dad says sane here my love . Then grandpa says jen grandpa going to cum . Grandpa starts cumming in my ass . Then dad says I’m going to cum Tara. .dad start cumming in mommy Tara pussy. The guys finished. Me and mommy Tara go shower we washed each of the we stay naked .

A picture of my dad before he came in a condom and after he filled it up with one cum load


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  • Reply Fsvbhh ID:145e2sploi9

    Your dad’s cock is nice!

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Jenny Ian told me he’s going to get me pregnant so i can have his baby !! I’m scared and i don’t know what to do he might take me from daddy’s home ! love Tara !!

  • Reply Jack? ID:dj4o9i3hm

    Is that picture you jen?

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Jenny there is another story written about us by Ian . punch in TARA TEASING GOES TO FAR PART 3 . He’s very mean to you and me honey but you have to read it and at the comment section let him know how my sweet Jenny feels ! love mommy Tara !

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvvhv


  • Reply Mike ID:1etb553ps3at

    Keep it if a girl so we can rape her

    • Fsvbhh ID:145e2sploi9

      I would never use a condom with my daughter….

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Jenny ask dad why he did not use a condom when he fucked me !!! mom

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvvhv

      MOMMY TARA, he wants you to have his babies

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Yes Jenny get a pregnancy test for yourself to because your 12 years old and it’s just a matter of time before you get your period. Mommy’s also going to put you on the pill ! mommy Tara !

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvvhv

      MOMMY TARA ok ill get us both a pregnancy test today after school.

    • Jen B ID:2px1mryvvhv

      MOMMY TARA ok i will get us both a pregnancy test after school

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Oh my Jenny ! Daddy already shot that same amount of fertilized cum in my uterus and i think it fertilized mom’s egg ! You need to go to the drug store this week and get mom a pregnancy test kit my darlin daughter ! love mom

    • Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      MOMMY TARA ok i can do that i will go today after school to get you a pregnancy test . Should I get one for me to even throw I still haven’t started my periods yet

  • Reply Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

    MOMMY TARA it’s ok with grandpa that he can’t cum in our pussy. Yes Ian hopefully won’t because dad and grandpa are mad . Mommy Tara you see the condom filled with dad cum that was one load of cum not multiple

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Oh jenny ! you are so pretty ! Jenny i heard and watched Ian pop your ass cherry and i’m so sorry that i couldn’t protect my sweet daughter. I hope grandpa liked me sucking his cock jen but when i rode him i was afraid he would cum in my pussy since daddy told him no fucking his knew wifes pussy and as grandpa fucked my ass i’m still not use to having my tushy fucked ! When daddy made me take his huge cock down my throat, my eye’s bulged out with tears streaming down mom’s face as i gagged on it’s massive size ! Then when my knew husband gave me another very hard thrusting, piledriving, impregnating fuck and i squealed and screamed when mommy felt daddy’s massive cock go into my cervix and almost at my tummy as i dug my long fingernails into daddy’s back causing a lot of small bleeding scratches ! He whispered into mommy’s ear that he wants me to have babies with him Jenny !! I just hope Ian doesn’t come here when our guys are out working and rape and fuck the two of us again ! love your mommy Tara !!