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16yo let’s 40yo man fuck her in park after online meeting

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Rosie 16yo meets a older guy online and agrees to meet at a park. She changes her mind but is convinced to stay and fucked hard.

My name is Rosie and I’m a 16yo girl who didn’t really have the best of upbringings, I struggled in school and generally struggled in academics. I’ve never had a boyfriend ever and I’m still a virgin, I have decent C cup boobs, not to big and not too small. I have a huge ass though! 52.4 centimeters to be exact. I always knew I had a big ass, I was a bit chubby but not by much. I recently got into online chatting because I had fantasies of meeting up and having sex with someone. Anyone at that matter. As long as they had a dick. I was going to ride. When I first started chatting it was mostly sexual talk with some back and forth nude photos, I was so horny I loved seeing videos of cocks and titis on my screen, as I would show them my tits and ass too, there came a time where I could no longer hold my sexual urges, i had to get fucked. In a fog of arousal I went on a chat site called Omegle, there I found a guy. In his late 30’s who lived near where I lived. We chatted a bit and did my usual routine of sharing nudes, though he never showed his camera. Lending my picture to them as they see please. This guy was different however. His cock was huge and he had a nice body. He seemed so perfect when he spoke, the way he called me turned me into a submissive slave to him. After a time. I was so horny. I told him if he wanted to meet up. He said sure!. In a moment of desperation I gave him a address of a park nearby that was closest to me. And gave him a time to meet up. After that I fell asleep. When I woke up I realized in a moment of clarity that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. But just thinking of getting railed, used and being turned into a sexual slave turned me on so much. I became wet once again, I masturbated hard thinking of his huge cock as I got ready. I knew I wasn’t going to be home early so I let my folks know I wouldn’t be home for long! As I walked to the park I got this sense of I shouldn’t be doing this. I walked along and met up at the spot where we had agreed to. I saw a mini van. He texted me saying he brought his mini van for more space. That turned me on. I got nervous walking up to the van. Feeling anxious and weird. Hot and sexy. Ugly and cold. Before I could even knock on the window. I heard a familiar voicez it was the guy. But he didn’t look like he did in the online chat.
“Hello? Are you uh… Rosie?.”
“…Yeah? Are you….”
I had a moment of clarity and realized how he looked, he was Mexican, overweight and didn’t seem much to pack from his pants. He looked nothing like he did in his photo . In my pajamas without any make up. I looked like an idiot. Of cousrse he didnt show his camera. It makes more sense now, I had this sense of horniness that washed away. I realized I shouldn’t be doing this. I got catfished.
“Uh… I gotta go. Uh. Yeah…. Sorry.”
My fantasies had to be postponed once again I thought. My horniness coming back once again. As I was walking away. My wrist was being held all of a sudden. I turned my head quickly and saw him. Holding my wrist.
“please trust me. I can make you happy. You look so gorgeous I just wish to fuck you now. We can start off with a simple blowjob. I promise that’s it. Okay? Just. Trust me.”
As he said that. I started getting wet once again. Knowing I probably didn’t have to wait for long for my fantasy to come to life. I knew I had to accept. I couldn’t take it anymore.
“… Just a blowjob right? Nothing else?”
“Yes! Nothing else! I promise!.”
I trusted him .
In a moment of horniness and fog. I accepted. He held my wrist the entire time as we got into the van. He closed the doors and locked it. I thought that was kinda weird. As we sat in the back seat of the van. We started talking. Chatting about what happened and at on point. My hand was touching his pants. I instantly noticed it was rock hard, and was visible now, it was huge. I’d say around 7 inches erect! Seeing that bulge just made me more wet. He saw me looking at his groin. And he unbuckled his pants and let his huge delicious penis out.
“You want to suck it? You dirty little bitch.”
“…I do.”
I didn’t say much. I was too horny to even think. I’ve never given a blowjob ever. So it was nerve racking to say the least.
As I grew closer to his cock. I suddenly felt his hands grabbing my head by the sides saying
“I’ll guide you, I’ll turn you into my cum slut. My cum dump.”
Hearing that made me even more wet. I wanted that thing inside of me. He grabbed my head and slowly inserted it into my mouth. I instantly felt the thought hairy and taste of the cock the second it entered my mouth, he moaned as I wrapped my lips around his shaft, he controlled my head movements to his liking. His cock tasted so good. It was so warm and rough. His girth was huge. He slowly lifted my head back and forth. Using me as his personal sex toy, up and down. Hitting the back of my throat instantly. He made me gag as his penis would bulge out of my neck. He went faster, he cock was shoving further deeper into my mouth, my eyes were rolling back my nipples were hard and my pussy was so wet it could fill a cup. He went faster and faster leaving a mark in my throat, at the last second, I could feel his cock pulsate as he started cumming directly into my stomach. His warm cum filling my 16yo stomach with his juicy delicious cum. I gagged as he pulled out, gasping for air. I didn’t even realize I cummed. I knew that was the best blowjob I could have possibly given. I was exhausted, I noticed his penis was still huge and hard. But I knew I didn’t hsvr enough time for a second round. My pussy wanted to argue but I just knew I couldn’t.
“Oh shoot! I have to be home in twenty minutes, that was so hot I couldn’t breathe.”
“That’s fine cum slut, come back any time, message me, when I need you, you come here. Understand?.”
As the obedient bitch I was I agreed. As my ass my turned to him I went to grab the handle of the door, that’s when I felt two hands suddenly grab the sides of my ass, and before I could even turn around, he suddenly pulled my leggings pants down as well as my white lace underwear, as my hands were on the door, I couldn’t react. When I did have time after a few seconds. I suddenly felt the biggest pressure, and biggest sense of pain enter my body. He inserted his huge 7 inch cock into my tight virgin pussy hole.
“Quiet bitch let me finish before you go, I’m marking you mine.”
Before I even had time to protest, his dick was in my pussy at the time not moving. He suddenly thrusted in and out, my tight hole couldn’t handle his huge dick in me. I lost all strength. I was screaming in pain. My brain couldn’t handle what I was feeling. He was using me as a cum slut. His dick penetrating my tight hole going in and out, harder and faster each time. I couldn’t breathe I felt so hot. I felt scared. I felt.
Fucking Amazing.
I grasped the seat as I moaned louder and louder as he kept thrusting his shaft into me with no lube, that’s when he decided to go balls in me
“You’re mine bitch snd I’ll make you recognize that ”
He inserted with all his strength his huge shaft and balls into me. I cummed. And he kept thrusting, this time faster than ever before, he was going to cum. I was waiting for it, his shaft was hitting my womb. As I felt his shaft pulsate I thought he was about to cum. Then.
He pulled out.
“….huh? Where di-”
He slammed his cock into my rich virgin asshole. Throwing me out as I squeeled, no sounds besides a slight moan was heard from me. His warm pulsating cock finishing in my abdomen. His pulsating cock in his 16yo cum dump. He held my arms as he finishes. I laid there for a few seconds. Catching my breathe, cumming on his seat. He spanked my huge ass for that. Leaving it bruised.
“Yeah bitch. You are mine now. You lost your virginity to me. Fucking bitch, when I call you. You get here. When I need you. You get her. Understood?.”
“yes master.”
I responded in a monotone voice as my mouth was marked by him. I exited the van feeling drowsy. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and lips. Making sure to spit in my mouth and feeling my tits. A few minutes later he left. I stood there wondertwhat in the world just happened. As I looked at the time. It has been an 3 hours since I had to be home. I got a message from him that day. It was an image attachment. I realized it was a photo my me sucking his huge cock. I didn’t even realize he took his hand off me. I didn’t know.

I didn’t know. As I closed the image I could still taste his cum at the roof of my mouth. That’s when I knew. I was in love.

[To be continued]

P.S First story here so I hope it wasn’t so bad! I know I have a lot to work on but I hope this made someones day a little bit better – Jwellighton.

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      Author here. Oh I see. I wasn’t really thinking when I wrote this story out, I understand the dialogue could’ve been ALOT better and my grammar was pretty shit. I’ll make sure to keep these in mind in the continuation.

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