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My first time with sissoring lead to lot more.

When I was 12 I was over at my friend’s house she is African American. We were in her moms room fooling around she showed me her mom’s toys. We tried a few on each other, then we tried rubbing our pussy against each other. Her nappy pusdy hair felt good.

Well her mom walked in on us, we tried to cover but she assured us it wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about. She saw the toys and said she teach us how to really us them and to get us to eat each other. Loved her licking my pussy. She had me quivering. She tried to use dildo on me and I yelp when she hit my Hyman. She stop and said oh you are a virgin. said she be right back.

She came back with her 2 sons naked holding their hard dicks. She said she help us learn to please guys. She taught us how to give bjs. After a bit jaws sore she said her boys will make us women.
They got between our legs and worked their way into us a little both of us yell when they ripped our Hyman. They both came about same time in us.

My friends mom had warm wash rags and cleaned us up. We rested a bit the guy switched and we gave them bjs and got them hard. The guys then fucked us again this time was more enjoyable

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