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The Basketball Virgin

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A boy loses his virginity in a foreign land

He wasn’t much of ladies man. Not that you could really call him a man. He had just turned sixteen a couple of weeks ago.

Jayden had a couple of ‘girlfriends’ in the summer between grades 8 & 9. They used to play a game called chicken where you would see how far the other person would let you go. He had felt up the breasts of a couple girls and one dared to actually grab his penis but chickened out right way. It had been a dry spell really since then.

Jayden was a jock and hung around the cool kids in school. Although he seemed to be at the bottom of the popularity pole of the group. There was one girl in school he absolutely desired but knew Melissa was out of his league. The blonde was a year older than Jayden and hung in a group of four girls that stayed to themselves and were always together. Jayden figured he would at least flirt with one of the other girls in the group. Maybe there was a chance with one of them. No guts, no glory. Vanessa was cute too. Hopefully Melissa would get jealous and he could hook up with her. There was no progress to tell of with any of them. He was stuck in the friend zone.

His basketball team was off to the neighbouring country for a tournament. Nothing major but they would be gone for almost a week. They had to get permission to write their mid-term exams early so they could go. All the guys packed their gear and boarded the bus. Off they went not knowing what layed ahead.

The hotel they stayed at was nothing unusual. A nice pool and sauna. The guys would have fun in there in their down time. It wasn’t a big town so everything was easily within walking distance from the hotel.

Jayden was the captain of his team and the pressure was on him. Pretty much the same group of guys have been on he team for the last eight years and this was the first time that the coach had named him the captain. The caliber of play was way higher than they were used to and for the next few days they would be in a world with a different language. The team played pretty good locally but the tournament was a whole different story.

The first game was close and Jayden was named MVP for his team. They called his name and he had to go to centre court to get his award. It was a dumb cheap hat. Big fucking deal. But there was two local girls handing the hats out so at least there was that.

The second game later that day was never even close. The other team was on another level. His best friend Matt got the MVP for this game. Oddly enough they were the first two names in the program for their team. Coincidence.

That night they all went and got beer from the local grocery store. It wasn’t the first time any of them had drank beer. The guys drank a couple of bottles each but behaved. By the time their third game started the next morning, the guys knew that this would be the last game. There was no chance of moving on.

Again the team got blown out. They should have never even been there. What a waste of time and money. When it was time to give out the MVP of the game, Jayden was surprised to hear his name again. He went to receive his hat. The young lady grinned at him as he shook her hand. The opposing teams MVP took her wrist and gently kissed it. Jayden saw this and couldn’t be outdone, he turned around and returned to the pretty girl. He grabbed her head and tilted it to the side and kissed her lips to the cheers of his team and the entire crowd. The rest of the team ribbed him about it later but he figured why not though. Not he was ever going to see her again. At least he would have a story to tell.

Since the tournament was over for them, the whole team decided to go to a dance that the organizers put on. Jayden thought it would be funny to wear one of the ugly MVP hats. Most of the guys were up dancing and a few of the local fillies joined them. Everyone was having fun. When the music slowed, the really popular guys, the hot ones, paired up with some of the girls that were there. Jayden having little self esteem started walking of to the side of the room with some of the other boys. He stopped when he heard Max call for him. There was his buddy walking his way with a cute little blonde girl holding his hand and a tall brunette following behind them.

“I think she wants to dance with you.” he half whispered.

“Me?” asked Jayden

Max said, “She said the MVP”

“Sure, I guess.” was all he could think of to say.
The girl in front of him was an inch or so taller with short dark hair,a black mini skirt, knee high black leather boots, and a white buttoned blouse. She was beautiful and had a great body for someone her age. And it wasn’t like he had anybody back home that would care. It was only dancing anyway.

He tried his best to communicate with her as they danced with the limited amount of knowledge he had of her language. They mainly just swayed to the music with his hands on her hips and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Both of the teenagers could feel the sweat building from the closeness of their bodies and the nervousness. The rest of the group switched up partners once and a while, but Jayden stayed attached with his partner. He thinks she said her name was Helene.

After three slow dances, the beat picked up again. The two teens broke their grip on each other as their friends joined em on the dance floor in a circle. Everytime a slow came on Jayden and Helene matched up again. He leaned in and kissed her as they danced. Jayden wasn’t sure what to expect. He felt the warm sensation of her mouth. Helene was kissing him back. Her tongue escaped her mouth and was looking for refuge in his. Their hands moved all each other learning more than he was ever taught in school.

As the dance ended, somehow the guys talked the girls into going back to their hotel. Five of the guys paired up with five locals as they walked back. Luckily it wasn’t far from the hall. All the couples slipped into one room. Beer was passed around and it wasn’t long before the action from the dance floor resumed and was surpassed. The two beds in the room each had two couples making out on them. Jayden and Helene ended up on the floor between the beds. It wasn’t very comfortable but he was experiencing new pleasure along with the fear with it. It didn’t take long before he had her top undone exposing her perky tits inside her brassiere. She pulled it up over them giving Jayden free access to them. Like a typical teenager he started fumbling with her pants button. Helene rolled over facing away from him pulling her pants down off her ass so he could rub against it.

Throughout the noise of their own heavy breathing, they could hear the other couples rustling above them in the beds. Jayden now had both their pants down and his genitalia sandwiched between their bodies. Just as he was about to shove his cock inside her awaiting pussy, someone else wold get up and interrupt them. Time after time he was unintentially cock blocked. With one last ditch effort he took Helene by the hand and led her into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her, they picked up where they left off but now no one would stop them. Like a true captain Jayden took control. He turned her around, pushed her hands down on the toilet lid, pulled down both of their pants leaving her boots on. With a mighty thrust, his penis penetrated her outer lips and into her vagina. Jayden was no longer a virgin. He pumped as much as he could into her from behind. This new feeling of his cock inside a vagina was making his head swirl. He began to beam with confidence. Helene moved her hips back and forth to increase the the force she was getting hit with.

The pounding on the rooms outer door startled everyone. Coach had come to check in on all the rooms. The girls in the main part quickly exited the room yelling for Helene to come on. Jayden was so close he gave one last good thrust, pulled out and came on her ass. Helene pulled her pants back up, gave him a kiss and ran out the door and off into the night. Jayden walked out into the main room and the joined the rest of the guys. After a short half hearted lecture from the coach about responsibility, all the players went their seperate ways to their rooms for sleep.

The bus loaded up early in the morning for the eight hour trip home. The best part of a bus ride is you can move around throughout the trip back. It didn’t take long into the journey south until the assistant coach who was only ten years older then the team called Jayden to the back row of the bus where he was sitting. He assumed they were going to discuss the trio of games and what went wrong. He had already had ideas on how the team could get better and wanted to impress him with his strategy. But when he sat beside the coach, all he was asked about is what happened the night before in the bathroom. Jayden had impressed him afterall.

The next school day Jayden was walking down the hall after lunch when he ran into Melissa and her trio of friends.

Vanessa asked, “Is it was true that the team had a bet to see who could get laid first?”

Jayden answered honestly, “I know nothing about it.”

“I guess the you won since you were the only one” she rebutted.

Jayden knew someone from the team was spreading the word about the trip. He could only blush a little and shrug his shoulders.

The girls kept walking the other way as he heard Vanessa say, “I guess you just have to get some black knee high boots Melissa.”

He quickly spun around to see Melissa blush and smack Vanessa in the arm. “Shut up. He doesn’t know.” she loudly whispered.

That was the start of the best summer of his life with Melissa.

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