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I came on my cat (girl)

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I am 13 years old and I love masturbating. I cum at least twice a day, maybe more. actually, I’m masterbating while writing this. but this story is about how I jerked me and my cat, lily, off. I was home alone and super horny. I could feel my wet spot growing in my panties. I started to touch myself, and that’s when my cat came in. I remembered how I was watching beastiality porn earlier that day, and I had the idea of fucking her. so i put her on my bed, and started petting her while rubbing my clit. I then put her on my vagina and grinded against her until I came on her white fur. i then decided that if i cum, then so should she. so I rubbed her tail like I saw in a video until she orgasmed all over my hand. I’m a 13 year old whore. I really want to fuck all animals, and older men. I also have a fetish for fucking my dad, like one day I had a dream that me and him were home alone, and he took his cock and fucked my mouth, and then he ruined my pussy by cumming inside it. god I’m so horny

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