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Riding My Boyfriend’s Bear

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Not too long ago, for our first Valentine’s Day together, my boyfriend bought me a giant teddy bear. I’m talking about the one that’s six feet tall, with curly tan fur, a big head, cuddly body, and inviting smile. We named him Kenai after the character from “Brother Bear”. I absolutely adore him, in more ways than one as I soon found out.

Over the past couple years I got really into stuffing my holes with dildos. I bought a butt plug set to train my ass and have a couple dildos that I regularly fuck myself with. One of my dildos is a 7″ long/1.5″ wide realistic silicone cock. It looks exactly like my boyfriend’s cock and it feels so good to shove in and out of my pussy. My other one is more of a training dildo, smaller at about 5″ long/1-1.5″ in wide. My favorite thing about it though is that it’s curved at the tip to reach my G-spot and is the same red as a dog cock. Everytime I fuck myself with it I imagine that a doggy is pumping itself in and out of me.

Usually my boyfriend and I have phone sex since he’s away for work and he can’t always physically pleasure me. We’ll play a little game of Simon says and, being the submissive I am, I happily follow his every order like a good little cock slut. Luckily for me, being a good whore gets me giant teddy bears with which I have the choice between cuddling or fucking whenever I see fit.

The first night I fucked my bear with my boyfriend, I was directed to hump his crotch. The fabric on my pussy felt so good as I dragged my hips up and down, up and down, slowly and rhythmically. My boyfriend directed me to hump him faster, and to point the camera so he could see my ass bouncing up and down as he slowly stroked his cock with his hand. My pussy was throbbing, and the jiggling of my ass forced my pussy down harder on the teddy bear. It wasn’t long before I burst into a lovely orgasm. For the rest of the time, I was directed to turn around to lay with my back resting against the bear, spread my legs wide open to put my dripping pussy on display, and masturbate my clit to orgasm over and over again until my boyfriend shot his massive load all over himself.

I couldn’t help but feel like my pussy was lonely, though. I love the feeling of having a dildo shoved up my hole, and I missed it that night. So, I did what any sane slut would do and ordered a strap-on harness for my teddy bear. I had to order the largest size so it would fit around my bear’s crotch. When it was eventually delivered, I rushed to open it and fasten it to my bear. Lucky for me, even though it was a tight fit, the harness was a success!

That night, my boyfriend and I called as usual, and I proudly showed him the harness, to which I had attached my realistic dildo. It stood up straight and proud, and my boyfriend purred his delight. He told me gently to start stripping off my clothes for him like a good girl, and I happily followed his orders with a smile on my face. When I was naked and presenting my body to him, he told me to lick my fingers and masturbate while I begged him to let me see his cock. After a few moments of pleading, he finally pulled down his shorts and let his erect dick spring into action. He put his cock and balls up to the camera so I could get a full view of him. I knew that one day he’d command me to lick him clean down there, so I immediately got to practicing on my dildo.

I slowly licked and kissed the tip of the dildo, never taking my eyes off my boyfriend. I pursed my lips slightly and continued to french kiss the tip before sliding my mouth all the way down the silicone dick. I bobbed my head up and down on that cock, listening to my boyfriend coo my name, telling me what a good girl I was and to keep gagging on that fucking dick. I did what I was told with no question, my saliva lubing up the cock and dripping onto the towel I had placed under the strap-on.

Eventually my boyfriend decided that I had enough blowjob practice and commanded me to slide my pussy on that cock. I sensually lifted my mouth off the dildo and moved to straddle the teddy bear. My legs were on either side of the bear, my boobs in the teddy bear’s face (per my boyfriend’s request), and my pussy throbbing against the dildo. I reached behind me, grabbed the dildo in my hand while slowly rubbing it against my leaking cunt, and started pressing it into my hole.

My pussy is so tight that I had to lube up the dildo prior to serving it, and I was certainly grateful I had done so as it began stretching my pussy. I pushed up with the dildo as I sat my ass down on it, using gravity to my advantage as I tried to get it as far up my cunt as possible. It dragged wonderfully against my walls, and I was shivering with impatience until I’d get to fuck myself silly. Finally, I managed to shove it all the way up my cunt, the silicone balls pressing against my ass as I sat on it. Now, the fun begins.

I rocked back and forth on the cock, getting used to the size and shape before I began fucking it. I love being fucked hard and rough, so I wasted no time in rising all the way up, the tip at the entrance of my pussy, before slamming back down on the teddy bear. It felt so good having the dildo pound against my cervix. In my state of ecstasy I leaned back over the bear, motorboating his face with my D cup breasts and perky nipples.

My ass and tits bounced enticingly as I kept fucking myself. I could hear my boyfriend gasping and groaning gently in the background as he watched the dildo slide in and out of my tight pussy. I turned to look him in the eyes, and he told me to keep looking at him while I fucked myself. If I didn’t, he’d hang up and I would get to see my favorite part; him cumming to the sight of me being his good little whore.

I never once took my eyes off of him, and he continued to call me his good girl, his nasty little cumslut. I was officially in subspace at this point, my body hugging the teddy bear and my eyes rolling in the back of my head as I panted my pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building and my pussy squeezed around the cock inside me. In my stupor, I hear “I’m going to shove my cock so far inside you and dump my load all the way up your pussy. I’m gonna breed you just like the cumdump you are and you’re going to happily have my babies.” That was all I needed.

I came so hard I almost squirted all over my poor teddy bear. My pussy clenched tight around the dildo as I shook with my orgasm. I could hear grunting, and as I turned to look at my boyfriend, my body still shaking and pressed against my bear, I saw him pumping his cock furiously until he too came. The amount of hot, sticky, white cum that he shot all over his cum rag was astounding. He made a point to present it to me through the camera to let me know what a good slut I had been for him. I felt so proud to have made him cum so much. I can’t wait to feel all of it paint my insides, for him to keep cumming inside me over and over until I’m stuffed full of his baby batter.

Needless to say, I love that teddy bear and haven’t stopped riding him!

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