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Mandy’s School Trip

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Mandy is an 11 year old girl, who is very cute and sweet. She’s about 4’6 and 80lbs wet, long wavy brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a pretty round face. She looks much younger for her age, but her maturity makes up for it. She and her father Eric live alone in a duplex in the city outskirts. Her mother left when she was just 5 years old and over the years, her and Eric have gotten much closer. Closer than a father ever should be with his daughter. They sleep in the same bed at night, they snuggle watch movies on the couch, they shower together. It’s an intimate kind of love, a sexual love.

Mandy’s class was going on a to a museum that day on a Friday and Eric decided to take off work to join her. Eric is 40 years old and works from home to support him and his daughter. The money is pretty decent and his schedule is very flexible. He’s able to spoil his little girl, and spoil her he does.

“Mandy I have a couple errands to run this morning, I’ll be at your school before the bus takes off”

“Ok daddy, I’m so happy you’re coming!”

“Me too baby, I’ll see you later.” He gives her a kiss on the lips and she walks out the door and skips to the school bus. She had on a short skirt and a her iCarly tshirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Later that morning, Eric meets Mandy at her school to catch the museum bus. They make sure to sit all the way in the back. The other kids were napping or listening to music while Eric and Mandy snuggled up together. Eric set his hand on her upper thigh which turned Mandys face bright red. He slowly ran his fingers up under her skirt and began to rub her pussy. Mandy moaned quietly and laid her head back in pleasure. He rubbed her clit for about 3 minutes before she squirms in her seat and cums. She wiped herself off with a baby wipe she kept in her bag and pulled her skirt back down after coming down from her glorious high.

When the bus arrived at the museum, the driver got off and all the kids followed along, except Eric and Mandy. Eric had brought a cooler and some sodas for the kids and made an excuse to stay behind with Mandy so she can help him fill it.

“Well that took care of them, we get the whole bus to ourselves”

“I love you so much daddy”

“I love you baby girl”

Mandy sat down on Eric’s lap and the two began to kiss. It slowly turned more hot and passionate as their tongues wrestled and saliva was dripping. Eric pulled Mandy’s shirt off. Mandy doesn’t wear bras, she’s barely an A cup. Eric leans in to suck her nipples which makes Mandy moan and giggle. They were very turned on. This behavior had been going on for a while, but they had never screwed around in public before. It was a kink they were both excited to try.

After a while of fooling around, the two strip butt naked and Mandy sits on Eric’s cock. He slowly pushes deeper inside until he was nearly balls deep. His hard, thick cock was about 6 inches deep at this point. He pumps her with his cock over and over again while she rides him, the two picking up speed. Mandy’s moans got louder and louder before she started screaming in pleasure. “Ah, AH yes! Keep going daddy!!” Eric grunts and spanks his little girls ass until it turns bright red. The two are sweating at this point, and Eric stands up keeping his cock inside and Mandy hops up and down, Eric pumps her as fast as he can drilling her pussy deep while walking her down the aisle of the bus in plain view through the windows.

“Ugggh.. so fucking tight” he can feel that he can’t last much longer. His 11 year old daughter is wearing him out but Mandy continues to straddle him and she feels herself getting close as well. Just then, Eric spotted the driver coming back to the bus. Eric freaked out and stopping pumping her. He laid flat on the floor with Mandy on top of him to prevent being seen. Mandy giggled quietly and slid Eric’s cock back inside and continued riding him.

“Mandy stop, you’re going to get us in trouble” Eric couldn’t help but chuckle. Mandy kept hopping up and down on his cock. She was moaning and Eric had to cover her mouth. The bus driver was searching for his phone at the front of the bus. Luckily he found it after a minute or two and left. Eric and Mandy started laughing and Eric picked her up once more and continued to drill her young pussy. He fucked her fast and hard, they were both on the verge of cumming

“Yes daddy yes fuck me!” Mandy screams. Eric slaps her ass one more time and lets out an animalistic groan as he nuts inside his baby girl. He stands there kissing her for a minute until his cock goes limp. He pulls out and sits back down with Mandy on his lap, both their cum mixed together oozing out of her pussy and all over Eric and the floor.

“That…was… amazing” Eric barely managed to put the words together.

“Thank you daddy, you’re the best!”

“Let’s clean up before anyone sees us baby”

Mandy licks his cock clean and wipes off the floor with a paper towel. The two get dressed and share a kiss before they finish loading the soda cooler and go to join the rest of the class.

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    With all the busses having cameras maybe the driver sees what happened and gets involved, maybe even brings another young girl to share/swap

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      Maybe in Part 2 😉

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