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Black male Satisfaction

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I am Honey and I am a 25 year old housewife. my figure is 34-32-36.I was fucked by a Negro named Harry Seeing my figure, Harry went crazy and fucked me several times throughout the night in the hotel in Canada. This sex took place on the orders of my husband. I had pussy sex with a Negro only to fulfill my husband’s desire. But I didn’t know that I was going to get fucked by him again.
What happened was that after finishing our holiday in Canada , both of us were ready to go back to Melboune. But there was some problem with the Air ticket due to which it was going to take another day or two for which both of us has to stay back in Canada.
My husband had work in Melboune, so he left me at the hotel and went to the travel agent to get information about our tickets. It was going to be evening before he returned.Although he told me that it would take time. I was bored of sitting alone in the hotel, so I went out for a walk around there.
That day I was wearing a knee-length see through dress. Inside which Red bra and panty is clearly visible from outside. I wandered around for a while and went to a coffee shop to have coffee. After some time, the same Negro boy Harrywho had sex with me previously also came there to drink coffee.
He saw me and came straight and sat on my table. I was scared to see him because I thought he might say something wrong to me in front of everyone. But Harry did not do anything like that. He came like a nice man and started talking to me nicely. Seeing this attitude of his, I started talking to him a little openly.We both finished our coffee and came out together for a walk.
While roaming around, both of us went towards the back side of the hotel. There was no one at that time.Then Harry pulled me towards him. Before I could understand anything, he started kissing me. I had no idea what to do. I started trying to get away from him and somehow separated from him and started scolding him. But he was affected by sex so he started kissing me back. This time I also got carried away and started supporting him.
Within a few moments, Harry became so sexcited that he lifted me in his lap and started kissing me. During this time, I don’t know when, he put his hand inside my dress and pulled my panty off. As soon as my panty came off, I wanted to say something but at that time he had pressed my face in his lips, so I could not say anything. When I struggled, he left me and started taking my panty. I told her Harry please give my panty.
He said laughingly – If you want panties, then come to my room. Now you will get the panty there. Now I was left standing there alone, naked from below.I had become aroused by his kisses and the feeling of his thick penis in my pussy had started to feel uncomfortable. I started thinking what to do, get my pussy rubbed with it again or refuse.
Then the thought of my husband came to my mind. I called my husband and told him everything. My husband also got very sexcited and started listening to everything and said – If you want to have sex with Harry, then do it. Anyway I will be late in coming. Saying this he hung up the phone.
Here Harry had mdae me a bitch in heat and left me and on the other hand my husband had given me the freedom to get my pussy fucked by black male. So I made up my mind and decided to go to the room number given by Harry. I started getting sexcited in my mind while feeling the cool breeze of wind in my naked hot pussy.
The magic of Harry’s ten inches long and 3 inch very thick penis started playing in my mind. Pressing my lips, I started making my pussy sticky in the imagination of fucking him.In the next few moments, my steps moved towards Harry’s room.I went in front of his room and knocked on the door. Harry probably also knew that I was coming, so he quickly opened the door. I went straight inside without saying anything to him.
As soon as I went inside, I felt urinating profusely so I went straight to the bathroom. After urinating, I washed my pussy and started cleaning it with a clean towel hanging there. When I was rubbing my pussy with the towel, I was getting a tremendous sensation, so I placed one of my feet on the commode and started rubbing my pussy. Then I realized that my dress was up from behind. Before I could understand anything, Harry entered me from behind and placed his mouth directly on my pussy. He started sucking my naked pussy.
I was suddenly shocked right then. I removed my pussy from his mouth and moved it to one side. I started pretending to scold him. But Harry knew that I was just pretending. So he picked me up in his lap and threw me on the bed. Before I could say anything to him, he climbed on top of me and started kissing me. Already I was getting consumed by my lust.
After he climbed on top of me, I started getting more sexcited because while he kissing me, Harry placed one hand on my pussy and started rubbing it. Now I also started getting carried away and started supporting him. Harry understood that I had surrendered myself to him, so now he started kissing me more eagerly. Similarly, we did not even realize when both of us became naked.
Harry started kissing and licking my entire body and finally he came to my pussy. He spread both my legs and licked the clit of my swollen pussy once from top to bottom with his long tongue. His rough tongue had rubbed my pussy in a way. At the same time, the clitoris of my pussy had suddenly become hard and the touch of the tongue had made it hot.
My pussy was already becoming moist, Harry’s tongue increased the leakage of my pussy further. My ass started rising and I started itching to get my pussy licked by him. He also sharpened his entire tongue and started inserting it inside my pussy and started licking the walls of my pussy vigorously. Due to this, I became more agitated and started to feel restless like a fish out of water.
Soon both of us came into 69 position. When I held Harry’s penis in my hand, it seemed thicker and longer than the first time. Since I was no longer afraid of getting fucked by his penis, I started moving my tongue on the red glans of his penis with pleasure.
His glans had also started releasing drops of precum from its two small holes, which I was enjoying licking. I was repeatedly licking the salty nectar of his penis with my tongue and getting sucked deep inside. Then I took the penis in my mouth and started sucking it. His penis was very thick so I was not able to take more than two inches inside.
On the other hand, Harry was busy spreading my legs and licking my pussy. Today he was licking my pussy with the intention of making it a manhole from hole. Within a short time, both of us ejaculated and drank each other’s penis and pussy juice.
We both lay down on the bed panting. After some time, Harry started kissing me again in which I also started supporting him. I didn’t even realize when Harry came between my legs while kissing me and when he placed his penis on my pussy. Both of us had become so heated that neither of us was ready to step back. Then Harry gave a strong blow and his entire penis entered my pussy in one stroke. I felt a little pain, but without caring about my pain, Harry started moving his penis in and out slowly.
When I recovered, he increased his speed and started thrusting his penis into my pussy vigorously. I started feeling his penis till my uterus. I started enjoying his strokes so much that I also started trying to take the entire penis inside by lifting my ass from below.
The first round of sex between Harry and me went on for a long time in which I ejaculated thrice and at the end when Harry ejaculated, I held his waist tightly with my legs. Due to this, his entire penis reached the root of my pussy and started ejaculating. My pussy was filled with his cock juice.
Harry remained panting for a long time with his penis inserted in my pussy. Then as soon as he got up from me after negro sex, I got up and went to the bathroom and started cleaning myself. A lot of semen from his penis started dripping from my pussy. I was going to take out his semen from my pussy with my finger.
Then I put the handshower on my pussy and started trying to extract its semen by inserting a penis-shaped shampoo bottle kept there into my pussy. After some time, I cleaned my pee and pussy and started wearing my clothes. I came out and started asking Harry for my panties. But he still wanted to have more sex, so he took me back in his arms and started fucking me even after I refused. Harry fucked me three more times until my husband returned. Then I took leave from him and came to my room.
this was my getting fucked by the long thick cock of an African Negro!

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