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What a difference a skirt can make

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Trans, incest , blow job, first time, seduction

Dress up in the late 70,s

My nephew was 18 months younger than me, me being nearly 14 and him being 12

He was always a little bit effeminate in his mannerisms just wasn’t a both like the rest of us boys.

My two elder sisters decided to play dress up with him one afternoon

They went the whole way finding a little black skirt and blouse, teasing his hair into bunches and making his face up, then did a little parade of him in front of me and my friends.

He looked just like a girl, even though we laughed at him he enjoyed flouncing about and speaking in a girly voice

I was in my room when he came in still dressed as a girl,

“Do you think I’m a pretty girl? ”
he asked as I was working on my homework.

I turned to look again at him he did look like a younger version of my sister

“yes you look very pretty”

With this, he span around showing off his round panty-clad bum as the skirt lifted up.

“Do you have knickers on? ”

He nodded his head yes

“Turn around, lift your skirt show me”

He turned slowly lifting his short skirt, a white pair of my sister’s old knickers were stretched over his chubby cheeks.

I couldn’t help but whistle

“You do look like a sexy girl”

He giggled

“you think I look sexy”

I couldn’t help myself I reached out end felt his ass

He jumped a little then pushed his ass into my hand.

“yes your bum looks just like sexy young girls”

My hands were rubbing all over his tight bum, as I was doing this my cock was pressing against my shorts.

He spun around standing between my open legs. I could smell the sweet perfume on him, the Red lipstick slightly wet on his plump lips.

Both my hands were on his ass now under the skirt, squeezing his cheeks I slipped my fingers under the elastic of the knicker

“You early do look and feel like a girl, a sexy girl ”

“is that why your willy is hard, did I do that?”

Truth be told at 13 I was nearly always hard, but I said yes you did.

“Can I feel it” he whispered

His face was deadly serious, his breathing faster a flush came over his skin.

“You Can’t tell anyone if I let you OK? ”

He nodded quickly

“I promise I just want to feel it”

“Ok “I whispered

He placed his small hand on the lump in my shorts, grabbing its length.

“It’s so hard, it feels so much bigger than mine “, his hand was rubbing along it’s length

At 13 my cock was just over 4 inches and rock hard as he stroked and rubbed me.

I pulled him so he was between my legs, and his lips were slightly open, I kissed his plump lips feeling the lipstick on mine, slipping my tongue into his mouth.

His tongue came back and met mine, I felt his hand slide up my shorts leg and grab my hardness, and I let out a low moan in my throat.

We broke our kiss

“Can I see it, can I see your cock? ”

The word cock coming out of his mouth sounded so sexy, I almost jumped off the stool I was sitting on, pushing my shorts down to my ankles

Soon my naked hard cock was in his smooth hands, he started to wank me as we began to kiss again.

“Feel my ass again, it feels so good” he whispered in my mouth. I pulled his knickers down so I could let my hands roam free, his skin was so soft I ran my fingers in between the crack of his bum.

His hand was moving faster now, feeling another person’s hand on my cock for the first time, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“I’m going to shoot if you carry on doing that all over your pretty dress ”

He stepped back and bent at the waist, taking my cock in his mouth, the heat and tightness as his tongue slid over the head of my flesh, I came quickly filling his mouth.

He didn’t let go till he had swallowed every drop, licking my sensitive head, and swirling his tongue around and around.

“Were did you learn that I gasped “my heart almost blasting through my chest

He stood up licking his lips, my cock still hard in his hand

“Scout camp, wow you are still so hard, do you want to fuck me, I’ve learnt so much this summer, we can have lots of sexy fun if you like?

I pulled him close kissing him hard, my tongue invading his mouth

Oh yes I whispered into his mouth show me

, I wondered what badges he got for cock sucking!

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    Very well written. My little penis was throbbing through out the entire story.

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      Thank you 😊