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The Guy I Met Online Pt2

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One day we chatted privately online and he told me he wanted me to meet him and he would have thre of his frinds there with him,I said ok and I put on only my shorts and a top and we I met him and I got in his van and smiled, his friendswere in the back and I soon joined them I undressed and I sucked there huge dicks soon I had two of them inside of me one in my ass and the othet in my pussy and I was being fucked hard while we drove to a quit place ,they soon filed me with there hot sperm which I fell in love with ,after we arrived I was laying on the matteress resting when the third guy laid me flat and spread my legs he soon was deep inside of my pussy fucking me hard my tittes were flopping around abitas he bottomed out in my tight cervix it felt good and soon I I felt his hot sperm filling my cervix an lower stomach I enjoyed the hot feeling , he pulled out soon after and kissed me ,my guy smiled as I sucked his cock and he soon wanted to fuck my ass so I let him I felt his hard dick deep inside of mt ass fucking me and oon he unloaded his hot sperm deep in me I laid there with sperm leaking out of me and the guys happy, that day one of them got me pregnant and when he found out they all disappeared never to be heard from again and I was disowned from my family,but I still continued to love sex

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  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    You have to be very careful looking for a date online ! Years ago i tried a hook up date and when i got to the motel room the guy had a cheerleader uniform and told me to put it on, so i did ! The next thing i new he has me on my back fucking my pussy hard and fast with him holding my legs up high on his shoulders as i’m squealing and moaning ! He tells me he’s going to cum into my pussy and i begged him not to because i’m not on birth control and my cycle is inconsistent, so he pulled out and blew his load all over my face ! When i got up to change out of the cheerleader outfit he gave me a full mouth french kiss and a hard loud slap on my pouty ass !!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf26uf8

    Good girl, daddy would of treated you much better then that. filling you daily and rubbing it in your belly.