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Seduced by the homeowner

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When I was younger I worked as an appliance repair guy with Sears. While working on the dishwasher, the owner used me

I was 19 yo and had gotten a job as a Sears repair guy. I could figure out most problems with appliances, and I worked alone, which I liked. I was blonde haired, skinny, tall boy. The girls and women found me attractive.
One day I get a call to check a dishwasher at some condo. I ring the bell and there’s a good looking guy that answers. He is my height, but probably weighed 40 lbs more. He wasn’t fat at all, in fact really looked in great shape. I wasn’t gay, so wasn’t like checking him out, but just noticed him.
Hi, Tom? I asked.
Yeah, yeah, come on in. I was expecting some old fat guy with suspenders. Tom joked
No just a skinny kid.
Nice! He smiled
I was confused. But, after a moment he said, well, the dishwasher is in the kitchen.
Well, that’s good. At least it’s in the right place, i joked.
He led me to the kitchen and said, it just won’t start. Won’t do anything.
Ok, I’ll take a look.
All right, he said, I’m heading to my room to take a shower. Let me know if you want me.
It sounded like he was flirting with me the way he said it. I thought about it for a second and shook it off.
I tried running a wash cycle. Ran fine. I stopped it and put it on drain: worked. I went through all the cycles. Everything was ok.
I walked down the hall. I could hear the shower. I stepped to the bedroom door and said, Tom? Can you hear me?
No answer.
I walked in the bedroom to the open bathroom door. I stood outside and called Tom?
No answer. I stepped a little closer. I saw him in the shower. He was soaped up and was stroking a cock that was very big. Mine is about 5.5″. His was like 9. Just the size made me stop and stare.
My dick was hard. What the fuck? I turned and left. I decided to let the machine run as I waited.
A little while later, he came in the kitchen wearing a blue terrycloth robe.
You needed me? I saw you in the bedroom.
Oh yeah, I was trying to ask if this has problems all the time or intermittently. It’s running fine now.
Well, you must have magic hands.
No I just turned it on.
I bet you did. You certainly turn me on. Show me how to do it. He said.
He stepped right next to me in front of the washer.
Uh, you just pick what wash cycle you want, like this. Then choose, dryer or air dry, then push start here.
Hmmm. I did that. I think you do have magic hands. Let’s let it finish, then I’ll try it again.
Ok, I’m here for an hour minimum, so I’m good.
Oh, what if it takes longer than an hour?
Well, I said, I stay as long as it takes. One job I was there 9 hours. But, I don’t think I’ll be here long. It seems to work.
I want to be sure. I’ll pay for your time. Since you’re already here. Just keep checking. Want a beer while you work?
I wasn’t even old enough to legally drink, so alcohol sounded good.
Beer? I guess.
Unless you want something stronger.
I’ll have whatever you have.
He make two rum and cokes. I had never drank that before. It was good.
Come in here. Let’s wait for it to finish.
We went in the living room and i sat on the couch. He sat beside me. I thought that was weird. There were several other chairs around.
So, you live here with your wife? I asked.
No. I have a roommate, but he is out.
I want to get an apartment, I confessed. I’m still living with my parents. Not ideal for the sex life you know? Get a girl, take her out, Hey, want to go back to my mom’s house? I laughed.
Yeah, he agreed. When I was your age, I had a friend who came over to my parents house and we had sex all the time. My parents never suspected because we were both guys.
Oh, you’re…
Gay? Well bi actually. I have a great girlfriend. But, why limit yourself you know?
Oh, are you bi too? He asked.
No, I mean I was just saying yeah, not yeah me too.
You seem really nervous, he said as he put his hand on my leg.
Uh, yes. Yes I am.
First time with a man?
What? What was he saying? I wasn’t with a man. We weren’t doing anything. How could it be my first time?
I then noticed his big cock sticking out of the robe. He was rubbing my thigh with a huge boner. My brain was yelling get the fuck out of here. But my cock was hard in my jeans and my body said stay.
I am not gay. I said, as much to convince myself as him.
No, you already said you like girls. Me too. My girlfriend is sexy as fuck. 23 years old, redhead with great tits and ass. I can introduce you to her if you like.
Despite what my mind said, I was looking at his cock. He opened up the robe. It was shaved, circumcised, hard and huge.
You seem to like my cock straight boy.
Well, it’s just so….
So what he said as he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock.
So…big. and hard, I said slowly as I stroked up and down the shaft. I can use my whole hand to do this. I use two fingers on mine. It’s so small compared to yours.
Without thinking about it, I was stroking his cock up and down.
I kept stroking as I said, But, I’m not gay.
Dude, nobody is here to hear you say that. Nobody cares what you do here. This is a safe zone where you can do anything you want and nobody will ever know. It won’t make you gay. You will still fuck girls. You’re still you. Do you want to leave?
I stroked him a little faster. No. I want to stay.
Good. You’re really sexy. Can i see your cock?
It’s not nice like yours, I insisted.
Show me. He said.
I reluctantly let go of his cock, stood up and pulled off all my clothes. My cock sticking straight up.
Mmmm you look delicious.
With that he leaned forward and took my dick in his mouth. He sucked it like no girl ever had.
Oh god! That feels good.
Come with me, he said. He led me down the hall to his room. I followed with my hand in his, like a bride heading to her wedding bed.
My mind was empty. I shut down all thoughts. At the edge of the bed he turned, took me in his arms and hugged me. I had never felt a man’s hug like this. He then kissed me. There was a moment when I thought it was wrong to kiss a boy. But, as soon as the thought came, it was gone. It was just lust. I kissed him back. Passionately kissed him again and again. I didn’t care about anything but him. This is my safe zone. Here I can do anything. I felt his hands caressing me and I loved it. I loved him. I wanted to give myself to him.
Yes Tom. Make love to me, i whispered in his ear as I kissed him.
He layed me on the bed and continued to make out with me. He was playing with my little cocklette and soon had his finger in my ass. One of my girlfriends had used a strap on with me a few months before, so while I had never been with a man, My butt wasn’t technically virgin.
He grabbed some lube. I raised my legs up and held them by my head giving him wide access.
Ooh, looks like you are ready for me. He said.
Yes, I think I have been looking for you for a long time, I said. I want this.
He lubed my ass and his big tool. Then climbed between my legs and started kissing me again. As he did so, he pushed the head of his cock inside me. Oh it hurt and felt great. He held it a moment until my ass relaxed. Then pushed in a few. Inches. He paused then a few more, until he was all the way in me. I looked him in the eyes and said, fuck me, Tom. I love your huge cock in me. Fuck me like a little girl.
He started fucking my tight ass. After about 10 minutes he pulled out. I felt a huge void. No, i begged, please keep fucking my hole.
He told me to flip over. I was face down and ass up. He slid back in and started fucking me deep and hard. I was moaning. Oh, fuck yes! Fuck my ass! I’m a faggot! Oh, fuck I love men. I love cock inside me. Fuck me harder, deeper.
Soon he said, oh, I’m going to cum.
Cum in my mouth, I said. He pulled out and I quickly spun around. He rammed his dirty cock in my mouth and I sucked like a 5 dollar whore.
He exploded in my mouth and I swallowed it all. I could taste my shit on his cock as well as the salty cum. I was so aroused, I didn’t care. I wanted more.
I loved that! I want more.
Well, give me a few. Let’s go shower, then go from there.
I went back several time in the following days to try to fix his dishwasher. I met his girlfriend and the three of us fucked.

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  • Reply Paul ID:7ylvhgj6ia

    I’m mexican with a 7 in thick hairy cock if anybody wants some.

  • Reply Just me 99 ID:14grs915t0i

    For me it was hairy Mexican furnace repairmen. 1 in his 20’s and the other a big hairy and fat in his mid 60’s. I got caught watching the young one take a piss in the mirror. Next time he want to do it I did the same. When I turned back into the room his pants were open and had a big hairy monster in his hands. I turned back and the young one had is pants off. I spent and afternoon taking care of them. The next night they can back for me,

    • [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

      Sounds great. I bet you liked it. Tell me more

    • Just me 99 ID:14grs915t0i

      At the time I was was about 40. It happened a few times after then more with the older one few a year or so. I loved to make love to the older ones hairy cock and balls. But of all was his hairy asshole.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    A big, hairy assed guy came once to fix my central heating. Wow! Did he do a good job!

    • Just me 99 ID:14grs915t0i

      Was his back and asshole hairy? What did you do? Did you eat his ass?

  • Reply Glizzy ID:1fuum2a6t09

    I wish somebody could do this to me

  • Reply scott ID:1djqi9fr8xxu

    Damm sounds great i know you had fun i wish I was there you lucky fucker