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Love making with my daughter

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Forbidden love between a father and his 14 year old daughter

I’m sitting in the hallway, dressed in just shorts, with a drink, scanning the tv when Nia, my 10 year old girl, strolls in.

‘Hey beautiful.’

‘Good morning daddy.’

‘Come sit.’

And a minute later we’re discussing babble talk. My wife walks in meanwhile.


‘Hey lazy man. Are the groceries gonna walk in?’

Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful. I mean come on how else is my daughter like this pretty, certainly not from me, but now I love to hate her.

‘See Mommy hates daddy.’

Nia turns to her saying, ‘Bad momma,’ in my defence, while she clutches onto me. I pry her tiny fingers off me, grabbing the car keys.

‘The same list huh?’ I ask my wife.

‘Yeah…’ my wife tries to respond but Nia seems to have her attention, ‘Nia stop bothering me and go finish your schoolwork. Go.’

I shrug and leave. Half an hour later I’m back in a good mood and plonk the bags on the table, looking for my wife. I see her busy on her laptop, some random online meeting. I turn her video off and embrace her neck, rubbing my semi-hard dick on her shoulder.

‘Are you seriously doing this? Get off me.’

I step back hurt. She switches the video back and turns to me. I did see a blushing smile but I guess she’s not up for it. Still she’s not that bad and tries to soothe me.

Caressing my limp dick she whispers, ‘I’m sorry but please, not now. I’ll make it up to you later ok?’ She glanced back at her screen once to make sure she wasn’t visible, strained her neck forward to kiss me down there as a mental assurance and patted the surface.

‘Now go play with our daughter. She’s on another level of madness today.’

‘As you wish.’ Am I disappointed? Fuck yeah, but of late I’ve got better at handling it, especially when I discovered something else to satisfy me.

‘So how long will this meeting go for?’

‘Oh, not long. An hour at the most.’ Which means it will definitely be more than that and that gave me enough of a chance. Knocking on Nia’s door, I announced myself.

‘Nia, daddy’s here.’ My daughter gave the biggest smile of the day to me, while I returned it, just as I finished locking the door to her room.

‘Be quiet, ok? Don’t scream like last time.’ Dont get too excited, I had just shown her my cock then, out of some bizarre and dumb courage. And turns out she liked seeing it.

Nia nods her head while getting on all fours, her chin raised up, her eyes waiting with anticipation at my reveal and I was throbbing with excitement at what she was going to see.

I slowly removed my shirt. While taking my shorts off, I decided to tease my daughter and turned back. Completely removing it, I threw it away but still stood facing away. Seeing her expectant face though, gave me no more than mere seconds before I turned. Her gaze shifted and her eyes widened, but instead of shouting, she gleefully clapped as I turned sideways to expose myself fully to her.

You see I had shaved my pubic hair completely, leaving nothing while rubbing mustard oil to make it glisten for over a week and the final result was in front of my daughter, something which even my wife hadn’t yet seen. A completely bald pubic area with my dick pointing outward, the foreskin giving my penis a pointed spear like shape.

‘It’s so beautiful without hair.’ Nia commented.

‘Isn’t it? You think your mom will like it?’

‘She will also see this?’ she asked, almost feeling betrayed.

‘Yeah I doubt that’s happening anytime soon, but come on let’s forget about her for now.’ I play with her for a while, still completely naked, often rubbing my flowing precum over my shaft while talking to my daughter or breaking into a dance where I would rest my dick on her small face, cracking her up all the while or shocking her with my actions.

‘Nia hold it like this, yes.’ I make her wrap her fingers around my enlarged member.

‘What should I do next?’

‘Nothing…just be still. Hmm… uh… yeah.’ Making her sit between my legs, with mine around her, I raise myself up and lower down while the whole time my preteen daughter’s hands grip me. I always try to avoid eye contact with her, for the last time I did, I almost broke down. It was too much, seeing my daughters naked eyes as i used her innocence to satiate me sexually.

So as usual I was turning away from her face when I felt her pull on my dick. I hesitated but dared to look and there she was, daring me to look at her, except she was smiling, with her cute head tilted to the side. This time I was into it, not feeling guilty instead overwhelmed with emotion.

‘Oh my…’ my head fell back as I slowly stroked myself on her still hands and then I bent forward, staring deep into her eyes.

Nia pressed against my forehead, boring her gaze into mine. I faltered and looked at her lips, then without thinking much I held her face in my hands, like a guy does with his lover and passionately kissed her mouth, her lips. She allowed my tongue to enter her mouth and in fact swallowed it, as I navigated inside her wet mouth, savouring her saliva and baby teeth against my probing tongue.

Down under I was still fucking against her small fingers and I was amazed to see my daughters obedience, as she barely moved. I parted from her mouth and she blinked at me, waiting for a while before wiping her mouth on her shoulder. I lost control and fell back on her mouth, stunning her momentarily before she regained herself. I groaned against her watery lips as I began to come, my dick pointed straight at her throat. I made noises while our foreheads were pressed together and I briefly felt the splatter of the gooey white liquid hit my daughters neck and stream all the way down on her dress.

I was spent but my daughter hadn’t lost her energy and was enthusiastically playing with my semen. The sight was something like this: imagine a little, attractive girl child, with a cute ponytail (or two) sitting on the floor, licking away on spilt butter from her hands, dress, legs and even the floor. That was what I had the good fortune of witnessing.

But she didn’t lick it or taste it, instead starred as every drop of it, when touched with her fingers, left a marked trail in the air. She smiled everytime she found a new droplet on her and in no time she had made a mess of her entire arms, my semen staining almost every inch of her. She looked at me and I gestured to her by mimicking a licking motion at her elbow from where a drop was dangling. And she did.

And she looked at me weird as she held it in her mouth, struggling to swallow it and when she finally did, I was never more proud of her. If she liked it or she pretended to I wasn’t sure, but almost immediately she began to clean herself, as she spread her legs and licked her arms clean of my come. I stood up and grabbed my phone, to take a picture of her like that. After I did and admired the photo and the real life doll, I saw her crouching to lick the drops on the floor.

‘Ay, no. don’t do that.’

Nia stood back, resting on her knees as she looked at me confused. I bent down to use the tip of my finger to lift the largest drop and fed it to her mouth, which she latched onto like a hungry cub. Just as I was about to dress her up, the door began to rattle and I stood up in alarm and shushed Nia, who playfully mimicked me as she kept a finger on her lips.

𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙮𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙨 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙧…

Nia is almost 15 now. Time passed, no it flew by actually. I couldn’t do those things with her anymore, I realised. It did affect me but I grew over it. At least I believe so. We also lost that deep connection we had before. Not that she’s close to my wife, but generally she’s aloof now. She’s now chubbier, not too fat, but kind of cute in that manner and no, that hasn’t stopped my attraction for her and I don’t think it ever will. Right now, as I repair a small leak in the bathroom, I think about all the times I was naked with Nia, right there. Her voice comes up from behind me as she scares me and I fumble with a spanner.

‘You spoiled rat! Don’t do that again. I’m old now. God!’

I still smile at her though as she raises one leg up, covering her mouth with the front of her palm as she giggles. She flicks her hair over her shoulder as she tries settling down, but as she comes near me she bursts into another round and holds her head over the towel she’s clutching.

‘Calm down, you animal. You’ll wake your mom. What’s so funny anyway?’

‘You’re funny. Daddy.’ I stopped working and turned to her. Her tone as she said that seemed too ‘forced’ like it was meant to be noticed. She looks at me like she’s anticipating a reaction.

‘What?’ she asks.


She shakes her head, ‘When are you going to finish? I’ll be late-uh.’

‘Ugh, stop saying that, for your old man’s sake.’

‘What’s the ‘uh’ part?’

‘Yeah.’ Nia pulled on my arm, making me look at her as she stuck her tongue out to annoy me.

‘And you’re not an old dad.’

‘Definitely old enough to be tired of your antics, don’t you think?’

‘But if only we talked more, you would’ve been used to it by now.’ she made a valid point, but she had no idea that I still harbored sexual feelings for her. How could I make conversation with her when her presence made my cock hard? Also I wonder if she retains those memories from her childhood of what we did or if she had mentally locked it away as something traumatic. I tried to leave, but Nia blocked my path. She was reaching to my chest now so I couldn’t just casually walk over her like I used to, so I had to stop.

‘What now?’

‘Lets talk.’

‘Don’t you have school?’

She slapped her forehead in annoyance, ‘Well naturally, after school dad. Ok?’

‘Fine. Now go do your bath or whatever.’

She stepped past me and as I was gathering my tools, I saw her remove her oversized shirt which was the only thing she was dressed in and got a good look at her body. Even though she was in her bra and panties, her shape was mesmerising. From just a pinprick on her chest to actually fully developed breasts which hung on her bra material and her voluptuous teenage thighs with those panties that struggled to cover her pelvic area, and her dainty little feet, closed in together appropriately shaped to suit her size with those brightly painted red toenails, hit me like a train as i froze in rapture. She flung her shirt aside and turned to take the towel, her eyes falling on me.

She yelped in surprise but her reaction soon calmed down, as she closed her eyes, smiling at the scare I had given her, her hand comforting her chest. I just acted like I hadn’t noticed and walked away like a dumbass, muttering an apology and stood in the stairs. The bathroom door clicked shut after several minutes, time that i think Nia was probably wondering as well as I was as to what the fuck had happened.

After school, like she had said, she dropped onto me in her school uniform, smelling of sweat and perfume. ‘Go change Nia.’

‘No, I’m tired.’ she yawned at me with an open mouth and hugged my neck, breathing into my skin.

‘I know I smell dad, but please just for a while.’ I weakly smiled at her and she took that as a yes, as she settled into my shoulder, occasionally adjusting herself against me as she snuggled on me. As I thought she was slipping into a sleep, she asked me a question, which from her side I think required tremendous guts.

‘Dad, why did you stop doing those things we used to do in the playroom?’

I stopped stroking her back and answered, ‘When did we have a playroom?’

‘Oh, for efs sake dad. Ok my room.’ she had raised her head ramrod straight, as she looked confrontingly at me.

‘Why?’ She pestered me.

‘I don’t know what to say. Are you angry?’

‘Well…no. I’m just not sure why you did…’

‘Look i made a horrible mistake…and i…


‘…thought you had forgotten about it and…’

‘Daddy listen…’

‘…I am trying to keep my distance now, so…’

‘Dad!’ I stopped as she shouted in my ear. I pushed her back, but Nia held onto my chest.

‘What, what?’

‘I liked it.’ I didn’t say anything to that for a while, as I remained in a trance at her words. I searched her eyes and felt the familiar feeling of staring back into the ones of the same child in that room. Nia looked up at something and stiffened.

‘Mom’s here.’ She tried to get off me but I held her. She looked at me with a question and raised her shoulders.

‘It’s ok. Don’t move..’ Nia was unsure but she didn’t complain as my wife walked in.

‘Hey kiddo.’

‘Hi mom.’ Nia responded with a smile.

Nia’s smile evaporated as soon as I snuck a hand into her shirt and fondled her boobs. She looked at me and then at my wife, several times while I drooled over my daughter’s softness.

‘Dad, stop. Mom will see.’ she giggled as i pulled her closer to smell her hair and kissed the ends of her lower lip which were quivering much like mine.

‘Nia stop playing with your father and change.’

‘I will mom,’ she said loud enough to hear, while whispering, ‘once dad stops touching me.’

I smiled at her attitude, making me confident enough to lower my shorts and let my cock out. Nia immediately closed her mouth with her hand in shock and looked at me with widened eyes.

‘Dad! You’re absolutely crazy.’ she says to me all the while grinning.

‘Shh. Touch it. Please.’

‘You don’t have to say please…’ I feel Nia’s hesitance as she slowly traces her fingers over my shaft, very slowly peeling off the foreskin to reveal my cock head. She looks at me open mouthed as she sees the pink head and I groan in approval. Without further questions she starts stroking my cock, while keeping an eye out for my wife.

‘Daddy,’ she laughs while observing my reactions, ‘you’re so wet, like how a girl gets.’

‘I’m sure you are too.’ she nods and goes back to giving me a smooth handjob.

‘But dad we really need to stop or else…’

‘What are you two talking about?’ my wife had just walked into the hall again, from upstairs. Nia looks at me to say something, but I shrug.

‘Go on Nia. tell her.’

‘Not…nothing mom. We’re just talking about school’ nia angrily jerked hard on my erection and I bit myself to stop yelling. She somehow managed to prevent my wife from crossing the couch where we were, all the while furiously jacking me off, my sweet teenage daughter.
After my wife went away, I held Nia’s free hand.

‘I’m gonna cum.’ Nia looked petrified for a moment before something struck her, she rushed to get something from her bag and offered it to me.

‘Do it in this.’ she had given me her plastic water bottle that she took to school.


‘Yes. I’ll hold it dad. Finish into it.’ seeing my obvious look of confusion, she explained, ‘I want to practise ok dad. Swallowing? It’s been sometime now. The water will dilute it. Don’t you want to see me drink it like that?’ honestly that thought hadn’t occurred to me but now it was appealing enough.

A few pulls later, with her glistening fingers on my cock, I started to come and Nia carefully placed the bottle in such a way that my streams went directly into them. And then in front of me, she closed the bottle, shook the white liquid with the little water in there, mixing them thoroughly. Then she opened it, and was beginning to look inside when I held her hands.

‘Don’t look. Don’t smell. Just drink it.’

‘Okay.’ she said it dragging and looked at me for one last time before tipping her head back, to drink the contents without stopping. I caressed her throat as she gulped down every last drop. After finishing, she waited with a raised hand and began to gag reflexively. She laughed at her reaction.

‘You used to do that even when you were small.’ I said.

‘Aww. I really thought I would get used to the taste.’ she said looking at the bottle like it was somehow it was because of it that she didn’t enjoy swallowing.

‘You will.’ I got up, lifting my shorts up. ‘With practice.’

During dinner that same day, I asked her to wear a skirt or loose bottoms with no panties, and for the entire time, I kept playing with her pussy. My wife declared that our daughter had gone insane, as she kept bursting into nervous laughter every time I touched her.

With no further inhibitions before us, I decided to pay a visit to Nia during the night. I knocked at her door before bedtime.

‘When do you sleep nowadays?’ I asked her when she opened.

‘Not much actually. I text a lot.’ she said sheepishly.

‘Well though I’m not happy about it, I guess you are pretty much used to not getting much sleep then, huh?’ she shook her head softly.

‘Keep your door open after 10.’ Nia’s face beamed with joy and she blushed.

As I asked her to, I saw the door open after 10 and crept in, shutting it behind me.

‘Nia? Nia, are you asleep or what?’ I asked because the room was dark and she wasn’t at her table.

‘No dad. I’m here.’ I saw her hand reach out from beneath the bedsheets and switch on the table lamp, which gave enough light just for the bed. Nia extended her beautiful legs and sat on the edge.

‘You’re naked.’ she said, her eyes falling on my cock.


Nia slowly lifted her shirt from her body, underneath which was nothing and after making herself nude for me, she sat back to look at me. I wiggled my way to her, making her blush in awkwardness to see her dad like this. I embraced her and made her fall on her bed along with me, as we began to kiss passionately. I had imagined her to be much more accommodating to my size, but as I got closer I realised she was still small in bed to me and that turned me on so much that I smothered my daughter’s face with kisses, making her flinch and take cover. We settled down after a minute of teasing. I went back to kissing her boobs, while draping a leg over her thighs.

‘Umm..daddy, your leg is hairy. It’s ticklish.’

I pulled her face to me and kissed her forehead, following which she felt silent. I lifted my dick up, searching for my daughter’s pussy and on finding it, began to rub on the surface, getting her ready for my intrusion. She began to stiffen a bit, so I caressed her bum to make her feel easy.

‘Sweetheart. It’ll be fine, ok. Trust me. We’re gonna enjoy this.’

Nia’s head nod was what I needed to proceed with my act. Still wanting to make sure she didn’t utter too many sounds, I cupped her mouth and thrusted my hip, after having carefully placed it at her entrance. It took a few tries, all the while as I deepened myself into my daughter, her eyes widened with tears and she panted into my hand.

‘Oh! Oh God! That’s beautiful.’ I exclaimed as I went completely inside her vagina, lodged in that deep intimate part of her. I hugged Nia who did it back and we kissed before I slowly started to fuck her.

I didn’t make powerful thrusts yet, as I wasn’t sure how long I would last inside her and wanted to make it equally pleasurable to my daughter. So I began to play with her body, locking her legs against mine, leaving no space between us as I strummed her pussy lips. My lips were open like hers, mimicking her breathless expressions as we continued to make love. With the passing of more of my penetration into her, Nia surrendered to me, taking rest on my shoulder, her hands squeezed against my chest as she shifted periodically while I fucked her.

I heard her moaning intensely for a while and realised she was having an orgasm. I kissed her head, bringing her fingers to my mouth as I licked them like a hungry dog and she began to shiver. She shivered so much that she was forced to part away from me and my cock left her, as she slept on her back her entire self in a deep state of pleasure, her hips rising, her chubby abdomen falling while she cupped her own mouth with her eyes closed as she began to come. I glanced down to see her wetting the bed with her streaming fluids and I helped her, gently squeezing on her pussy lips. Nia kept a hand on mine, shaking vigorously not to provoke her orgasm further, but I didn’t stop and instead squeezed harder, at which her lower body rose, convulsing almost and she tumbled to her side, away from me.

I got behind her and in a fluid motion entered her from behind. Nia gasped loudly as I did this and she pushed against my body, but there was no stopping me now. I gently pulled her neck backwards to me, licking her ear, her neck as I comforted her.

‘Just a few more, Nia. You’re doing so good. I love you for this and I will forever.’

Nia weakly responded while I began to increase my thrusts on her more savagely than before and she bent forwards, resigning herself as she began to moan loudly.

‘I can’t believe we’re having sex, daddy….ahahhh…ooooo….mmmm.’

‘You have no idea how long I’ve dreamt about this.’

‘Come inside me, daddy.’

Her words made me lose my edge. I closed my eyes and went fully inside Nia causing her to scream in surprise, as I began to shoot my cum inside her for a full minute. After that, as I thought of leaving her for the night, Nia mentioned that she had no school tomorrow and thus we ended up having sex for the rest of the night, for almost eight hours and I impregnated her nearly four times, not worrying about the consequences.

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