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I shut my little sister up – she kicked my ass

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She never learns. But she did beat the crap out of me which I admire. Good for her. But it will only make it worse.

She never fucking learns.

It was a Wednesday and mom was out shopping again, leaving me to look after the little bitch, I was in my room enjoying my Xbox game with my friends online, thankfully Kayla was downstairs keeping the hell out of my way for once.

Kayla had quiet entered my bedroom and snuck up behind me, I didn’t hear her come in because I had my headset on and I was yelling at my mates having an exciting game, something hit me really hard on the back of the head and I fell to the floor holding my head, it fucking hurt, when I turned around I saw Kayla standing behind my gaming chair holding a large thick piece of wood in her hands and she had it hoisted in the air, “What the fuck, Kayla!” I snapped, she stepped around my chair and hit me on the arm with the piece of wood.

“I hate you.” She screamed over and over, as she continued to hit me with the wood, really fucking hard, over and over again.

I tried to block the wood from hitting me and move away from her but she was surprisingly strong and kept hitting me with it, she hit my legs, my feet, my back and my arms, one of her swings hit me on the mouth and cut the side of my lip, “What the fuck.” I screamed.

I eventually managed to scurry away from her but she followed me, swinging the stick around and screaming, “I hate you!”, she hit me hard on the knee, that really fucking hurt, I managed to grab the stick on one of her swings and rip it out of her hands, she immediately turned and ran out of the room, I got to my feet and went downstairs to the kitchen, I was cut and bruised all over and it was painful to walk, but I made it and got the first aid kit out of the cupboard.

I opened the kit and after wiping my bloody lip and put a plaster over the cut and just leaned against the counter, I couldn’t believe what that little bitch just did, I was really pissed now, I saw some white bandage tape in the first aid box and it gave me an idea, I slipped the tape in to my pocket and went upstairs.

Kayla was in the bathroom by the sink washing splinters out of her hands, I snuck up behind her, just like she did to me, she caught my reflection in the mirror above the sink and jump, at that same moment I grabbed her from behind and put one arm around the waist and the other around her head with my hand over her mouth and I lifter her off the floor, holding her tight against my chest, she was wiggling, trying to pry my arms off of her and kicking her legs in the air.

“No you’ve done it.” I shouted, as I carried her kicking and screaming back to my room, I went inside and kicked closed the bedroom door and took her over to the bed, I pinned her to the floor with my hand holding her wrists behind her back and my knees on her legs, “Let go.” She screamed.

I used the bandage tape to secure her wrists together and I removed her shorts and panties, I then picked up the piece of wood off the floor and laid it horizontally across her back, I bent her legs up at the knee and taped her ankles, one at each side of the wood, like she was frog tied, I put my arms under her and then flipped her over.

“Let me go.” She cried.

“I’m starting to think you enjoy this because you’re always doing your best to piss me off even though I’ve told you a thousand times what will happen.” I said.

She looked angry, trying to force back her tears to look tough, “I hate you.” She growled.

“Good.” I replied, putting bandage tape over her mouth to shut her up, then I rubbed her pussy vigorously and flicked her clitoris with my thumb, she protested, but I could tell she was loving it, the little bitch liked it rough, I could tell, she just would never admit it, I banged my cock against her moist pussy and then I pushed it inside her tight little hole, “Argh.” She grunted, her legs being taped apart really opened her up and I was sliding my cock in and out of her with ease.

I put my hands up her top and rubbed her nipples while I hammered my cock into her, I pulled out of her and flipped her over on to her front, I held on to the edges of the wood and hoister her up in to the air, then I forced my cock in to her ass hole and fucked her in the ass while she squealed in to the carpet.

After a few minutes I was going to shut her up proper, I pulled out of her ass and slapped her butt cheeks really hard, it left a red hand shaped rash on her ass, I picked her up off the floor and put her on her back on to my bed with her head hanging over the edge, I pulled off the tape from her mouth, “Oouch!” she screamed when I ripped it off, “Open.” I said, holding my cock in front of her mouth.

She shook her head, “No.” she cried.

I grabbed her mouth and chin, “Open your fucking mouth.” I shouted, she closed her eyes and started to weep as she reluctantly opened her mouth wide, I slipped my cock in to her mouth, her tongue was nice and soft and warm, I fingered her pussy while sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, soon all the fucking of her pussy and ass and now the sucking I was about to come.

I started pushing my cock further in to her mouth, her head was tilted all the way back and I had perfect access to her throat, she started to gag as my cock tickled her throat, then I thrust myself in to her mouth, as deep in to her throat as I could, my balls were resting on her eyes, she coughed and gagged as my spunk fired out, coating the sides of her throat, when I was empty I pulled out and she gulped and coughed.

When I was finished I rubbed her hot wet pussy one last time and then turned her so she could rest her head on the bed, I’m not completely heartless, “How’d that taste?” I asked, laughing at her and gloating about fucking her annoying little mouth.

“I hate you.” She said, and she turned her head to look away from me.

I got some scissors from my school bag and cut off the tape, I carefully pulled out the piece of wood from behind her back, and then I straightened her legs for her and helped her put her panties and shorts back on, “Why do you make me do this?” I asked, “All you have to do is stop being so annoying and I won’t do it anymore.” I added.

She didn’t answer me, after putting her shorts back on she spun herself around and got to her feet and headed towards the door, “Fuck off.” She said softly, as she walked out of my room, rubbing her sore ass.

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