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My uncle and aunt teach me about sex

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They need to be old enough to have a decent sized cock but young enough to be able to fuck, over and over and over. The perfect age for a guy to be at his peak is from about fourteen to twenty.

My name is Gloria. I’m a forty year old white woman who has never been married or had any kids. That does not mean that I don’t like guys. Just the opposite, I like lots of guys. I have probably fucked over two hundred.


My sex life started before I was fourteen. I went to stay with my uncle and aunt while Mom and Dad took a two week cruise.

On the second day, uncle Rick told me that they usually lounged around the house nude, and asked me if I would be OK with them doing it while I was there. They said it would be OK if I wanted to join them, but that I did not have to. I thought about it for a minute and then said that I was fine with it. Actually, the thought of seeing Rick naked had me excited. He was about five years younger than my father and really attractive. His body was really toned.

Within a couple minutes of my saying OK, they were both naked. I saw that Rick was hung, and his limp dick was the size of a bun length hotdog. I kept my clothes on.
“That feels so good.”, Rick said. “Remember that you are welcome to join us, if you want.” I looked at Rick’s body and blushed when I saw that he watched me looking at him. I saw that Phyllis had a great body, also. She was slim and I guessed that she maybe had about 32-C breasts that hardly sagged.

About an hour later, I went into the kitchen to get a soda. Rick and Phyllis were standing in the middle of the room. They were kissing. Her tits were pressed tightly against his chest and she was stroking his cock, which was no longer limp. It was only an inch or a little more longer than it had been when it was limp, but it was twice a thick and stood straight out. When they saw me, they just smiled. I turned and went to my room.

I lay in my bed, rubbing myself for an hour, thinking about what I had seen that day, before I fell to sleep. I was ten when I first found out that rubbing myself between my legs felt good.

The next morning, Phyllis called me for breakfast. I dressed and went to went to the kitchen. Phyllis was wearing just an apron as she stood in front of the stove cooking bacon and eggs. Rick was close behind her, rubbing his dick against her ass. His hands were around her and under her apron, squeezing her 34-C tits.

“Good morning Gloria. I hope you slept well. Breakfast will be ready in just a couple minutes.”

I turned and hurried back to my room. After a minute of thinking, I decided what I wanted to do. I stripped out of my clothes and went back to the kitchen, naked. “Let’s eat.” I did feel a little nervous and shy.

Rick smiled at me, “We’re glad you decided to join us.” He walked over and gave me a light kiss on the lips. I felt his hard cock touch my stomach. I got a funny tingling feeling between my legs.

That day went by rather quietly. In the evening, we were all sitting in the living room, naked. Rick and Phyllis were on the couch and I was in a chair. We were watching TV.
Phyllis pointed at the couch cushion on the other side of Rick. “There’s room for three on the couch.”

My naked right side was pressing against my uncles naked left side. Aunt Phyllis reached down and started stroking Rick’s cock. I half watched TV and half watched what she was doing. Then she took her hand off his cock, reached over and gently pulled my hand to Rick’s cock. “Go ahead, Gloria, you will both enjoy it.” I started stroking my uncle’s cock. It did feel good. It was warm. It had a loose outer skin that slid up and down the ridged inner shaft. I could have put both hands around it and the tip would have still peeked out, just a little bit. He leaned over and kissed me. This time it was not just a little smooch. I kissed him back.

Rick stood up, took me by the hand and led me to his and Phyllis’s bedroom. She followed us. We stood next to the bed. He held me in his arms and kissed me long and hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth. Phyllis sat in the chair next to the bed and started rubbing herself between her legs.

Rick bent down and started sucking the nipples on my 30-A breasts. My next bra was going to be a B cup. He first sucked one and then the other. It felt nice. My nipples grew and hardened. Rick picked me up bu my waist and tossed me on the bed. He pulled my legs apart and put his face against my pussy. “I see that you are starting to get a few pubic hairs. You are definitely a young woman now.” That comment made me feel good.

His tongue slipped between my outer lips and found my clit. He firmly licked back and forth across it and down to my sex hole. I moaned and pushed up against his face. It felt much better than when I rubbed myself.

After several minutes, I started to get very wet down there and I was breathing hard. Rick moved up and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips, but there was not much taste. His lips and the area around them was wet with my juices. He took his erection in his hand and found my opening. He slipped in, spreading me open, until he felt the resistance of my maidenhead. “Are you ready? This might hurt at first.” I nodded, yes, and took a deep breath and held it. My uncle pushed in, firmly but gently, till my cherry gave way. It did hurt, but not as much as I expected. I let out the breath that I was holding in and said, Ouch.”

Rick slowing entered deeper into my love tunnel till he had more than half of his manhood in me. He paused and waited for me to be ready and then started slowly in and out. The pain had stopped. It was an amazing feeling. Each push got a little deeper, until he was fully in me. Then he started picking up speed and power.

I moaned, “Oh. That feels nice. I like it. Do it. Fuck me, uncle Rick. Don’t stop.” He didn’t stop. He was now pounding me hard. He fucked me for what felt like forever, but must have really been about five minutes. I felt an intense feeling building between my legs and in my mind. I started rapidly pushing up to match his thrusts as he stroked down into me. I felt his balls bouncing against my ass. I tensed up and screamed out, “Yesssss.” I knew it was an orgasm. I had given myself many, but this so much better and stronger.

A few more strokes and I heard him growl. He pushed as deep into my cunt as he could and held himself still. I felt his cock swell and contract, several times. His warm, wet fluids flowed into me. He stayed right there for a minute and then rolled off and lay next to me. He kissed me again and I returned the kiss.

I saw Phyllis get up from the chair and come over to the bed. She put her face between my legs and started kissing and licking my messy pussy. She kept at it till I orgasmed again. It felt good, but not as good as the one Rick had given me. Then she rolled over to her husband and sucked his cock clean.

“This bed is big enough for all three of us, if you would like us to.”

“Not tonight. Maybe another time.” I went back to my room for the rest of the night.

Over the next week and a half, we had sex many times. Sometimes it was just Rick and me, and some times it was the three of us. They showed me many different positions. I really liked the doggie position. I also learned that I really liked sucking cock and swallowing Rick’s cum.

One time, when Rick was at work, Phyllis and I spent much of the afternoon together in bed. She showed me 69. I was on my back and she was on top of me. We each had our heads toward the other’s feet and were licking each other’s pussies at the same time. We each had multiple good orgasms. That was also the first time she pushed a finger into my asshole and finger fucked it. “One day you need to feel a nice hard cock in there. I really like it.” It sounded gross to me, but I had liked everything else they had taught me.”

It was three days before my parents were to be back home, when Phyllis told me that they were going to have some friends over that night. She said that it would be a sex party and I had my choice of staying in my room or joining the party. I thought for a minute and replied, “Count me in.”

People arrived for the party. There were four other couples and two guys without dates. There were hugs and kisses all around, as the guests arrived. It was not long before everyone was naked. The ages went from about twenty-five to maybe just shy of forty, with the exception of one guy who looked older. I was kissed and groped by almost everyone I was introduced to. Many compliments were given me about my firm young body. I knew it was going to be a busy evening.

Phyllis took me by the hand and lead me over to a man who looked to be close to 50. His hair was turning gray at the temples and he had a noticeable tummy. “Gloria, this is Don. Don, Gloria. Don is the best pussy eater I know. He’ll work your clit and both holes with his long hard tongue till you gush all over his face. While he eats you out, I’ll be sucking his cock. It’s not huge and not as hard as it used to be, but his big load of cum tastes better than a milkshake.” Phyllis took Don and my hands and lead us to one of the bedrooms.

Phyllis was right. Don lay on his back and I sat on his face, and rubbed my pussy up and down over his face, while he licked and sucked and probed my holes with a tongue that felt like a little cock. He paused after several minutes, when Phyllis sucked a big load of cum out of his cock. She kept sucking him and he went back to pleasuring me.

I came hard and cried out as I gushed girl cum all over his face and in his mouth. I heard Phyllis say, “Didn’t I tell you that he was the best cunt licker around. I almost have him ready to come again. Take over for me. Turn around and go 69 with him. You’ll love his cum. Before everyone of our parties, he eats a special diet for three days, and that improves the taste of his cum.”

I got in position and sucked his cock as deep and as fast as I could, while he sucked and licked at my clit. It didn’t take long to make him come. Phyllis already had him close. She was right. His cum did taste nice.”

Over the next two hours, I was fucked by two more guys and sucked off another one. I knew I was acting like a slut and I was enjoying every minute of it.

It was getting late and the party was starting to break up. I found one more cock that was still hard and I had not yet fucked. He lay on his back, on the floor, and I mounted him. His prick easily slid into my well fucked cunt. I started to ride him. Then another man stepped in front of us and I leaned forward and started sucking him. I saw Phyllis walk over to us. She had a jar of lubricant in her hand. She handed it to Rick. He wiped some on the tip of his erection. Then he put some on his fingers and pushed it in my butt. “I was the one to take your two other cherries. I told everyone that I wanted to be the one to take your anal cherry, too.

He put the head of his cock against my asshole. Both I and whoever the man under me was, held still. Rick slowly and gently pushed in. I was happy he used lots of lube. Slowly he worked his way in. I felt stretched, but there was not much pain. Each push went a little deeper. I saw Phyllis taking a video with her phone. When Rick was almost fully inside my ass, he started gently fucking me, and the man under me, started back up also. I was not in pain but it felt like I needed to shit out the biggest turd in my life. Now my uncle was going at me harder and faster. It was feeling good. I still had the third cock in my mouth.

The guy I was sucking came first. I swallowed his load without spilling a drop. The guy under me was close behind. He shot his load deep in my cunt. Then he wiggled out from under us. Rick put me on my hands and knees without coming out. He held my hips and fucked me hard and deep in my butt. It started feeling better and better. I thought I might have an orgasm from being fucked anally, but Rick came first. I collapsed on my belly, on the floor and lay there exhausted.

Phyllis smiled at me and said, “Not every woman can say that she has been fucked, and come in, all three holes at the same time. You did great, tonight, and it looked like you enjoyed it.”

“Yes, I did, but I’m exhausted. It looks like the party is over. I’m going to clean up a little and go to bed. See you in the morning.”

In less than two weeks, I went from being an almost fourteen year old virgin, to having been fucked by and/or sucked off more than eight men, having all three of my holes fucked and been eaten by and eaten another woman’s cunt. I knew this was just the start.

The next day, everyone rested. The day after that, my parents arrived home. They picked me up on the way from the airport and we went home.

Two days later, Mom was starting to make a nice supper. Dad and I were in the living room. Dad sat next to me, on the couch He looked at me and asked, “Did you enjoy your time with your uncle and aunt?”

“Yes, I had a good time.”

“Did you learn a lot about sex while you were there?”

With a shocked look on my face, I looked right at Dad.

“Your mother and I seldom miss one of their parties, but we thought you might be too nervous, with us watching you, to relax and enjoy yourself, so we planned our trip when they were having this one. Mom always said that I could not be the first one to have sex with you. Now that rule is no longer in effect, would you like to go to the bedroom with me while your Mom is making supper?”

I stood up, took my father’s hand and pulled him toward the bedroom. He hollered to the kitchen, “We are going to the bedroom now, call us when supper is ready.”

“Have fun. Love both of you.”, Mom replied.


That was the start of my very active sex life. Now I’m a forty year old woman who has never been married or had any kids. That does not mean that I don’t like guys. Just the opposite, I like lots of guys. I have probably fucked over two hundred over the years.

Older guys wear out too fast to keep me happy. I have learned that they need to be old enough to have a decent sized cock but young enough to be able to fuck, over and over and over. The perfect age for a guy to be at his peak, is from about fourteen to twenty.

Tonight I have arranged a little MILF party. I have three guys, from fourteen to sixteen, coming over. I have a case of beer in the fridge. They have each told their parents that they are staying with the other one for the night. We are going to fuck and suck till dawn. My holes will be dripping cum, but I am going to wear their young cocks out.


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