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My daughter learns to play with toys with her 2 friends Part 1

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My daughter found her mom’s adult toys and plays with them with her friends

My wife died of a drug over dose in a back alley. She was found with the needle still in her arm. Our daughter was 7 with her mother died, that was 4 years ago and, now it’s just her and me. My wife’s parents tried to take my daughter away from me after their daughters death but, when it came out that a lot of their daughters mental problems was due to them and, their religious beliefs plus my daughter only seen her grand parent 3 times in her life the judge knew where my daughter belonged and, that was with me.

I hired a nanny for the first 2 years then, moved my work into my basement so I could be home with my daughter. After my wife died I moved everything she had into the attic not wanting to deal with it even now. I guess my daughter must’ve got up there as I worked in the basement and found her mother’s things. It was the long weekend in Sept. when she had a sleepover with 2 of her friends when I found out she had her mom’s adult toys.

They were in my daughter’s bedroom doing whatever 10 and 11 year olds do and when, I didn’t hear much noise coming from her room, so I went up to her door and put my ear against it. I heard a noise I hadn’t heard in about a little over 4 years. The sound was of a vibrator worrying sound like when my wife would use it, to get herself off. I heard Allison say ” Does that feel good?” And then a moan of pleasure from someone. Then Allison said “Look at her eyes, they are rolled back and, the muscles on her thighs jerking.” I wanted so bad to open the door and, look but I have to much respect for my daughter privacy to do something like that. When who ever it was breathing got really deep and hard, I knew I was hearing a little girl about to orgasm. My cock was hard as a rock as I listen to one of them finally go into a full on orgasm. That’s when I heard Allison say ” Look at that stuff coming out of Tami’s hole, what is that stuff? I though only men had stuff come out.”

Alison said my daughter’s name. It was my own daughter I just heard having an orgasm and, my cock just wouldn’t go down. I was about to walk away when Debbie said ” I dare you to put this in your hole, all the way in.”

I wondered who she was talking too when, I heard a loud gasp of pain then in a voice I couldn’t make from who say ” Oh fuck it hurts, it hurts so fucking bad. No don’t touch it, leave it in me.” I filled my underwear with my cum knowing one of those little girls had just broken her cherry. As quiet as I could I went to my bedroom to clean up.

About a hour later I had burgers on the BBQ and yelled at the girls it was time for dinner. After the burgers, salad I said ” Did one of one girls hurt yourself? Cause I thought I heard a sound of pain coming from upstairs. Allison turned beat red, so I knew who it was who lost her cherry in my daughter’s bedroom.

My daughter said ” Allison cut herself and there’s some blood on my rug, how do I clean it dad?”

I said ” Cut herself, oh god, I better take a look at that cut to make sure it’s clean and there’s no dirt in the cut.” Debbie and my daughter started laughing at that and, Allison looked like a dear in head lights. “So who cut themselves then, so I can clean it up.” I said. Allison jumped up going to our main floor bathroom.

My daughter pointed to the bathroom saying ” It was Allison dad, maybe you want to check on her dad, you should get her to show you where the blood came from, I bet you could help dad.” As Debbie was laughing so hard she was almost falling off her chair. My daughter then said ” Maybe you should look at the same place on Debbie as well cause she said she had blood from that spot too.” Now it was Debbie who had that deer in head lights look about her.

I got up and tapped on the bathroom door asking if there was anything I could do to help her and, she said it was ok and the pain and blood had stopped. I replied that I really should that a look cause as long as she in my home she is my responsibility. She opened the door letting me in.

I said looking at her with her pants around her ankles “Ok, so where did you hurt yourself.” She didn’t say a word just pulled her panties down. She has jet black hair on her head and I’m looking at maybe a half dozen tiny black hairs just above her little pussy. I said “I don’t see anything, so where did you hurt yourself honey?” She lower her hand pointing to her wonderful tiny slit of a pussy. I had her sit on the bath rug on the side of the tube and with my hands on her knees slowly opened her legs. “Did the blood come out of you here?” I asked. As she nodded her head looking so embarrassed and ashamed at the same time.

I said ” Sweetheart, did you put something inside yourself right here?” As I lightly touched her pussy which still looked very much like a little girl pussy. She nodded her head as my finger slowly made it’s way to where her clit was hiding from my eyes and, pushed a little bit as I rubbed her there. I said “Does that make it feel any better honey?” She was biting her lower lip as she nodded head, so I rubbed a little quicker and harder making her grasp and moan. I moved my other hand up her leg slowly pushing my little finger inside slowly fucking this sweet little girl as I rubbed circles around her tiny hard little nub of a clit. I looked into her face and asked ” Do you want me to stop what I’m doing sweetheart?” She moved her side to side as she give out a deep groan of pleasure. I removed my little finger replacing it with my thumb as I moved close kissing her on the lips.

At first she looked a bit shocked at my kiss but, soon moved forward kissing me back and, a lot harder. I opened my mouth letting my tongue touch her lips and she opened her mouth letting me in moaning even more on my tongue. She soon after went rigid as she pushed my sweet little pussy against my hands. She was having her fist orgasm from a male, I was sure.

We broke our kiss and she looked into my eyes asking ” That felt weird and wonderful, can you do it again?” I smiled nodding my head and kissed her again.

She looked sad when I removed my hands from her and, stood up with my pants being pushed straight out only inches from her face. She looked at my pants then at me asked ” Can I see it?” Against my better judgement, I unzipped pulling out my very hard cock, she didn’t say a word only reached up taking me in her hands moving it this way then that way. I could see precum coming out of the tip which she rubbed all over the tip with her thumb. She looked me in my face saying ” I like it a lot more than that rubber thing Debbie pushed into me. I bet it would feel a lot better too.” It was all I could do not to shoot off in my angle face.

I said ” Some women like to lick the stuff leaking out of me off. If you want to try that go ahead.” She looked at the clear fluid at the tip and then bent forward sticking out her tongue and barely touch the precum. She Then looked up at me before giving me a full tongue lick taking what had coated the tip of my cock and smiled at me. I thought about pushing myself deep in her mouth and getting her to blow me but, I thought better of it. I asked if she felt better and she smiled and nodded up at me, so I said that we better get dressed and go out with the others.

Once dressed I stopped her saying ” I think it’s best if we keep what we did between us cause, my daughter may get upset if she knew I give you your first orgasm.” I bent down and kissed her on the lips and her tongue shot straight into my mouth giving one hell of a tongue lashing.

As I was about to turn she said ” Mr.—— can we do this again?” How could any man turn down something like this from one so young and so fucking hot.

I said “Only if you can keep it a secret what we did, and if you do I can show you all kinds of things that feel even more wonderful.” She smiled and pulled me down again giving me a very passionate kiss before I opened the door for her.

Debbie stood up saying ” I thought you two were making babies in there, what took so long?” I smiled a Allison and said ” What ever you two did to her hurt her bad. and I think both of you girls should say that your sorry for hurting you friend.”

My daughter jumped up and said ” It wasn’t me dad, it was Debbie, She pushed it in and, and, well It wasn’t me.”

I said ” It doesn’t matter who did what you both were there, and should be sorry for what happened.” They both looked at Allison and said they were sorry. I smiled at the two girls asking who wanted ice cream? All 3 cheered and I got them 2 scoops each of the best chocolate ice cream you can get.

After A Disney movie I said that they all should get ready for bed. Debbie and my daughter ran up the stairs but Allison stayed for a extra minute giving me a kiss and said ” I love you Mr. ——.” as she turned following the other 2 to get ready for bed. Yes I love my daughter to death but, Allison I’m deeply in lust with. Then there’s Debbie with her fantastic ass. I sure hope Allison can keep our secret cause, I sure would love to be her first fuck.

You know I never even thought about my daughter or, the other 2 girls in a sexual way before tonight but, now I can’t get all of them out of my mind.

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