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Magical Chirag-Part-II

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Ramadhin in the afternoon was making a conversation with the landlady that she is only 43 Yrs. old so how it is possible that her grand daughters are 18,19 and 20 Yrs. old?
Landlady: It is very sorrow fate of her life as she is second wife of the land lord and all these three grand-daughters are the product of her first wife’s daughter and as her first wife was 10 yrs older than her and her only step daughter is 38 Yrs old but she is staying separately living behind her children that is these grand daughters are her step grand-daughter and definitely they are blood related to this family and Ramadhin has no objection about sex with them. Rama only 18 Yrs old thought of many many pervert and kinky sex in his mind. Let’s go with Rama’s perverseness to enjoy the sex show.
In the evening all three DIL entered their MIL’s bed room where Rama was reclining on a easy chair and her two sex slaves land lady are sitting beside him and Rama was fondling their breast with his both hand on either of their breast and Land lady told My beloved DIL you three could not produce any child in this family so far and he is you FIL from now and will help you to produce child.Touch his feet to take blessing.
The youngest DIL(Julie):I don’t want to get fucked by anyone other than my husband to produce child. You my dear MIL get pregnant by our new FIL and have our new BIL or SIL
Land-Lady: Rama this lady always make bully with me and Land-lady pulled the youngest DIL at the feet of Rama and once Julie touched Rama’s feet then suddenly she is feeling sex arousal in her body.
Rama ordered landlady to punish Julie and told her tongue will only be used to suck her MIL vagina and clit and Julie muffed her mouth in the sex pot of her MIL and begging excuse from her MIL repeatedly for her misbehavior and now Mil has got the chance to punish her DIL and put her vagina to cover the nose of Julie so that she have the difficulty to breath and Julie has not done any oral sex and felt a new joy of sex from her MIL sex pot and enjoyed the sex cream from her MIL’s sex pond and lapping down all the juice and told that from now onwards she is her sex slave and always abide by the order of her MIL and land lady became very happy to get control over the DIL.
Now what is the problem of Julie?
Julie: I am only 5 ft 2 inch and 34B-24-34 and not so healthy where as my husband is 6ft 1 inch and our difference of height is made good by his cock that is his cock is 11 inch in length.
Land-lady;I am proud of all of my son’s pecker as each sports around 11 inch dong.
Julie:My FIL will you please tell what will happen to the sex pot if a Jersey Bull fucks our native cow or a Horse fucks a donkey?
Rama: don’t worry. I will make your sex pot accommodating one to take your husband’s cock to produce baby but once Julie saw the cock of Rama she went near about to faint as the cock of Rama is 11 inch in length that is the cunt depth of land lady but the girth is 3 inch in dia which is the cunt whole size of land lady’s divorced sister.
As the cock retains the maximum value of cunt and it adjust itself to the sex pot of the lady when it invades any sex pot to find a new chirag and backs to its max size.
Now Mil persuaded Julie to take the cock and Julie spread her legs and the bulbous head of the humongous cock was rubbing against the once used vagina of Julie and the sex door of Julie opened without any help and the swan egg size cock pit vanished inside Julie’s cunt hole and Julie has not got this type of joy in her life and begging Rama to pump more and more and in this juncture two Mil of Julie started fondling of her breast and sucking of nipples and Rama touched the womb of Julie at just 6 inch to burn the chirag but for sex satisfaction of Julie Rama wanted to place the chirag at 11 inch and with each thrust of Rama a new sex joy started in Julie’s body and the carnal depth become with at par of his husband 11 inch cock.
Now Rama gave Julie a round chubby buttock and her breast became 36C to make her husband fucking her like a mad and remain locked inside her cunt hole. Julie touched the feet of Rama once again and took his blessing to be a good mother and well Fuckie for her husband.
Now second daughter in law (Nila) simply crying by seeing all these in front of her eyes and when he touched the feet of Rama then she came under the sex spell of Rama and feeling tingling in her sex cervix.
Rama: what is the problem of Nila?
Land-lady: Nila during her first delivery produced a dead child and not only that her cunt pressure has reduced and sex hole become so big that not only the cock of her husband will enter but also her one hand will enter and her husband is not getting any sex from Nila and beside this he 38DD oversized breast has hanged and she is in a mind to commit suicide.
She tried to commit suicide but we have refrained her from doing the sin and told keep faith on god and all will be well let’s see if you can cure her pain.
Rama: I am not god but can try only this much and prayed to the sex chirag at the womb of Nila, god do not get my cock as the size of her cunt but make her cunt at par with my size of cock and also Nila knew that her husband possess that type of fat cock of Rama but remain mum and told Nila to take doggie position so that a slide pressure comes in the cunt and Rama pressed her cock inside Ni9la’s cunt cervix with a motion and found all are loose inside and could not find the chirag.
Now Rama slowly and slowly pumping his cock inside Nila’s cunt hole and also pumping her oversized sagged hanging breast and now Rama prayed for tightness of Nila’s body and OMG: noticed that breast of Nila has tightened and sagging of the breast has vanished and not only that there is a tremendous pressure on his cock created by the cunt wall of Nila and also the bulbous head of the cock is touching the womb(chirag) of Nila and now all the woman fell at the feet of Rama except eldest DIL(Honey) but Why?
Honey was watching all the sex show and she was lying on a stretcher and Land-Lady sexplained that our eldest DIL is the most beautiful woman but the fate of her is very bad as she came across a disease which made her fully paralyzed at the age of 18 Yrs. only after two years she has been married and my son came with the idea to give divorce. Honey can see everything but cannot move, cannot talk and only tear flows in her two eyes.
Rama: why?
Land lady: As my son took the decision to re-marry then honey’s MIL came up with an Idea and sends her two unmarried younger daughter at the service of my son and it is also learned by me that Honey’s mom is also sharing the cock of his SIL along with her daughters and this is the reason for Honey to cry and she can see every sex scene in front of her own eyes but what see can do?
Rama: I will try my level best but god is the ultimate boss and if he wants then only I can cure this lady Honey. Now Rama removed the cover from the body of Honey and she is exceptionally beautiful and her 36C breast and pink areola and kismiss type protruding nipple are scene to enjoy and now Rama pumped the breast of Honey and it is soft like sponge but this touch began sexcitement in Honey’s body.
Now Rama took the right palm of Honey and put on her dick and wished that Honey masturbate on his cock and Honey started to make up and down movement over his cock and now Honey pulled the cock of Rama to her mouth and the sex hungry lips of Honey is sucking so beautiful on Rama’s cock that Rama is in seventh heaven and engulfed ¾ th of the cock inside her mouth.
Now Honey was upturned and her buttock is facing Rama and the two beautiful bum i9s like half moon and the prod of Rama is separating the moon and entering in her love sex canal and OMG: Honey is lifting his arse to meet the thrust of Rama’s cock inside her sex pot and Rama touched the womb(chirag)of Honey and now Honey took missionary position and Rama fucking her, suddenly it was seen that Honey has locked Rama by her two legs and that means Honey is totally right now and at last Rama wanted Honey to perform cow girl on his dick. Now Honey started to dance on Rama’s cock.
Rama: Honey how are you feeling now?
Honey: I have seen my two sisters and mother is fucking with my husband and my husband has no way but to submit to their sex will and they refrained my husband from my treatment. I want to tear apart the cunt of my mother and sisters and you please help me in this.
Rama: I can not fuck anyone outside the family but if we change our identity that is your soul will come inside me and my soul will go inside you then you will be Rama and can tear the cunt of your mom and sisters.
Honey: I am agreed and will always be thankful to you.
Now Honey and Rama started to have sex and Honey lay on Rama’s body and slowly and slowly sex liquid is flowing from both of their body and one’s sex liquid is entering in to other’s body and at last their identity changed.
Now it is to observe
1. Who has got the power of Aladdin’s chirag Honey or Rama?
2. How Honey took revenge on her mother and sisters?
3. How Rama is enjoying sex as female?
4. Will Rama get the power of Aladdin’s chirag?
Let us wait.

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