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Losing The Bet – Chapter 10

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Sunday morning Zoe, Paige, and Tink woke up to find Jamie wasn’t in bed with them. They looked at each other sleepily wondering where he went. Paige checked the bathroom but he wasn’t there. Tink went to the door and heard groaning coming from downstairs, so the girls went to investigate the sound.
When they got to the bottom of the steps the sight in front of them caused their pussies to moisten. There was Jamie on all fours jerking off over a bowl, while Peter was pounding him in the ass with his swollen red doggie cock. “Ohgod Peter… good boy.. oohhhh yeeaaahhh cum baby… That’s a good boy cum in my ass again.”
“Again!” All three girls exclaimed.
Jamie turned and smiled. “Oh yeah…. Oh fuck… he’s cumming… AaaaaHHHhhhhh fuh’ckkkkkk.” Jamie came too shooting in the bowl. Quickly he grabbed Peter’s cock and milked the last of his cum into the bowl as well. Then Jamie squatted over it and grunted out all of Peter’s doggie deposit from his anus.
“Dad. What are you doing?” Zoe asked.
“What can’t a man get fucked by a dog and cum into a bowl without questions being asked?” Jamie asked trying to sound innocent.
The girls looked at each other and then said, “No.”
“And what did you mean again? How many times did Peter fuck you?” Tink asked.
“Three,” Jamie said.
“THREE!!!!!” the girls shouted together.
“To be fair, I gave him a little piece of Viagra. It turned out it works for dogs too.”
“Why did you want him to fuck you three times?” Paige asked.
Jaime told the girls that he was trying to milk as much cum from the dog, and himself, as he could. He explained that he took one of the sperm pills and Viagra for their special surprise breakfast. “Now girls please go upstairs shower off the cum from last night, and let me fix you breakfast.”
“Damn three times,” Zoe said. “Yeah maybe your dad should be wearing Peter’s Bitch around his neck,” Tink added as they ran up the stairs.
“What do you think he is going to do with all that cum?” Paige asked.
Zoe and Tink looked at each other and began laughing. Tink rubbed the back of Paige’s blonde hair as if to say There There. “Sweetly he is going to put in our breakfast.”
Paige looked at the other two like they were stupid, “I know that. I just meant I wonder what he is going to make. You know like scrambled eggs with cum, or cumcakes with cum drizzled on top.”
“OOooooo maybe cum waffles with cum covered bacon,” Zoe added.
“Or maybe cum omelets with cum juice,” Tink said as her tummy growled. Paige and Zoe started to laugh. “Sounds like someone is hungry for cum,” Paige said her stomach growling too.
“Who cares as long as it is food and has cum in it. That cum covered pizza was delicious,” Zoe added.
The girls jumped into the bathtub. Paige asked Tink if she liked being peed on and drinking it. She said she’s done a lot of sex studded, but never done that before. “REALLLLLYYY,” Paige and Zoe shouted.
Tink bit her bottom lip, looking like she was embarrassed. “Here pee on us and in our mouths. Then we can do it to you,” Zoe said getting down on her knees in front of Tink’s pussy.
She looked down as Paige knelt beside her open-mouthed friend. “Just lean back, spread your lips open, and spray us,” Paige said getting as close to Zoe as she could and opening her mouth.
“Ah fuck it,” Tink said letting her piss wash over Zoe and Paige. The two little girls drank down every drop they could. Tink then made sure to cover the girls. For the second day in a row, the preteens started their day drenched in pee. And now it was their turn. Tink laid down in the tub slipping and sliding on what was left of her urine. She lay there on her back while Zoe and Paige squatted over her covering her in their urine and each filling the pixie’s mouth one after the other.
The three girls finished peeing on each other with a 3-way kiss. Their tongues slobbering piss back and forth from one girl to another. “Oh my god I love this,” Tink said jabbing her tongue out of one mouth and into the other. If it hadn’t been for the smell of cooking food, and the anticipation of what Jamie had used to cum to make, the trio might of stayed there making out all morning.
Jamie was prepared for the piss sisters this time. He laid towels down on each of the chairs. He did not want their piss to be absorbed into the furniture. The three little naked nymphets slid their way into the kitchen and took a seat. Jamie served each of them a small stack of pancakes.
“Daddy, did you put cum in them?” Zoe asked.
“Yes baby, you girls need your protein,” Jamie said very proud of himself for cumming up with this idea. After he severed everyone, including himself, he poured cum, instead of syrup all over their stacks. “MMMMmmmm,” Paige said biting into hers.
“Oh my god, these are the best cumcakes I have ever had,” Tink added. Zoe laughed saying, “They are the only cumcakes you’ve ever had.” She then took a huge bite and asked, “Mmmm Daddy can you put cum in all our food?”
Jamie smiled. The four of them ate their breakfast in relative silence. There were moans and mmmmm’s, but everyone focused on eating their cumcakes. “Too bad we didn’t save some pee we could have drank it with our meal,” Zoe said licking cum from her lips.
Being a good dad, Jamie went to the cabinet and pulled out four glasses. He sat them on the floor kneeling over them, and proceeded to piss in each glass until they were all filled with an equal amount. He then got up and took them to the girls. “Here is to the greatest three fuck toys in the world,” Jamie said raising his glass. “And to the hottest fuck stick in the world,” Tink finished. With that, all four drank Jamie’s pee and finished by licking their cum covered plates clean.
After breakfast, the girls washed the plates and glasses, while Jamie watched. A few minutes later Jamie got a notification that a delivery had come. Jamie opened the door just as the delivery guy was taking his confirmation picture. The look on the guy’s face, when he realized he had just taken a picture of a naked man, was priceless.
“Um mister there’s your package,” the guy stuttered as he pointed to the delivery.
Jamie couldn’t resist, “Why yes it is. I am glad you noticed. He then picked up the package and shut the door. When he turned around he saw Tink standing there with her hands on her hips. “Really?”
Jamie chuckled, “What? Oh, come on it wasn’t that bad.”
“Glad you noticed, that poor guy will never take a picture again without triple checking to make sure no one is standing there naked,” Tink said trying not to giggle. “Is that my butt plug?”
Jamie opened the package and pulled out a two-inch diameter butt plug with a light green and white tail. Tink began jumping up and down clapping. Zoe and Paige came rushing in just as Tink dropped to her hands and knees and arched her ass in the air. “Shove it in me,” she begged.
“Yeah shove it in,” Zoe and Paige cheered.
Feeling a little bad shoving it in dry, Jamie bent down and worked his long tongue into Tink’s puckering anus. Rimming the little pixie was amazing. It still was a little earthy from her morning shit, but that just made Jamie shove his tongue deeper. Tink couldn’t hold out for long. She began fucking her ass back against Jamie’s face while she fingers fucking herself.
“Ohmygod it is so hot watching them go at it,” Paige said. “Just think Tink could be your new mom.”
“You’re right, how hot is it that my mom would only be four years older than me,” Zoe replied wrapping her arms around Paige and fingering her.
Paige leaned back against her friend, “I’m jealous.” Paige began making out with Zoe as Jamie brought a moaning Tink to an orgasm.
Tink stopped shaking from her orgasm and began begging Jamie to shove the butt plug in. “Please Daddy make me a doggie.” She began wiggling her little firm ass back and forth, “Oh Daddy I want to be your puppy. Please Daddy shove my tail up my ass.”
Well fuck that was all it took. Jamie shoves the plug into Tink’s waiting anus. She let out a combination of a moan and scream as the two-inch piece of plastic stretched her little hole. Tink fell face-first onto the concert-tiled floor panting.
“Our turn Daddy,” Zoe shouted.
Jamie left his little pixie there rapidly breathing into the hard floor. He ran upstairs and grabbed Zoe and Paige’s tails. He returned to the entryway to find Zoe and Paige on all fours licking at Tink’s ass. Without waiting he shoved the preteen asses full of their anal plugs. First Zoe. He slammed the plug right into her dry hole to the sound of a high-pitched whimper. Next came Paige, whose plug went in with a pop and a shriek. The three petite girls lay as their puckering butts got reacquainted with the plugs.
“I’m going to shower and change so we can head over to the Tyler’s,” Jamie said going up the stairs. “Daddy, do we have to shower?” Zoe asked. “No, you three little piss puppies can stay just how you are. I have this feeling that Steve is going to love you this way.”
While Jamie was gone the girls put on their ears and fixed their hair to look like puppy and fox ears. “What kind of a puppy are you?” Tink asked Zoe. “I’m a pink and blue hound dog,” Zoe replied howling like a hound dog. “Me and Paige are the fox and the hound.”
Tink thought for a second then said, “I’m a miniature poodle someone dyed green.”
“I guess I’m just a boring old red-tailed fox,” Paige added frowning.
“Hold on,” Zoe said jumping up and running as fast as she could, her tail swinging back and forth. Tink and Paige looked at each other confused. Then as fast as she ran off Zoe came running back carrying four cans of spray paint. She grabbed Paige by the wrist and pulled her to the backyard.
“Get down,” Zoe commanded. She began spraying Paige’s tail and butt purple. Then she spray-painted purple stripes on Paige’s back. Once she was done with the stripes Zoe dipped her thumb in the spray paint and used it to paint Paige’s nose purple. “There! Now you’re a purple-striped fox. Here do me. Give me big hound dog spots!”
Zoe got down and Paige grabbed the pink and blue spray paints. She began spraying large spots on Zoe’s back. ”Paint my legs too,” Zoe said. Paige sprayed large pink and blue spots on Zoe’s legs.
“Where did you get these from?” Tink said watching the other two. “My dad has tons of cans in the garage. He loves to make stuff so he has lots of paint around.” Zoe stood up and grabbed the last can. “We didn’t have the same green as your tail and collar, but this is close, get down.”
Tink got down on all fours and before she could ask what Zoe was going to do, the other girl began spraying wings on Tink’s back. Then she used her finger to paint two little lips on each of Tink’s butt cheeks. “Turn over,” Zoe ordered. Zoe sprayed her finger again and made a little green heart just above Tink’s pubis, then painted her nose green.
“Shit I forgot your nose,” Paige said picking up the pink paint and spaying her finger. She painted Zoe’s nose pint and added a little blue dot on the tip. She then followed Zoe’s lead and painted a little pink and blue heart about the girl’s pubis just like Tink’s. Paige smiled as Tink gave her a heart just like the other girls.
Little did they know Jamie had returned. He had their leashed, Peter on his, and was snapping pictures of them with his phone. “Goddamn Sam is going to love you girls.”
As Jamie put the leashes on the girls and started to walk them to the corner of the yard, Tink asked who Sam was. “He is this guy who owns this company called LoliPop Girls and he gets young girls to pose naked and make movies and do all kinds of sex stuff and pays them. We met him Friday at the restaurant and he wants us to be LoliPop Girls,” Zoe said breathing hard as she walked on all fours.
“Oh, I think I saw him. He asked me how old I was and I told him eighteen, and he just walked past me saying To bad,” Tink said sticking her tongue out.
Jamie peeked his head around the corner of the house and held the girls up until the family looking at the house next to theirs went inside. “Fuck,” Jamie scolded himself. He forgot Sundays were always the day people came to look at that house. He couldn’t tell how many there were but he could see the husband and wife talking to the Realtor, and considering they pulled up in a minivan Jamie suspected they had a family.
As soon as they went inside Jamie said, “Let’s go kids. Go, go go!” With that, the five of them raced across the vacant lot and ran up to the Tyler’s porch. Jamie caught the faint sound, “Look Dad,” as they were running, and now that they were sort of covered by the Tyler’s front porch, he turned to see the dad and what looked like two daughters pointing their way. The man waved and nodded, so Jamie returned the greeting.
Suddenly the Tyler’s door opened and there stood Steve with his mouth hanging open and his khaki shorts tented at the front. Behind him is his ten-year-old daughter Geneva and his thirteen-year-old son Nate. Both kids are in panties. Nate has on a pink bikini cut and Geneva is in a baby blue thong. Zoe and Paige puppy burst passed Steve and tackles Geneva licking her all over. Tink puppy. follows them in licking at Geneva’s legs.
“Looks like you picked up a stray,” Steve said welcoming Jamie and Peter inside and regaining his composure.
Once inside Steve dropped to the floor pulling Zoe’s pussy to his face and attacking it from behind like a starving man. The little girl looked up to her dad who looked just as confused as him. Steve was moaning and very sloppily running his tongue over Zoe’s pussy as he growled into her hole. Steve was a man possessed licking Zoe’s pussy as he began unbuttoning his shorts. Everyone just watched in awe as he wiggled out of them, then flipped Zoe over and shoved his cock in her, and began pounding his four-inch little pecker into her.
“Oh fuh…uuuu….ccckkkk. I have dreamed of fuh-caking your puuu-sssy for years,” Steve said breathlessly pounding away on Zoe.
The room seemed to freeze as they watched Steve’s cock sliding in and out of Zoe’s smooth pussy. This was the first time a man ever just grabbed her and used her like a fuck doll, and she liked it. “Oh fuck me harder Mr. Tyler,” Zoe begged. “Fuck my little cunt you dirty old man. I need it. Ohmygod…yes pound my pussy. Fill me with your daddy’s cum!”
Steve began pounding Zoe’s little cunt like a jackhammer. His fucking was becoming less fun, it was beginning to hurt. He was moaning and shouting like a barbarian, as he grabbed Zoe’s little legs and threw them over his shoulders bending her in half. Rape filled his eyes as he wrapped his hands around her throat. “Shut the fuck up whore. You are mine.”
This was getting out of hand. Just as Jamie reached for Steve, Zoe blacked out. “Let go of her, Jamie shouted. Steve released her throat but continued to pound fuck the limp child. That was all Jamie could stand. Jamie punched the other man square in the jaw, but he continued to thrust his cock in and out of Zoe’s cunt. Again Jamie punched Steve, busting his lip and sending blood flying across the room. For a third time, Jamie punch the other man, he hit him so hard it rocked him backward, his cock finally free of Zoe’s battered pussy.
“Please hit me again,” Steve begged. Jamie had no problem. Punch after punch Jamie beat his neighbor. After each punch, Steve begged for more. Jamie finally realized the man was jerking off as he begged to be punched. This pissed Jamie off more. Steve’s face was beaten black and blue as he pounded his cock. When Steve finally came he fell face-first into his cum, licking it up as his blood dripped into the semen pool.
“Thank you. Thank you,” Steve breathlessly whispered.
Zoe was coming too as this was happening. Tink and Paige were by her side helping her regain consciousness. “Baby you okay?” Jamie asked as the girls sat Zoe up. She nodded she was okay.
Jaime grabbed Steve by the hair yanking into a chair. “What the fuck asshole?”
Steve began crying like a baby, “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I have wanted her for so long, needing to feel me in her that I lost control.”
“It’s true,” Erin said stumbling into the room. She was covered in bruises and naked and looked as if she had been brutally fucked. In her hands was a book. “The only reason Daddy started having sex with us is because he wanted to fuck Zoe so bad. He is obsessed with her.”
Tink asked, “How long has this been happening?”
“A few months, but after Daddy saw you naked the other night he went nuts. He has been fucking us ever since.” The eleven-year-old began crying. “It’s not fair we would have done it if he asked us to he didn’t have to hurt us.”
This was crazy. Jamie took the book from the girl and found it full of pictures of Zoe. Some were taken with a high-powered lens while she was changing in her room and bathroom. There were cum covered pictures of Zoe naked, Zoe and Paige naked, and of them fucking. Some pictures went back years. This man was truly obsessed with Zoe, and now he had fucked her… no raped her, right in front of Jamie.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? Hell, I was going to let you fuck her today, you didn’t have to do this,” Jamie sneered.
Paige and Tink helped Zoe to her feet, looking at the couch she saw Erin, Geneva, and Nate huddled together shaking and crying. Erin made eye contact with her and mouthed that she was sorry. “Zoe I’m so sorry, my dad is a monster. This is why I never invited you over,” Erin said hugging her little sister tighter as tears streamed down her cheeks.
With wobbly legs, Zoe walked over to the chair where a bloody Steve Tyler sat, as her father stood over him with bloody knuckles. “Daddy I’m fine,” Zoe said as Jamie put his arm around her.
The little preteen balled up her fist and smashed it against Steve Tyler’s jaw. “How dare you rape your children pretending they are me. If you want to rape someone, rape me. Leave them alone.” Zoe punched Mr. Tyler again and again. “Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, you’ve taken that away from them. You don’t deserve to be their Daddy.”
Another punch this time as hard as she could in his stomach. “You are supposed to love them and protect them. You were supposed to make their first time loving and caring, not something they will hate.”
She punches him, again going lower landing her blow right across his dick and testicles. “If they are afraid of sex now, or worse only want to be raped, if you ruined their sex lives I swear I will cut off your cock and feed it to you. From now on when you want to fuck a kid you come rape me, not them.”
Zoe started punching and kicking Mr. Tyler knocking him and the chair over. The naked little girl started raking at his face with her fingernails, screaming, “rape me, rape me… don’t you ever touch your children ever again, rape me, not them. I’m the one you want, you just used them. You pretended they were me, now I’m here rape me.”
Everyone stood there stunned at what was happening. “Daddy, will you please teach Erin, Geneva, and Nate what it means to be loved and how sex is supposed to be… please?”
Jamie looked at the three children on the couch. They each looked up at him with wanting in their eyes, a longing to be loved, to be held and made feel whole again. “Zoe baby they have been through enough.”
“Daddy if you don’t they will always think sex is supposed to be rough and painful and full of hate. They will never be able to make love or share themselves like they are supposed to. Daddy made them think sex is dirty and that’s what they will expect and need. Please Daddy fix them, please show them how to be loved.”
Tink put her hand on Jamie’s shoulder, “She is right. I was just like them. I never knew sex was supposed to feel so wonderful until showed me. Not everyone is as lucky as Zoe and Paige to have their first time being with someone who loves them and shows them how special sex should be. Most of us get a monster like him.”
Erin got up from the couch and walked over to Jamie. “Mr. Matthews, will you please show me what it’s like to make love? I… I don’t want…” Erin began crying. “ I don’t want to be hurt anymore I want to know what real sex feels like.”
Geneva ran to Jamie, hugging him. “Mr. Zoe’s dad, please. I don’t like how my daddy does it he hurts me. Will you please do sex to me as you do with Zoe?”
Nate said, “Please Mr. Jamie we want to know what it means to be loved.”
Jamie looked at the children desperately begging him to love them, to make love to them. He owed it to them, after all, if he was a better father, and didn’t let Zoe dress the way she did, or made her keep her blinds closed, the Tyler kids wouldn’t have been used the way they were.
Erin took Jamie by the hand, she smiled and started to lead him to her room. Tink and Paige grabbed the other two kids and stopped them from going with them.
“Wait. You each deserve to have your moment,” Tink said hugging Geneva.
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