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Sharing wife with older men

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My wife and I were only nineteen years old and already into swinging when by a chance encounter I met a much older man that wanted to trade adult movies. But it went much further.

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were both eighteen years old and only months after we were married we started taking nude photos of her. This soon led to us showing her photos to a close friend and then to a threesome with him. And before long we found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle swapping wives with other couples, threesomes and exhibitionism.

This was in the late seventies and VCR’s were first coming out. The small very conservative city we lived in didn’t have anywhere to find X-rated videos so I’d been going to an adult bookstore in a nearby larger city. One of my trips there I met a much older guy named Bill who happened to live in the same city we did. As we talked about how bad it was we had to drive so far to buy a porn video as well as how expensive they were we came up with the idea of getting together and maybe trading some movies.

A few days later Bill came over and we traded a couple of movies and he came again a couple of weeks later. As we looked through our movies trying to decide what movies we might be willing to trade we talked about the possibility of us making copies of the movies so we could keep all of our movies. So on his next visit, he brought his VCR and with the two VCR’s we were pleased to see that we were able to not just copy the movies. But that the copies looked just as good as the original. But it was time-consuming since you had to play the movie all the way through.

We had started getting together once a week to copy movies and would watch them as we copied them. From his comments, it was obvious he really got off by girls in garter belts & stockings. One afternoon we’d been making a copy of an unusually long video and my wife got home before we finished. Bill was worried she’d be offended by the movie as his wife hated them. But he saw that Lynn wasn’t offended at all and actually liked watching them. After she left the room he couldn’t say enough about how lucky I was and how hot my wife was. At the time Lynn was nineteen years old and at 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 with long red hair and sparkling green eyes she was a knockout.

A few weeks went by and each time he came over he’d continue to tell me how lucky I was and how hot Lynn was. And after telling Lynn she got turned on by his comments. So we decided to give him a treat and worked out a plan. During the next few weeks, he continued to talk about Lynn and also mentioned a friend of his who had a nice collection of movies and ask if it would be ok if he invited him to join us one week. This was fine with me as it meant more movies for all of us. His friend was around his age both being in their late fifties. I was a bit surprised when after a week or two Bill showed up as planned and his buddy was with him. And it just happened it was the day Lynn and I had planned a big surprise for Bill. So I figured when Lynn saw the other guy she would wait for another chance to execute our plan.

As planned Lynn came home early to be sure Bill would still be there as normally he was gone when she got home. I could tell she was surprised to see another guy there but she handled it great. She was dressed conservatively since she’d just got off work but her dress was loose-fitting at the top. So when she brought us something to drink as she leaned over to sit the drinks down the two older guys got a nice look at plenty of cleavage and her sexy sheer bra you could see her huge pink aureoles and hard nipples. And as she walked away I saw them look at each other with a little grin enjoying what they’d seen. But I figured that would be the end of it.

Then I got a surprise when Lynn came back and ask if she’d got a package as that was how our plan was supposed to start. So as planned I said she had and ask if she’d ordered what she’d shown me? As planned she said she had and I replied that she should show it to our guest. Acting a little embarrassed she ask if I was sure? But I told her we were all adults and that they wouldn’t say anything to anyone and said I was sure they’d like it. So she said ok if I was sure. She was gone for a while but when she returned they both got a surprise as all she was wearing was a black garter belt & stocking with a black bra and panties and spiked heels.

While she was gone she’d fixed her hair and put on dark red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. She looked hot as hell when she walked in the room and I thought the old guys were going to swallow their tongues. I acted surprised and said I thought she was just going to bring it in and show it to them? She acted a little embarrassed and said she was sorry. But I quickly said it was ok and told the guys I hoped they wouldn’t say anything to anyone about this. The assured me they wouldn’t as they had to be discreet and couldn’t even talk about the movies because of their jobs with very conservative companies. But they had no idea of what was to come.

After a minute I told Lynn the bra & panties looked like some she already had. And she said they were the ones she already had that she’d only got the new garter belt. And a couple of other things. Then ask if I wanted her to take them off? I thought our two guests were going to fall off the couch they were sitting on when I said it was up to her and she reached up and unhooked her front hook bra revealing her firm young 34D tits to them. Then she reached down and slid her panties off letting her big tits hang down and when she stood up revealing her fiery red bush. And she was so relaxed as she stood in front of these two men who were pretty much strangers to her that were thirty-five years older than her.

Then she casually sat down beside me as if she was completely comfortable to be naked in front of our guest. After a short while, she offered to get us all another drink. While she was gone they both were telling me how sexy my wife was and how lucky I was. And I took the opportunity to call out and tell her to bring the other stuff she had ordered. She sounding reluctant said she would. When she got back she leaned over sitting their drinks down as they stared at her tits. Then she reached into the big package and pulled out a white garter belt. Then I ask what else she had and she reluctantly pulled out a big ten-inch vibrator.

I asked if she really thought that would work to really get her off? I took it and turned it on after she’d sat down and put it between her legs as she acting shy gradually spread her legs and slid it inside her wet pussy. After a couple of long minutes, she took control of it and started to moan as she slid it in and out with one hand as she fondled one of her big tits with the other. She continued this for several minutes then took it out and sucked on it. I ask if her pussy juice tasted good and she said she loved the taste of a girl’s pussy. At that, I ask if she liked tasting pussy or cock better? She quickly said she definitely liked sucking cocks better. At that, I told her she’d been talking about how much it turned her on whenever we were watching a movie showing a girl sucking off a couple of guys at once and told her she had three hard cocks right in front of her. Looking turned on by her toy she asked if I was sure I’d be ok with it. I assured her it was fine and that in fact, I’d like to see it.

She looked over at our older guest and ask in a sexy raspy voice if they’d let her suck both of their cocks? Without hesitation, they both agreed and said they’d love it. In no time she had their cocks out stroking them then moving up putting her tits in their faces. They started fondling my hot nineteen-year-old wife’s tits and ass and were soon taking turns sucking on her firm young tits. Then she moved back down and started sucking them off. They were both about seven inches long so she was easily taking them all the way in her mouth and throat. She went down and sucked their balls and licked around the heads & shaft. And as she sucked one would be stroking the other. Then she moved back up far enough for them to fuck her tits which she loves.

I was so turned on by now I stood up and pulled all my clothes off and went over beside her. I saw both guys checking out my very thick 8 1/2″ cock. She was now taking turns sucking all three of us and had gotten them to stand up. After a few minutes of this said she needed a cock inside her and looked up at Bill and ask if he’d fuck her? Soon Bill was behind her fucking her doggie style as she was still sucking me and Jerry off. She took both our cocks and pressed them together taking both in her mouth. And I git the impression he really liked that and was sure when I felt his hand fondling my ass and then cupping my balls but I let it slide. When Bill thought he was going to cum he ask if he should shoot off inside her and she told him no she wanted us all to cum on her face and tits. So he joined us in front of her. She asked Jerry if he was going to fuck her? But he said no he was already about to cum.

The three of us were jerking off and within a few minutes had all three shot off all over her face and tits. She licked each one of us clean and again Jerry started rubbing my ass. We watched as Lynn lifted her tits licking the cum off and what she couldn’t reach wiping off and sucking it off of her fingers. As she was about finished Bill went to the bathroom and she was going to go to the bathroom in our bedroom to clean up. And it surprised us both when Jerry stopped her and took one of her tits in his hand and started licking up any cum that was left and did this to both tits.

When she finally left the room I couldn’t believe it when he suddenly went to his knees and leaned forward to suck my dick. He already had it in his mouth and I must admit it was starting to get hard. But I pulled back and told him I wasn’t into that. He said he was sorry that he just thought I had a really nice cock and ask I not tell Bill about that. And I told him no problem. In the back of my mind thinking back to when I was younger having a male friend give me my first blow-job. Soon Bill returned and they got dressed. I put my underwear on and Lynn stayed nude as we copied one more movie that happened to be a girl with four guys. I jokingly told Lynn we’d have to try that next. And they seemed shocked when it came to a part where the girl had a big cock in her mouth as well as a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time and Lynn told me she’d like to try that sometime.

The movie ended and out two much older visitors left with I’m sure the hottest memory of their life. And I fucked the hell out of Lynn with the memories still fresh on my mind. She had loved having these two old guys see her naked body as much as she’d enjoyed taking three cocks at once as until then she’d only had two at once. But I would learn over time she got especially turned on when she exposing herself if the guy was either much older or younger than her. Her oldest being a guy who looked in his seventies in an old country store and the youngest when she answered the door for our paperboy who was collecting in a towel she let fall of as by accident giving him and his friend a long look at her naked body.

We were into swinging for about twenty years and Lynn was into exposing her hot body even longer. And during this time had many hot experiences. With other couples, single guys and a few girls, threesomes and small gangbangs and we loved going to adult theaters & bookstores where she could be fondled by lots of strangers and suck lots of strangers cocks. But now we just share our sexual experiences on-line hoping others enjoy them and getting turned-on by graphic responses. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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