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It was like she had just stepped out of heaven

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I met a young girl at my local social club and immediately fell for her. We had sex on a camping trip and now we’re in love and can’t stop fucking

I’m 40 years old, live alone, no partner, no kids, never been married, and I recently joined a social club nearby for single and lonely people of all ages, sounds quite sad but it is good, it lets you meet new people and get out and about.

I joined a few months ago and met a lot of new people, one of the Polish women who were there brought her incredibly beautiful 14 year old daughter Clara with her, I was sitting down playing cards with an elderly gentlemen at the time, and when I saw her walk through the door it was like watching an angel step out of heaven.

Wearing thin white baggy summer pants and a white tank top, she had very long straight blonde hair flowing down her back, she was wearing lip gloss I think because her lips looked shiny, some colourful friendship bracelets adorned her wrists, she was, for lack of better words – absolute perfection.

The old man I was playing cards with had to snap his fingers near my face to snap me out of the trance I was in because I was just staring at her and almost drooling down the side of my mouth.

“Do you know those people?” I asked him.

He turned around in his seat to look at them, then turned back around, “That’s Lena and her young lass Clara. They moved in around the corner from me about three weeks ago. Lovely lady.” He replied.

I got up, “I’ll see you later, Paul.”, and I hurried over to the refreshment table and picked up 2 plastic cups of orange juice and walked over to them, “Hi…” I said.

“Hello.” Replied Lena, standing behind Clara and putting her hands on the top of her shoulders.

“Welcome to the social centre. Would you like some juice?” I asked, holding out the cups, they took them and thank me and had a sip.

“I’m George.” I introduced myself and shook their hands, they introduced themselves back, I shook Lena’s hand rather quickly but when I shook Clara’s hand I did it slowly and never wanted to let go, her hands were so soft and tiny, to not seem like a weirdo holding her hand for a long time I told her I liked her bracelets acting like I was only holding her hand to look at them.

Some neighbours came over and took them away to get signed up and introduced to everyone.

Over the next few weeks I made a point of getting to know them very well, I also brought them food and went round to their house for coffee as much as I could, anything to be close to Clara.

Clara and I started going on walks together with their dog and we talked a lot and got to know each other pretty well, we confided in each other, she really started to trust me like a good friend, and one day we were sitting on a bench in the park while the dog ran around the grass and she told me what a beautiful day it was, and I kind of slipped up and responded with, “Not as beautiful as you.”

She blushed and went all shy like young girls do, then she looked at me, smiled and giggled, and I couldn’t help myself, I leaned in, caressed her cheek with my hand and pulled her in for a kiss, it was a very nice kiss.

Afterwards, she looked stunned, and a little put off, and she turned away from me and started touching her lips with her finger tips, and I thought I had ruined everything because of one stupid moment.

After a few minutes of awkward silence she turned to look at me, she looked confused, “Why did you kiss me?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked, I shouldn’t have done it. I just – You looked so beautiful, I couldn’t help it.” I replied.

“Brownie!” she called out to her dog, standing up from the bench, “I must go home now.” She said, and when I got up to go with her she shook her head, “Please – I want to go home alone.” She said, then she leashed up her dog and walked away.

I didn’t see or hear from her for 4 days, I sat at home dreading any knock on my door thinking that she had told her mother what I’d done and I was in a whole heap of trouble, but no knock came, instead I got a message on my phone from Clara, it read, “I miss you x”

So I went back to the social centre the next day and she and her mom were there, I hung around for about an hour, playing cards and saying hi to everyone, then Diana, the old lady who ran the group came over and let me know they were planning a camping trip that weekend and asked if I wanted to go, I wasn’t really sure if I did, but as Diana pushed the sign-up clip board in my face I glanced over her shoulder and say Clara nodding at me and mouthing the words, “Yes. Do it – Come.”

I mouthed back, “Are you going?”, and she nodded and smiled, so I put my name down on the sheet.

That weekend we all got shoved in to a minibus with all the camping gear up on the roof rack and off we went, Clara was sitting in the seat in front of me with her mom, she looked happy to see me as I got on the bus and I was very happy to see her, especially her shiny smile, part way through the trip she passed me a chocolate bar through the gap in the seats along with a note that simple had a love heart shape drawn on it, I wasn’t sure what was going on but I liked it.

We got to the camp site and everyone struggled for a couple of hours to put up all the tents, and we got covered in mud in the process, it was pouring with rain and miserable, but it was a lot of fun.

When it finally stopped raining we got a little fire going and made some hot food to heat, Clara came over to where I was sitting holding 2 metal plates, she handed me one and then she sat down next to me and we ate our food, she leaned towards me and nudged her shoulder against mine playfully and giggled, we didn’t really talk, just looked at each other, Clara kept blushing and giggling, she was so cute.

Her mother Lena must have noticed that we were getting a bit too cosy and she called Clara to go over and sit with her, and she gave me a funny look like she disapproved of our behaviour.

After we ate we sat around for a while then everyone went back to their tents to sleep.
Late in to the night while I was tucked in to my sleeping bag in my boxers, I started to think about Clara and got aroused, so I started to jerk off while picturing her in my mind, suddenly I heard the zip on the front of my tent opening up, I got a bit scared to be honest, I didn’t know who or what the fuck it was.

Then Clara’s head appeared through the opening and she crawled inside my tent and zipped it back up, she was wearing a long full body length black raincoat, “Clara, what are you doing here?” I asked, not that I minded one bit.

She laid herself down beside me and put her arm around me, “It’s freezing, warm me up.” She said.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked.

“She’s sleeping.” She replied.

“Well, what if she wakes up and noticing you’re not there?” I asked.

“Mom is a very heavy sleeper, she won’t wake up until morning.” She said.

So I unzipped the side of my sleeping bag to get my arms out and I put it around her, “Okay.” I said, and I laid there with her, I was inside my sleeping bag with my erect cock twitching between my legs.

I did my best to hide it but she was a very observant girl and she noticed a lump moving inside the sleeping bag, “What is that?” she asked.

“It’s nothing. Go to sleep.” I replied.

Then it twitched and moved again and she giggled, “Seriously, what is it…” she said, then she reached in to the open side of the sleeping bag, moved her hand down, “No, don’t.” I said, but then she found it, she felt around it feeling its shape, then she squeezed it and felt how hard it was, she pushed the sleeping bag open to get a better look, her mouth opened in shock, “Oh my god.” She said.

“It’s nothing – Ignore it.” I said, pulling the side of the sleeping bag back over to cover me up.

“Were you playing with yourself?” she cheekily asked.

I felt embarrassed, but I couldn’t lie to her, “I was – relaxing – yes.” I said.

“It’s okay, I masturbate too…” she said, I was surprised to hear her say that so comfortably to me, “…were you thinking about someone?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Who was it?” she asked.

“No one.” I said, but she could see it in my eyes and my grin.

“Was it me? – Were you thinking about me while touching yourself?” she asked.

“ – Yes.” I replied.

She bashed me on my arm, smiled and blushed a little, “You naughty man…” she said, then she sat herself up and opened up her raincoat, and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, absolutely nothing, “…Were you thinking about me like this?” she asked.

I couldn’t speak, all I could do was stare at her gorgeous naked body, her small yet perfect breasts, her bald perfect pussy, “Um – Um – M – m – Ooof.” I garbled.

She took off the raincoat and climbed in to the sleeping bag on top of me, “I have a confession. I really liked the kiss you gave me in the park. I’ve liked you for a long time but I wasn’t sure you felt the same and I got scared when you kissed me, because I had been wanting you to kiss me for so long, and I didn’t know if you felt the same way about me because I’m just a kid.” She said.

“You’re not a kid to me, Clara.” I said, stroking her delicate face, “To me you’re a beautiful young woman.” I said.

Then she kissed me and we kissed passionately with her on top of me, holding each other, and my cock was rubbing against her inner thighs.

I fully opened the sleeping bag and rolled her over on to her back, she opened her legs with her knees up and I laid on top of her between her open legs, I sucked on her soft yet firm breasts, I pinned her hands down then moved myself down her body and licked her sweet little pussy, “Oo-uh” she moaned.

Then I moved back up her body and I pushed my cock in to her slit, it sank in and then penetrated her tight virgin hole, she moaned pleasurably as my cock slowly filled up the empty space inside her pussy, then we started fucking, thrusting my cock eagerly in and out of her.

“Oh Clara – My beautiful angel – Ooah” I groaned with so much pleasure, my dreams were literally coming true.

I had never fucked such a young girl before, and it was out of this world, never had I felt such a tight pussy, it felt like the most perfect pussy in the world, the tightness, wetness, and inner lumps were all bang on perfect, it could not get any better than this and my cock was loving it, why aren’t more man fucking young girls I thought to myself, this should be a standard thing.

Clara was amazing, she was smiling and moaning constantly, and she looked so beautiful as we gazed in to each other’s eyes, I fucked her hard and deep, pumping her young pussy like it was the last one I’d ever have.

And I ejaculated inside of her, “Ooah – Ungh – Mmmm –Uh.” She moaned, and I groaned with release as my semen shot out of my cock and in to her virgin womb, and I kind of hoped and prayed that my seed would impregnate her so that we could create something truly wonderful from our love.

We had sex twice more over the course of the night, then as the sun began to rise and the cows started to moo in the fields behind us, she put on her raincoat, gave me the most wonderful kiss and then quickly hurried back to her own tent before her mom woke up.

We couldn’t stop looking at each other on the minibus ride home, both of us lusting for more, the bus dropped us all off outside our own homes.

I went inside and dropped my bag on the floor, and I sat down in my chair thinking about Clara, and I was already missing her so bad I almost cried.

About 10 minutes later there was a knock on my door and when I answered it Clara was standing there, she was breathing heavily, sweating and smiling, the girl had ran all the way from her home to my house as soon as she and her mom got dropped off, she jumped up in to my arms and kissed me passionately.

We stumbled in to my bedroom and spent the next few hours fucking like crazy.

Clara is mine now, unofficially, because of her age we can’t tell anyone that she is my girl, but she is mine, we’re in love, and I could not be happier if I tried.

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  • Reply Pual ID:3zxjrjpw209

    Young virgin pussy is the best and I think it should not be a crime to fuck a girl 12 and up

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7n7ejxskzj

    Oh fuck was that good, the bald pussy at 14 was a stretch unless shaved but damn was this good. Dude you brought back so many memories of my horny camping trips with a few friends and their lil sisters. One weekend we had four girls 12 and under going from tent to tent all weekend sucking and fucking. Then I found out I was the only one that got to fuck my friend Rodger’s lol sister Tonya she was 11 and had a crush on me so I found out. She had only sucked the other guys off including her brother but gave me everything as did the other three girls. How anyone of them did not turn up pregnant was a complete miracle as each one had well over 25 loads of cum in them. It was so cute watching them prance and dance around with cum literally dripping down both legs to their ankles like it was a badge, like right of passage into woman hood. Funny three months later I knocked up Tonya first pop and I had to pay for the abortion. I was just to young to be a daddy but all these years later I wished she would of kept it.

    Definitely write part two.