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My lil fuck toy

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Let’s start, when I was a little boy I was always fascinated with incest, although I’d never seen porn at that time I did see my mom & sisters naked a few times & started experimenting with my cock when I was 5 & my father did explain the birds & bees with me. I started having oral sex with both my sisters 5 & 4 when I was 7 & I dont think any of us thought it was wrong its not like anyone had ever told that we shouldn’t let anyone touch us there so they never refused me. By the time I was 8 I was having regular sex with both of my sisters, they never said anything about it being uncomfortable or really have any questions about it & to be honest I don’t think they cared on way or the other & I definately didn’t wanna stop pumping my spunk inside of their prebubescent vaginas.

By the time I was 12, my middle sister 10 had stopped wanting to do it anymore. I think being in school & such she probably figured out it wasn’t right & my youngest sister 9 was getting info from our other sister. I remember the last time she let me cum inside of her, I asked her if I could put my penis in her & she said yes but it was to be the last time.

I experimented with sex a lil more when I was 13 with a 9yo African American girl next door & when I was 14 I fucked my best friends 13yo sister. I kind of went dormant for awhile after that, although I had stayed up late every night on the computer obsessing with every kind of incest, beastiality, forced or rape porn I could find especially the stuff that looked real & anal rape has always turned me on something about them screaming & them not wanting it makes me want it more.

Fast forward to when I was 15, I had always wanted to fuck a lil girl, I mean I fucked my sisters & other lil girls in the past but I was also young, but by the time I was 15 my cock had grown to be about 8″ & I really badly wanted to feel my cock stretch a tiny pussy but not only that I had been dreaming of having my own little personal fuck toy, one I could rape & use whenever I wanted to that would serve me as basically a toilet & cum dumster.
It just so happens when I was 16 I got emancipated from my home, my father had become abusive(not sexually just physically) & I wanted out. I moved into this idk what you would call it but a house built underground where only the roof stuck out.
It was then I really started to plot out my plan. I bought some supplies in cash & started to do some digging to find a single mother with a daughter the next few towns over from me with no significant relatives. I found one. 22yo single mom with an 8yo lil girl. It was perfect now I only had to follow them in there daily routines & wait for the carnival to come into town that year to make my move. I remember seeing that sweet lil girl & her cute lil bubble butt in her tights at the playground at school, red hair green eyes & her mom picking her up tight ass & cameltoe being squeezed by her spandex. I waited until the town was filled with people & everything was hectic & busy. I followed them both into the carnival that night walking around making sure they didn’t see me, I waited for them to go to the bathroom but they never went, it was about 11pm before the little girl was getting fussy & wanted to go home so I followed them out of the park. I was going to use cloriphorm on them in the bathroom but I figured it was now or never, they got in their car & I followed them home I pulled up to the house next to theirs popped my trunk & then pretended to walk towards the neighbors house. It was dark & as she turned away to unlock the door I ducked down behind some cars in the driveway, as she opened the door & let her daughter in I came up behind her, put the rag on her face & then carried her to my open trunk, I then quickly ran into the house to get her daughter, she had run straight for the bathroom & didn’t even look back, as I heard the toilet flush I got ready, As soon as the door opened I snatched her up from behind & covered her face with the reg until she fell limp. Closed the door behind me & carried her to my trunk as well.

When I got back to my house I parked closest to the door then carried them one by one. When I got in I took them into my room & cut all there clothes off, I would periodically put the rag under their noses to make sure they stayed out while I prepared. I had build a stockade with kneecap cups about a 2 feet off the ground so that the lil girl could be supported in it & I could still be standing when I lined my cock up to her holes. I picked the lil girl up & put her head & hands through it, I set her knees in the cups, I then clasped her hands in shackles & strapped her thighs to the stockade legs with velcro. I then turned to the mother laying there limp on the ground naked with perfect C cup perky young tits, I bound each of her legs separately ankles to thighs then taped her wrists together behind her back along with her elbows so her shoulders were back & her chest & face would be forced outward, I did this so when she was awake she could only crawl forward & there would be no running away.
I then gave them another round of chloriphorm before then sound proofing my room.

When I got done with my room I broke a smelling salt under the mothers nose, she awoke delirious not knowing what happened, eyes blurry & bound, when she finally came to she was in utter shock & horror a man stand above her naked with a big knife in his hand & a big thick 8″ hard cock standing straight up. She lay there motionless for a moment in disbelief maybe in shock, she looked over only to be horrified more her daughter naked, motionless & strapped to this contraption. I had duct taped her lil girls butt cheeks apart so there was a very clear view of her virgin asshole & vagina.
I then spoke up & said, you will behave, obey & do as I command or you will not wake up tomorrow. I then said now obey your Master & get my cock wet. I’m sure you know how, then you will crawl over & lick your daughters cunt & prepare it for me, I then placed the tip of the blade on her daughter’s anus. Her eyes wide She quickly used her face to push herself on her knees & struggled to keep her balance as her upper half was bent forward, she was reluctant for only 1 second, she wanted to speak but saw I was twisting the blade in a threatening manner & immediately leaned in to suck my hard prick. (See this isnt like the movies, real people don’t hesitate in real life situations). After she slobbering enough on me, I said now lick her fuck hole, stick your tongue in in there, make it wet & get a good taste unless you want me to rip her open! she then shook her head & then proceeded to shove her tongue deep as she could deep inside her own daughter, sucking & slobbering all over it, it was going to get torn open anyway but it was hot incest that made my hard cock twitch up & down. I then told her to back up against the wall & watch me fuck & shoot my hot sperm into her daughter, that she was my fuck toy & if she so much as made a move the knife would be the least of her worries. She lay back watching my fat head line up against her daughters hole, slippery & wet I waste no time, I firmly press & pop my head in the hole was so small & so tight as I tore her opening, her mother crying with no sound, I then slowly but but surely pushed 6″ in until I hit her tiny cervix (to contrary belief it is possible to fit a cock into any vaginally hole you just gotta stretch it) I then pushed harder until it started to stretch her cervix, I pushed slowly & firmly & stretched it further back until all my 8″ were deep inside, I held it there, so it would form a mold around me, her mother in awe. I then pulled it half way out spit on my shaft & shoved it all the way in, I did this for awhile & soon her daughter started to wake, more delirious then her mother for she was clearly smaller & the drug had taken a better grasp on her, she started to question what was happening & complaining that her peepee hurt. Her mother frantic trying to console her but knew she couldn’t do anything. I then started 5o fuck her hard & she started to scream & I knew soon I would unload. I turned to her mom & said when I get done & pull out you better be ready to eat the soup I made for u, she whimpered but knew exactly what I meant. One more deep, I moaned loud & grunted & I squirt stream after thick stream of sperm directly against her cervix her tight vaginal walls gripping to me as she screams & spasms around trying to make it stop…. I’m done now I say & grab her mom by her lovely red hair & pull her close as my half hard prick slowly slips out, as I pull out completely I press her mom’s mouth on her daughter’s now cock shaped hole & she gulps up the cum & blood. When she’s done I tell her to clean me up next, when she’s done I throw her in my closet & tell her that they are my toys now. I lock the closet door & walk put of my room leaving her daughter limp & ready for next time.

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  • Reply PNW16 ID:4kfdr5qr9m

    I wish I could get used like that XD

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

    Hey Kim, I agree 100% about another story.

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7ceoij9

      I understand what the point is. I love rape

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7ceoij9

      I understand the point

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:5u1d7ceoij9

    Part two please

    • [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic2

      @kimfslut yessss and yessss to loving the point

  • Reply ero ID:28xm095qra5

    jesus..this shit is scary

  • Reply ^ ID:fx7itaa43l

    Okay, I get the BDSM thing going on, but describing how real it is and insinuating to the reader that it is real. Kind creepy, in a Michael Myers sort of way. Makes you sound like a serial killer, and your name being anon doesn’t help.

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      More like a Serial Rapist. There is such a thing, you know. This doesn’t really fit any of the Holmes, and Holmes pathotypes, but it’s more of an amalgamation of Power Assertive and Anger Retaliatory traits. So, pathologically, it’s a little conflicted. A Power Assertive type wants to Assert Power, so his victims would have to face him, and it’s better that she knows Him (like his sister) while Anger Retaliatory rapists target strangers, and tend to look for them away from their work, or home. If it makes you feel any better, that suggests this isn’t an actual rapist, or anyone who’s read much about real ones.

  • Reply Cunt hater ID:nike4g2d3o

    Part two with more hardcore streching

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7ceoij9

      Yes more

  • Reply DVG ID:2xn8w6rut0bk

    Part 2 please

  • Reply Anon ID:5u1d7cfzrc9

    Could be an ok story. Watch your spelling. Breakup the unnecessarily long paragraphs. Use capitalization when starting a new sentence. Also, at 8yo boys don’t produce spunk, they would dry orgasm

  • Reply Foxy ID:3zxjrencm9jp

    I really don’t stand why people like Rape or why they want to do it….. most gross thing that I never understood

    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m8

      Because we live in a sexist society that fosters a rape culture and the dehumanization of women.

  • Reply Greywolf ID:3zxjfle2hrbp

    I was involved with my mom, dad, bother and 2 sisters starting at 7. Mom used to like watching my brother and I have fun with the girls before taking turns with us. She would also watch dad and my brother and I go at it. Really turned her on. Have y own family now and am carrying on that family tradition. greywolf804 on wicker and protonmail

    • ^ ID:fx7itaa43l

      You took my fucking name, Bitch!

    • ^ ID:fx7itaa43l

      Oh, it’s Grey. Sorry, little bitch.