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From the Kitchen and Down to the Barn

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Hi all remember me? It’s Jill and my boy’s Jim,Jack, and Beam. Well and Jan my now ex boyfriend. Well anyway if you remember my last entry at the end of surprise in the kitchen. We had a big sex orgy with the pizza guy his dog and two cousins. And I gave a blowjob to the neighbor from down the road. Just to find out he wanted me to calm his small horse down with my pussy, after watching our fuck test out back. Well I went to check this out.
The next morning I woke up to my boys, all three licking and eating my pussy out. As any red blooded woman would. I woke up smiling like every morning they desire to eat my pussy. I don’t know as usual as to how many orgasms they gave me before the three of them stopped. I was pulling myself out of bed, I’d much rather lay here and get my pussy eaten all day though.
Heading to the shower I got to thinking about my neighbor and remembered that he had given me his number. I was having my coffee at the table with number in hand. Trying to decide to call or not.
I finally called, and we got to talking about me and my boys. On that subject I told him that they had given me a bit of a work out this morning and that I had to get a shower then I’d be down to meet him and his mustang. Cliff my neighbor told me not to shower so I’d smell in season to Black Magic, his horse. I just had to ask if he was all black, and the answer was yes. I thought to myself my first BBC but definitely not my last. But that’s another story I will share. Cliff went on about how hott it was to watch me take four dogs and how horny it made him. He also let me know how much he enjoyed the blowjob I gave him. I took that as a hint so I let him know that a hard cock would not go to waste. So off I headed in just a shirt, no since in putting a lot on right.
Cliff was waiting outside for me. We greeted and took me to meet Black Magic in surprisingly nice. He had a nice comfy table built with soft padding for me to lay on while his horse fucks me. It didn’t take long for Black Magic catch my sent of sex. I was rubbing on him noticing his cock stiffening up. Kneeling down I started to rub his cock as it grew to about a double the size of my boy’s doggy cocks were. Not knowing how a horse reacts when they cum I decided to just jerk him off and maybe suck his cock for our first few meetings to get acquainted with each other. I was stroking him now completely hard , he was big , manageable but bigger than I’m use to. To my surprise he’s reaction was a lot like a man’s. I could tell he was enjoying what I did by his actions. I got more comfortable and got further under him mow his hard horse cock within inches of my mouth.
I opened wide and slowly took him into my mouth still stroking his long thick shaft. I felt his cock swell taking him deeper. He twitched a little, which scared me a bit. Cliff spoke up telling me that he was just showing appreciation walking over and began talking to him as he was petting him too. I kept sucking his cock along with stroking what I couldn’t get in my mouth. I swear I knew when he was ready to cum his cock swelled like a man’s would do, he even shook a little then bucked his hips towards me meeting my stroking. I was ready and waiting for the blast that was on its way. Wondering how it would taste them it came to me I don’t even know how much a horse cums. That worried me lol . I know now was not the time to worry about that. Soon I found out and it was a lot more than a dog or man’s. When Black Magic came the tip of his cock us in my throat. He thrust forward he went deeper and swelled a bit more then he let loose. Now I’ve said that it felt like a fire hose getting turned on before but now I know what that feels like as he pumped several loads town my throat. Thank God he was past my swallowing point because there is no way I could have kept up with that much that fast.
Just to play I kept sucking back an forth on his cock to see and again I could tell it drove him nuts.
Getting up I rubbed Black Magic,s neck and kissed his face and softly told him I’d be back later. Now facing Cliff I seen that he enjoyed the show. He reached out to pay me as I took the money I grinned and told him.my job isn’t done yet dropping to my knees. It didn’t take long for him to feed me his cum. He told me that he thought both himself and Black Magic could get use to me coming by. Then I told him that was good because I think I need to stop by at least twice a day.


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