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Im jen 12 years old real life experience i love it very much . I have dislyx8a so sorry about wrong spelling and period

Im jen 12 years old. I love my daddy so much . When I was little younger me and daddy would see each other naked a lot . I would and still sick on his lap naked . We play and i would pull him around by his hard penis. We cuddle on tge couch watching tv . My private and butt would always touch his penis i loved it . Im glad my daddy is my daddy my boyfriend My husband.

We were out driving the sun was going down . I asked daddy if I could see his come again. Daddy says yes you know you have to help me get it out . I know daddy I like helping. Daddy drives to a pace . Daddy parkes moves his seat back all the way . I have on a short black dress with pink hello kitty panties on . Daddy puls his shorts down. His penis is hard sticking straight up . Daddy says come over here and face the sterling wheel . I take off my pink hello kitty panties. I move over to daddy seat. Face the seering wheel. I put my private just on daddy penis. Daddy grabs his penis starts moving it back and forth. I can feel his penis going from the front of my private to my butt. I can feel it getting slippery down there . Now i can feeling daddy penis going between my private lips. Im getting all tingly down there. Daddy says you move it . I grab his penis move it like daddy did. . Daddy lifts my dress puts his hands on my hips. Says you have such a little cute butt and private im getting light headed. I start moving daddy penis faster . I cane feel a gush of wetness running down daddy penis over my hand . I collaps on the steering wheel . Daddy moving my hips . Daddy says lean back sweetheart. I lean back ont his chest. Daddy penis pops up . Daddy playing with his penis his otger hand on my flat chest. I says daddy that felt good . Daddy says you still want to see my come . Yes daddy . Ok sweetheart here it comes . I look down this big glob of come , comes out onto my belly it shot higher and farther daddy finish. My black dress was cover from my neck to my private. I pit on my hello kitty pantes we go home .

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  • Reply John ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Another great day

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Hi Jen !! Your story made me cum and wish that i was there with you and your daddy !! Jen honey would it be okay that your daddy fucks me as i suck and finger bang your sweet tender pussy !! Jen honey ! You can call me mom if you want to because i would love to have you for my daughter !! I could teach you so much on how to please a man and what type of guys to stay away from !! Let me know honey !! tara !

    • Joe ID:1ev3c7a1dgnm

      I read your replay all the time and it makes me cum [email protected]

    • Jesse ID:1d3kbhogzysg

      It got me hard as a rock Tara do u have snapchat

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Joe and Jesse ! you don’t have to read stories because i am your story !! Thank you for your lovely compliment and i hope you visualize me as you jerk yourself off ! Remember i’m the type of girl that loves dressing up in erotic undergarments to please my guys so they cum hard for me !! Many XO XO’s to you ! tara

    • Jen ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      Hi tare i would like for you to be with me and daddy. I can call you mom if you want me to

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Jen honey ! you made my day sweetie and if you ever have a problem or question i will be happy to help you out ! Tara !

    • Person ID:1eusaskfk833

      Tara, you sound fun. [email protected]

    • Jen ID:2px1mryvmhu

      MOMMY TARA yes we can play with each other and have daddy join in

    • Anon ID:1d85b1xzs2jj

      Tara and Jen, you are 2 sexy ladies. I would love to join both of you in a threesome