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My favorite uncle

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Sarah spends quarantine with her favorite uncle but there needs get in the way

|Sarah is a petite girl with b cup boobs and a nice size ass she Kenyan virgin seeing as she lets school boys fuck her and likes wearing small right clothing|

|jim is 43 years old and young looking slight muscles a small beard and a little hair that’s always messy his rock is thick and big and he tends to run a lot |

|jim is a pervert he likes to grips and grind into her and he forced himself into her making her screams of no turn into yes|

Sarah pov

Sarah ran and hugged her uncle while the uber pulled off her fits against his chest she only work a white header cut at the Belkin and biker shorts with no panties outlining her pussy.

He cupped her ass getting hard ‘I missed you little girl ‘ she blushed and he grabbed her bags taking them to his room she got confused.

‘uh where is my room ‘ he smiled and explains the other room are his office and workout room and makes a joke telling her to get ready to.cuddle making her uncomfortable.

After dinner they swam consisting of him running his hard on with no shame while she swam when sleeping came around she put on panties and a t shirt while he laid down in boxers pulling them off his huge coco springing out.

‘come on her naked it gets hot at night’s’ she got naked and laid far away ‘please stay invest side’s she said only for him to pull her close his cock running against her add cheeks.

‘if rather be close what are you 18 now’s she nodded and closed her eyes.

after hours of sleeping jim groped her and moved his cock to run against her wetness she woke up and screamed he covered her mouth pushing his cock in pounding.

‘stop resisting little girl take this cock like God made yo to do’ she screamed tearing up hating how she liked it was wet.

His hand !over away and her whimpers came out ‘you like it don’t you’d she moaned being moved in her back.

He fucked her ruthlessly while she screamed and moaned bumming while he pushed his top into her womb shooting hot thick ropes of cum praying his little swimmers invaded her egg

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    I’m horrny as hell my ig is Stephenmcivorpriv I will send nudes btw I’m 14

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    buda story ni jack pot noma si uni in nox at daniel riddle reagan kwa facebook

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    It’s stilll good regardless of the typing, I enjoyed it jessy 🙂

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    I had a fucking stroke trying to read this

    • Jassy

      sorry I was a bit tired typing this out the next will be easier to read