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Accidental analingus

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Accidentally ended up in my aunt’s ass, face first!

I don’t know how many of you out there have family members that aren’t really blood related family members – but the amount of time they have spent with the family and the role they play within that unit have granted them ‘special’ status as a member of the family?
In my family we have a few such members, my dad’s friend from college uncle Ernie, is one such example. A friend for years, I grew up around the guy, had my first beer with him and my dad, called him uncle, respected him as such, and he and my dad were truly like brothers. Of course, on my mom’s side I also have ‘unrelated’ family, her friend from high school, ‘aunt’ Mary, had always been in my life since I could remember. When I was a baby she changed me, babysat me for my mother, helped me with my homework, and in my teenage years she had become ‘the cool aunt’ that I could always be honest with, with things I would never ever admit to my parents.
Over the years aunt Mary and I had become very close, she even got me my first summer job when I was 16. That year my parents had decided to go on a little vacation in Europe, and I being the sullen brooding, horny teenager, was not invited along for the trip. As such I was told that I would be staying at Aunt Mary’s for the summer, and that she had lined a job up for me as well.
Not being too thrilled at the idea of missing a trip of a lifetime, Aunt Mary assured me that the pay would be far above the normal minimal wage and that she had even arranged for me to have sole use of her little flatlet, that jutted out from the side of the luxury B&B that she owned.
The job was nothing special, but as I said the pay was good, I was to be the poolside server to the guests in the morning until after lunchtime, then I would have to do general maintenance work in the afternoon. Residing myself to my fate, I reported for duty on the first Monday of the summer holiday season, dressed in black slacks and a white golf shirt, that I was told was the official staff uniform, though I never really saw any of the other, mostly female staff members, dressed like I was.
The first week was novel and the duties I had to fulfill were plentiful, yet after the first weekend of the holiday was over there was a bit of a slump in the bookings, before a large tour group was to arrive. To that end Aunt Mary had decided to take the Tuesday off from work, and just lounge by the pool and have a nice breakfast at her own establishment, served of course by her nephew.
Now on the evening prior, to Aunt Mary’s day off, I had ‘snuck’ out to go to a bonfire with some friends. And I say ‘snuck’ as Aunt Mary knew I was heading out, although I never told her when or where to, and that someone would most certainly have managed to get a bottle of something. So, on the Tuesday I was severely hungover to say the least! Aunt Mary, being who she is, never reprimanded me for my behaviour or choices, but she would often merely place an emphasis on the consequences of my actions to act as a deterrent for future mistakes. Case in point, she was lounging out by the pool in the summer sun, and had requested that the poolside server, AKA me, should do the pool maintenance while she was there to supervise.
Now some context here, I have before that summer, honestly never once even thought about my Aunt Mary in a sexual way. Now don’t get me wrong she was popular with the guys, always seeming to go from one to the next, but she never settled down. At that stage she was 42, single and could only be described as buxom. She had jet black hair with a dark almost Mediterranean complexion, full DD breasts, and really wide hips that tapered almost obscurely at her relatively narrow waist. Needless to say, she had the legs and butt to balance out what would otherwise be a very ‘top-heavy’ appearance.
Yet as I was getting the pool broom set up that morning, my breath was somewhat taken away when my Aunt stepped out in a ridiculously tight, and tiny (for her assets at least) white bikini. I had my sunglasses on and used the cover they provided to ogle her as she walked towards the pool loungers. The material of her bikini top was stretched to its max as it tried to contain her massive orbs from spilling out. As she turned and threw her towel on the lounger I saw that although they were full bottoms, the extensive size and firmness of her ass cheeks caused the material to disappear between her cheeks as if they were thong bikini bottoms.
I quickly tore my eyes away though, mentally taking stock of the thoughts that had started to run through my mind. ‘She’s your aunt you sick, sick sicko!’ I thought as I turned my attention back to getting my cleaning equipment set up. Yet as I started cleaning I kept stealing glances and reprimanding myself for it shortly after. Now I had obviously swam with my aunt and my parents before, but Aunt Mary would always wear full swimsuits, that covered a lot more of her. I remember thinking she must be self-conscious when others are around, for she was buxom, but I guess in the eyes of some people she would merely be ‘overweight’. It made me smile in earnest as I thought, this was a sign she was comfortable enough around me to be herself, which is something I always appreciated her for on my part. The thought quelled the lust forming in my teenaged mind for quite some time and soon I was done with cleaning the pool and could get out of the blazing sun, which I knew was her reason for having me do pool cleaning on that day of all days. “Actions and consequences right?” which is something she would always say if I did something stupid.
I started to pack away my cleaning gear in the pool shed and Aunt Mary, thanked me as she inspected the pool from her lounger.
“Could you be a dear and get your aunt a glass of orange juice, before I have my breakfast?” She asked as she stood up from her lounger and stretched her back, pushing her breasts out towards the sun, with a slight yawn.
“Sure, Aunt Mary, I’ll be right back!” I said hastily, hoping to get her out of my sight before I started having those thoughts again.
When I arrive back, I see Aunt Mary doing laps in the pool, and set her glass of juice on the table next to her lounger. As I turn around, I see her make her way to the pool’s steps, and as she made her way up them time almost stood still, and for the first time I truly considered my aunt as someone who is also a sexual being as well as my aunt. Her dark brown nipples were fully erect from the cool water, and the now wet, white bikini top did not do much to hide them behind the thin fabric. My eyes cannot help but dart down to her crotch as she makes her way over to me, I see no sign of any dark pubic hair behind the fabric, and briefly the thought of what my aunt’s pussy must look like flashes through my mind.
“The pool looks good hun! I see all the nooks and crannies have been properly cleaned, thank you.” She says as she reaches for her towel on the lounger next to me. Again behind my sunglasses my eyes now roam freely over her body, and I feel my mouth become slightly dry, making me realise my mouth was slightly agape. I quickly shut my mouth and do my best to make polite smalltalk.
“Thanks Aunt Mary, I’m not gonna lie it was a bit torturous for me after my bad choices of last night. Haha.” I say with a chuckle.
“Yeah well you now, actions and consequences right!” She replies with a smile as she begins to towel herself off, and for a second I stare before deciding to head inside and check on her breakfast. Yet as I turn and begin to walk away Aunt Mary calls me back.
“Sorry hun, you can almost get out of the sun, but could you maybe just help me re-apply?” As I turn to face her I see her standing there holding a bottle of SPF15 sunscreen.
“Sure.” I say, trying to be nonchalant about it, but the image of her in that wet bikini was not helping to keep my newfound desires at bay. My heart races with excitement as I take the bottle from her hand.
“I just wanna get a few more minutes on my back, before breakfast.” She says as she lies down on stomach first on her lounger.
I squirt the sunscreen onto my hand and begin rubbing it into her shoulders and neck, and when I reach the strap of her bikini top she reaches back and pulls it free, making my heart almost skip a beat. I continue smearing her back as I focus on keeping my hands from shaking. As I reach the top of her bikini bottoms I stop and squirt more sunscreen into my hand, and move down to her feet. I start from the bottom working my way up her surprisingly firm calves, then the back of her knees, then as I move above her knee onto her thighs, she moves and spreads her legs slightly further apart, allowing me a full view of her bikini-clad pussy. My mouth again begins to gape as my breathing becomes shallow. My hands are now fully trembling, and I try to increase my speed of rubbing so she would not notice. ‘I need to get this done; cause I’m going to have to go masturbate after this!’ I think shamefully to myself as I reach the bottom of her asscheeks.
“All right, I think that about covers it Aunt Mary. Let me go check on your breakfast.” I say as I stand up and take one last glance at her rear for the spankbank.
Yet again as I try to walk away she stops me: “Hey what about my buns?!” She shouts at me almost playfully.
Slightly confused by this, as I thought she was referring to her breakfast, as I look back at her she slightly raises her rump and reaches back with her hands pulling her bikini bottoms up and further into her crack, causing most of the material to disappear between the two bronzed orbs. It immediately dawns on me she means her ‘buns’ require sunscreen as well.
As she settles back down, I reach for the sunscreen again, this time lubing up both my hands with it, I reach forward and cup a hand over each cheek. I begin to rub the lotion in, in a circular fashion, going up along her crack right next to what remained visible of her bottoms, then out to the sides, all the way down to the lounger and then down along the side of her hips, then quickly back in to her soft lower cheeks and then up along her crack again. As I complete the first loop I hear a soft muffled sigh escape her mouth, which kind of caught me off guard, but thrilled me at the same time. I did about 3 or 4 loops, then she said: “That should do it, thanks hun. I’ll be in for breakfast in about 10minutes.”
“Sure thing Aunt Mary.” I reply and head inside, and after making sure her breakfast was almost ready I headed directly to the staff toilet to knock one out. The rest of the day was rather uneventful; however, I could not shake the image of my aunt in her bikini, and the little sigh she made when I had my hands all over her ass.
After breakfast my aunt was out for the rest of the day, stocking up for the tour group that would be descending on us n the morning, and descend they did.
The next day was utter chaos from 6 a.m. onwards, the one guestroom’s bathroom had flooded overnight, leaving us 2 beds short. Half of the staff arrived late for work, the kitchen’s freezer was on the fritz, and to top it all off the tour group had arrived 2 hours earlier than expected.
It was a busy day, of running around dealing with uppity guests, cleaning up after plumbers and electricians and helping out in the laundry room and the kitchen to make up for the few staff members that decided not to show up at all!
By the time the dinner service was done, I was beat, and my aunt could see it.
“Why don’t you clock out darling, I will handle these last few guests. I’ll be there shortly.”
Completely tired, and only half listening, my mind only started to question what she meant by ‘I’ll be there shortly’ when I was unlocking the door to the flatlet.
“Did she want to tuck me in?” I thought confusedly, yet soon put the thought out of my mind when I saw the bed. I stripped down to my boxers and flopped down onto the bed, not even making it under the covers by the time I passed out.
A few hours later I was roused from my sleep when I heard someone fiddling with the door, I had not bothered to lock it and was staring the hallway that led from the front door to see who it was that was looking for me. I was ever so surprised to see my aunt turn the corner. She looked at me and saw that I was not fully awake.
“Hey, don’t worry it’s just me.” She said in a whisper. “I had to give up my room to the guests, I hope you don’t mind sharing with your aunt for a few nights.” I looked at her confused, not really making sense of her words, and she could obviously tell.
“We can speak in the morning, go back to sleep.” She continued as she pulled the duvet out from under me, and threw it over my body, essentially tucking me in I guess. I was soon asleep again and started having crazy vivid dreams…wet dreams, involving women with builds strikingly similar to my Aunt Mary.
Now I had always been obsessed with sex as a teen especially anal sex as, back in the 90s it was still and edgy almost taboo thing that only sluts did, and I loved sluts! So that night after the day before, my dreams were filled with big, beautiful butts, and I got to work in my fantasy land. What happened next, I am to this day unable to explain and haven’t been able to replicate, but in my mind I was dreaming, when I reach over and cupped the ass of the sexy woman of my dreams (literally) and started pulling her panties off. Then I dove down and buried my face in her crack and wormed my tongue down all the way to her asshole. I began to fervently lick and flick my tongue across the hole, and when I felt her begin to rear up and drive her ass back into my face I took that as a sign she liked what I was doing, so I doubled down. I began to suck at her rectum, while my tongue made wavy motions over her hole. I felt her reach back with one hand and spread her cheek wider, so I took that as sign to go deeper, which I did. I began driving my tongue into her asshole, using it like a cock to fuck the bitter earthy tasting hole.
That moment, was when I realized I had never tasted anything in my dreams before, not to the extent where I could actually recall the taste. Then with shock I realized, I was not dreaming. This was happening, and I had my face buried in Aunt Mary’s ass!
A cold sweat shot across my back as my heart began to feel as if it were in my throat. Then I swiftly yet gently eased my face out from between her massive ass cheeks and popped my head back from under the covers. I lay there in silence for what felt like half an hour but was more like 10 seconds, before I had the nerve to look over to check if she was asleep. Yet when I peeked out the corner of my eye, I could clearly see her hand still holding her right ass cheek open, and I knew she must be awake. I then shut my eyes completely and pretended I was still asleep. What she did next both surprised me and assured me she was indeed awake. She began to scoot back, still holding her cheek, then as she nestled up against my left leg she let her ass cheek flop down, trapping a decent portion of my thigh between her butt cheeks.
Needless to say, I was awake till morning light. As soon as the sun was up, so was I. I didn’t even bother showering, just got dressed and got out of there.
The rest of the day was spent in nervous anticipation. Anticipation of the awkward conversation that was sure rear its ugly head sometime throughout the day. Yet it never came, Aunt Mary went about her business as usual, tending to guests, double checking orders, organizing day outings for guests. By the time dinner service was done, I had somehow managed to convince myself she was never awake and was none the wiser. Yet that evening when I went to go get ready for bed, taking the shower I had skipped that morning, the conversation would indeed come.
As I got out of the shower I was taken aback when I saw my aunt sitting on the side of the bed.
“Oh, sorry Aunt Mary, I didn’t realize you would be done so early tonight.” I say as I firm up my grip on the towel around my waist, not wanting to add flashing my aunt to the charges.
“Yeah, I took off a bit early tonight, so we could have a chat before bed.” She said, in an uncharacteristically stern tone of voice.
“Oh, I see, what about?” I say somewhat nervously, trying to play dumb.
“I think you know exactly what!” She said with a slight sarcastic smile.
“Y’know what, scratch that! I know you know what we need to talk about!”

My game was up, and here it was now, the talk.

“Look Aunt Mary, if it was about last night…I…I didn’t…. or at least I wasn’t even awake…and it..”
“Awake for what?” She asked sharply, cutting me off.
“For…for what…y’know…uhm…happened…” I replied trailing off as I looked towards the bed she was sitting on.
“I see. So, if you weren’t awake, then how would you know what I wanted to talk about?”
“Yeah…I…I mean…I wasn’t awake when I started…I kind of woke up in…” I say, now looking down at my hands as I started to fidget with my towel.
“Finish that sentence please.” She said “You weren’t awake when you started what? You woke up in what? Or should I say you woke up in who?!”
‘Fuck!’ I think to myself. She knew, and she was not going to let me hear the end of it till I admitted it. ‘I just need to get this over with’ I thought as I resided myself to my inevitably embarrassing fate.
*sigh* “I wasn’t awake when I started…lick…when I started…”
“Rimming me!” She said a little too loud for my taste causing me to look around as if someone could hear us. “That’s what you were doing! And then you, what, just ‘woke up’ with your face buried in my ass! Huh?!” As she asked the final question she got up off the bed and stood facing me waiting for her answer.
I stood staring at my feet as she literally breathed down my neck.
“I’m sorry…I’m really, really sorry Aunt Mary, I don’t know how…. I’m really sorry, and I promise you it will never ever happen again. I will sleep outside by the pool on a lounger if you prefer.” I started rambling off an apology as I continued staring at the ground.
“Oh no, no, no! You are not getting off that easy mister!” She said again sternly, but with a hint of something else in her voice as well. I looked up at her, and saw a slight smile on her face, which puzzled me. I looked at her quizzically as she stepped over to the side of the bed again. Then she did something that changed my life forever, and till this day haunts my dreams.
She stood next to the bed, looked at me and said: “Always remember actions….and consequences! You acted last night, awake or not, and tonight you are going to face the consequences.”
I was still so very confused and clearly my face did not hide the fact, because before I could ask her what she meant she pointed to the bed and said, “Lay down here, with your head at the foot of the bed.”
Thinking she meant we would have to sleep head to toe from now on I told her: “Oh, I see. Let me just put on my PJs first.”
“No, that’s not what I told you to do! Lie down here.” She said sternly and again, she pointed to the bed.
Still a little unsure over what was happening, yet her voice told me not to push her right now, so I complied and laid down with my head at the foot end of the bed and my feet on my pillows.
“Good.” She spoke. “Now stay just like that, I will be right back.” And with that she headed for the bathroom. She was in there for probably 5 minutes, I thought about turning the TV on but decided to forego that fight. I began to hear the taps running for a while, and briefly wondered if lying like this while she was having her bath was the punishment, however then the door suddenly flung open.
My aunt was now wearing her maroon knee-length nightgown as she walked over to me, and stepped closer so she was standing by my head at the end of the bed. As she strode over her nightgown lifted enough that I was treated to a quick little glimpse of her nether regions. The sight excited me briefly, but my nervousness over what my punishment was to be trumped my horniness at that moment, and not wanting to give further offence I said nothing.
My aunt stood over me, and as I looked up, she began one of the strangest trains of thought I have ever heard.
“Well last night you started doing something that you should not have done. I think we can both agree on that?” She looked down at me and I nodded in silence.
“Agreed then. That was the action. The consequence for that action is that it created a president and an expectation now.”
Again, I looked up at her truly puzzled by where she was going with this. “What expectation?” I asked.
“Well…” She said turning away from me so that I was now able to freely see up the back of her nightgown, giving me a full view of her bare ass, as in that moment I realized she wasn’t wearing anything under her gown. My heart began to increase its pace yet again, and I swallowed my spit and licked my lips as I felt my palms begin to sweat.
She continued talking as I continued to freely stare up her gown, and I felt my hands again begin to tremble “…I expect you to finish what you started!” And with that she reached back and pulled her nightgown up exposing her full naked ass to me. In that moment, I was at a loss for words, my breathing had become so shallow for a second I thought I would pass out. She looked back at me over her shoulder and simply asked “Well?”
I just began nodding, and I kept nodding as I watched her ass lower to my face. As it approached she reached back with both hands, and splayed open her cheeks, just before the light was blocked out by them I saw her pussy, literally dripping with excitement, then I looked up at her light brown little sphincter that I had tasted the night before, and my mouth began to water. As her ass neared its landing on my face I began to smell her musky sweet scent and I could not help but reach up and place my hands on top of hers and guided her down the rest of the way.
The moment her asshole was within range I darted my tongue out and tentatively gave a first little lick, causing her to let out a deep low moan, as she lowered herself further. She sat down briefly with her full weight on my face smothering me, then standing up a bit as I gasped for air, then she repeated this action a few times, as I laid taking in the most surreal thing to ever happen to me.
After laughing at her own playful smothering, she hovered her ass just above my face. “Well, better get to licking then.” She said as she sat down on me again, this time however supporting some of her weight as she essentially squatted over the side of the bed. I started lapping away at her hole as it puckered under my ministrations, eliciting sighs and moans and giggles from her as I did so. It tasted so bitter yet sweet, and the scent that was emanating from her ass and wet sex drove me wild with lust. Soon my face was cover in her juices and my saliva, yet every time my tongue would feverishly stray to her pussy, she would stand up a bit and reprimand me saying “No, no, ass only!”
I continued to relish my punishment, and felt my cock start to strain under the weight of the towel,, yet I would not dare touch it, not even now. However as if sensing my need, soon I felt my aunt’s hand let go of her ass and reach back for my towel. She tugged it open revealing my throbbing cock, I did not even try to look all I heard was her saying: “Oh my!”
Then she said, “That should do it.” and my heart sank.
“I think you’ve had enough punishment now, don’t you?” She asked as she stood up and looked down at my sodden face. For my part I still had not regained the ability to form words, so all I did was nod my head, she just chuckled at me as she readjusted her nightgown, and then disappeared back into the bathroom. Again, she was in there for a while, and not knowing what was going to happen next, my mind began replaying what just happened, of course maintaining the strain on my phallus. Eventually I got under the covers, and turned on the TV, I was just about to consider stroking my cock, when I heard the toilet flush. She came back into the room, got in bed next to me, said “goodnight” and went to sleep as if nothing had happened. I slept even less that night, needless to say, but I had a newfound lust for my aunt that I would not be able to shake.

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  • Reply NickN1037 ID:4aosk8glt0a

    Fuck what a lucky guy. Would give anything for my aunt to sit on my face like that!

    • MommyK4YLA ID:4aosk8glv9k

      I could be your aunt NIck! Hehehe. Send mommy a mail if you like, mommysturn80 at g dot com, p.s. my son’s name is also nick 😉

    • [email protected] ID:1d7av0wnucs7

      Sounds like my aunt. Although she wanted my tongue to travel. Sometimes she would have me do that after she came back from having sex with her husband or another man. The pungent smell and their mingled taste is still something I enjoy to this day. She would tell me what to do, where to lick all the while playing with my nipples. I learned to cum with that alone and still am nipple orgasmic. She did that when my mom put us together at 9 all the way to when I left for college.

  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:8ldl4gyb0i

    This one really got me! Wow, such a naughty bitch! Hahaha

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      I agree ! At least he was a gentleman !

    • karen ID:1ek56s78ra

      it brought back memories of when my aunt caught me sucking the brown streaks from her dirty panties and made me clean her dirty sweaty asshole with my tongue.
      [email protected]