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Duke our Great Dane fucks my athletic and beautiful mother. 2nd part

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Duke as it turns out didn’t rape Cheryl by accident. Instead he was trained to fuck women, but why is the rabbit hole I travel down.

The house had changed, or maybe I did. Cheryl definitely changed, she paused her streaming and turned broody. I wanted to help but how could I. How could I possibly go up to her and say “Hey so I know what you’re going through, you can talk to me.”

Prior to seeing how she would become I had bought a full setup to film other encounters but was turned off by the idea after seeing the effects on her. Mom on the other hand didn’t change but my image of her did.

The camera setup I had bought contained audio and one day when Cheryl was out with mom I decided I required more information. If nothing else to settle my own curiosity.

I added one to both mom and Cheryl’s bedroom. The den and living room and one for safety at the front door to monitor traffic such as dad returning home or visitors. What I caught stunned me, even after I expected it.

Mom was tall, fit, dirty blonde with a slender face. If it wasn’t for her chirpy attitude and pretty face she would blend into the crowd. But she loved being the center of the party and she wore the type of clothes that caught a person’s eye. To go with it, she put a great deal of effort into her physique, so much that our birthday presents always revolved around fitness products. She was the large reason why my sister and I were into sports all our lives.

She had a tiny waist, nice hips and large but fake breasts. She put an unusual amount of effort into her leg days, specifically her glutes that gave her a firm round ass. On occasion I stole glances of her, often I caught a glimpse of her lace bra or the seam of her thongs through her pants, if she caught me she didn’t seem to mind. I used to try to imagine it was just another woman wearing them but it was hard to ignore her beauty.

The cameras I bought could hide inside the hole of a screw, they even came with a sheath that was made like a chicago screw, the remaining body was on a short wire and a receiver the size of a large USB flash drive. The whole setup set me back a month’s wage plus an equal amount on my CC debit. But as I monitored the empty house I could see it was well worth the money.

That night I couldn’t sleep and sat glued to my monitor as the two of them slept. After an hour I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t close my eyes without my stomach twisting in a knot. Mom tossed and turned in her sleep for a long while, then her mouth opened and tilted her head back into the pillow. If I had been fast forwarding like usual I would have missed it. I looked up from my phone and leaned forward slowly so my chair wouldn’t creak.

She had been waiting for the house to grow silent and once satisfied she slid the covers off and revealed her naked body. With her hand she patted the exposed bed for Duke to jump up. The other week wasn’t just dumb luck on his part. He lowered his head between her legs and lapped at her slit.

Her long legs slithered over her bed sheets and she held his head down between her legs. My own cock responded to the sight of watching my own mother about to fuck a great Dane. Her head rolled from side to side on her pillow and her back arched.

After a minute passed my cock ached and I had to release it from my underwear. The twist in my stomach refused to go. In a weird way it comforted me as I held on to my cock and stroked myself. Perhaps this was all it would become I thought.

Mom pushed him away and rolled over onto her stomach and presented her ass to him. Without hesitation Duke jumped on to her upturned ass and laid on her bare back. Her spinal muscles contracted and curved into a C shape as she reached between her legs. The dimples at the back of her ass formed and Duke started humping her.

As he found his mark she pushed her face into her pillow and he sank to his full depth. As if overwhelmed by the pleasure of her human vagina Duke paused for a moment and stretched his neck out. Long enough for mom to lift her head and take a deep breath.

It was the last time for a while she would be able to take it as Duke began his assault on her. I found myself stroking my cock admiring the muscles in her back and shoulders as she clung to the edge of the mattress.

In the low light vision of the camera I could see her mouth open in a dark spot and her eyes open wide. She gripped the top edge of her mattress and flexed her shoulders. Duke’s long tongue hung out as he fucked her for a solid minute with out pause.

It was unlike Cheryl’s fucking. This was consensual, mom had invited him up onto her to be serviced like an animal. Duke being an animal himself fucked her as fast and hard as he could. His giant long cock glistened with her fluids as it appeared and disappeared in rapid flashes between them. His short fur obscured nothing as his cock slid in and out until the knot pushed its way inside.

Moms spine straightened and she pushed herself up into a position on all fours. She held it for a short time then fell back onto her chest and let Duke continue fucking her wildly.

With a silent click of my keyboard I bumped the sound up a single notch until I could just hear them. The bed creaked and the sound Dukes cock made sounded like gel being sloshed inside of a container. The two of them were panting and huffing. Together with all the sounds of the room their wet flesh slapped one another as he fucked her hard from behind.

Duke had soft smooth fur and mom kept his nails trimmed every week. Now the reason became clear. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and he laid down on top of her. She slithered her bare back into his warm furry chest and bit her lower lip.

Duke rested his big head on her shoulder and started giving her long consistent thrusts. She was controlling his tempo by her posture. The higher angle she made him work the slower he became. The lower she leaned down the faster his pace.

She must have been horny because she spent most of her time forward. Dukes staying power was impressive as he fucked her. Mom bent took a deep breath and braced herself on her elbows. She grit her teeth and clenched the bedsheets in her hands. Duke’s weight bounced her up and down and her breasts swung forward and back beneath her. Her long hard nipples scraped over the sheets and I could hear her let out a chain of muffled groans.

Dukes fucking grew more frantic as his body convulsed. His increased pace and weight pressed her face down into the mattress. She tried to contain her moan by biting her index finger but the camera could pick up her squeal of pleasure.

“Oh fuck.” she whispered. She winced and shut her eyes before letting out a deep breath of air.

Duke’s giant cock pumped his sperm deep inside of her. He lifted his head and whimpered as he thrust into her. His long orgasmic thrusts filled her to the brim with his sperm. Slick slime poured out around Duke’s cock as the pressure inside of her built up.

Finished with her, Duke let out a whimper and tried to pull out of her but the knot held firm. As he pulled at her, she pushed herself up onto all fours, arched her back. Caught in an orgasm her head tilted up and she let out a low moan while her hands twisted in the bed sheets. Her body shook like she was having a seizure. The sight made me cum over my laptop splattering my keyboard and screen.

Duke, more than satisfied and determined to get off, pulled himself free. The knot inside of her came free with an audible pop and she let out an exhausted groan. White hot cum sprayed out across the sheets between them. As if deflated mom fell on her stomach into the plush mattress and laid limp with the sperm pouring out of her. She tried to push herself onto her back but just laid there exhausted.

As I cleaned my laptop, keyboard and monitor I felt disgusted now that the lust had passed. Mom rolled onto her side with little energy she recovered and let Duke lick her clean.

Mom had stacks of king sized sheets and now I knew why. She wasn’t a neat freak like I first imagined, it was Duke’s sperm that was constantly soaking them.

I checked on Cheryl who was asleep in her bed. When she bent forward she unknowingly gave Duke the signal to mount her. She couldn’t have known he was a trained dog who was ready and horny. I looked back at the screen with mom in it and watched her pull the sheets over her body and lay back on the bed.

After witnessing what I had witnessed I was no closer to helping Cheryl than I was before. The only thing I knew was I had gone further down a rabbit hole.

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