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Vacation Time With My Three Stepsons (part 3 or 3)

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After my Husband died I decided Me and My Three Stepson’s needed a vacation, I never imagined it would turn out the way it did.

The house was in darkness when I got home from going for a drink at our local bar, my friend Ronny had dropped me off, given me my usual kiss and cuddle.It had been going on for months there was nothing in it,he occasionally got a feel off my boobs, but that was all.
I thought the boys had left the TV on in the front room, when I turned the light on I was kind of shocked to see Kenny and Sammy sitting on the couch.I jumped out of my skin when Christopher slammed the door I had just come in with so much force I thought the whole damn thing would come off it’s hinges.
He started calling me a whore and he grabbed me by my hair forcing me to my knees telling me I was there property,I was their whore not some broke dick asshole driving a 20 year old pick up truck. Christopher almost dragged me around the floor by my hair, I had to crawl quickly on my hands and knees to avoid collapsing until he finally stop pulling my hair and let go of me. I tried to tell him he was wrong, but he told me to “shut the fuck up “,put his foot on the side of my tummy and pushed me over, until I laid on my side. He pushed me again with his foot and I ended up laying on my back in the middle of the sitting room floor.
I laid still and said nothing as he put one foot each side of my body, and he slowly sank down on his knees until he was almost sitting on my stomach. He pulled my blouse out of my skirt and started undoing the buttons.I opened my mouth to say ” stop Christopher “, but he preempted me and said “shut it “,so I did, and I laid there watching his face as he undid the last of my buttons. He didn’t bother to undo my bra, he just pulled it up over my big boobs releasing them for all in the room to see.
Christopher slapped my boobs from side to side, “stop that hurts ” I said , “don’t pleas that hurts bad ” I screamed as he slapped them very hard. ” Oh God stop stop I screamed out” but all he did was laugh, and took each of my nipples between his finger and thumb as he squeezed them and twisted them bringing tears to my eyes. Chris got off me slowly, I laid there not wanting to upset him any more than it seemed I had already done without knowing what I had done. ” Take your skirt off ” he said looking at me.I pulled the zipper down at the side of my skirt, lifted my butt off the floor and worked my skirt down my legs, and took it off . ” Well look at that matching bra and pantie set ” said Kenny from the couch, ” it must have been truck boys lucky night ” he said laughing.
I stood looking at Kenny and Sammy, ” I have never done anything with Ronnie ” I said ,” he was your Fathers friend for years, he is just a friend that’s all “. ” Don’t tell us “said Kenny, ” you need to convince Chris he saw you and truck boy kissing in the parking lot of the Woodman’s , your kind of lucky he came home here first and took it out on the trash cans outside and not on Truck Boy “.
Ronnie and I were just goofing around in the parking lot, it was hardly a kissing session but I knew it would be no good trying to talk sense into Christopher’s thick scull if he saw us, I am sure by the time he got home in his mind I was having wild sex on the hood of Ronnie’s truck .
A few seconds later Chris was calling from the dinning room, ” come here you three ” he said. I felt Sammy undo my bra and I let it fall onto the floor, Kenny came and stood behind me and he kind of pushed me gently in front of him into the dinning room. Chris was standing there by the table ,” come here ” he said and I walked to where he stood. He took hold of the back of my neck and bent me over so my boobs were on the table. He called Kenny and Sammy over to take hold of my arms and I watched as Chris slowly put on a pair of the medical gloves from the box I had bought home from work along with face masks during the Coronavirus outbreak. He took for ever pulling on the fingers of the glove like he was some surgeon about to perform a major operation. He came around behind me and said ” spread your legs “. I took a deep breath and did as I was told and then I felt his gloved hand touching my pussy lips, followed by a finger being inserted deep in to my cunt. I jumped and screamed out, ” don’t ” , but the only reaction I had from my stepsons was Kenny and Sammy pulling my arms further up the table, my tummy went up the table and my feet came off the floor .
Christopher pulled his finger out of my pussy, ” no truck boys cum on this” he said slapping my butt hard. ” I told you I didn’t do anything with Ronnie ” I said rather timidly. ” OK we believe you” he said , “now go and have a shower, we need to talk “. I walked slowly up the stairs carrying my clothes, I stood in the shower under the hot water and began to cry.I thought this was all over me being used by my stepsons,I never dreamed it would go on now we were home.
I came out of the bathroom and went into my bedroom only to find Sammy sitting on my bed. “Chris wants you to put this on he said handing me my pink nightie and frilly pink panties with the open crotch they had bought me in Tennessee. I put them on and he said “what heels are you going to wear ” he said holding a red pair in his right hand and the and a black pair in his left. ” Which do you think” I said somewhat aimlessly, and he held the red shoes out for me to put on. I sat on the bed and put my shoes on, ” now what ” I said looking at him and feeling pathetic.
” Walkies ” he said pulling a dogs leash and collar out from under the bed covers, standing in front of me he took one of my hands and put it on his cock. He was hard and he said ” look up” as he put the collar around my neck, did it up and then turned it around so the leash hung down my back. “Up” he said “lets go Mommy “and he burst out laughing.
At the bottom of the stairs he said ” on your hands and knees puppy dog or are you a puppy bitch “, and giggled. I looked at him and said ” please Samuel don’t do this too me any more “. “It’s not me you you should be talking to it’s Chris, and believe me he is as mad as hell after he saw truck boy pawing at your tits, now down like the good little bitch in heat you are, or Chris is going to send your pix to everyone you know, your choice.”
I felt my eyes fill with tears as I sank to my knees and then slowly bent forward to put my hands on the floor. I felt Sammy take hold of the leash and give it a tug, “lets go puppy ” he said gently kicking my butt. I crawled slowly into the sitting room I felt too ashamed to even look and see if Kenny and Chris were in the room. ” Bring IT over here ” I heard Chris say, I was an IT in my stepsons mind, my heart sank what the hell had I become ?
Sammy pulled on my leash to stop me I was looking down at a pair of Air Jordan’s I recognized, they belonged to Christopher. I felt him take hold of my hair, as he said ” get up “. I stood up and there was the big wooden Chinese coffee table their Father and I had bought at a yard sale which was being held up the road from where we lived one summer Saturday morning, for about 10 bucks. The thing weighed a ton, and after he passed away. I put it in the basement, I never really liked it and often thought about throwing it out ,but I never did ,and now there it was just a few feet from me , with several pillows from the bedroom piled on it on it.
I tried to pull away from Christopher , let me go I said angrily ,LET ME GO, but he held me tight with one hand and and smacked my bottom really hard through my pink undies with the other, it hurt so much it bought tears to my eyes and I stopped struggling I just stood there rubbing my butt.
” Get on it” he said and he and Kenny both took one of my arms and I kind of half knelt half fell onto the coffee table. with my belly laying on the pillows and my head laying on a cushion from the couch. I laid there as Christopher and Sammy tied my wrists to the front legs of the table with some pink rope they had got from God knows where, then Christopher messed around putting one of his leather belts under my tummy and doing it up before the two of them tied more pink rope all the way under the coffee table and onto the belt. I just laid there and closed my eyes after all it wasn’t the first time the bastards had tied me up before they fucked me .
I heard a bang right in front of my head I oped my eyes to see Kenny holding the full length mirror that hung over the hall cupboard door , I look into before I leave the house , and there it was a couple of feet from my face. I heard Sammy say ” shall I tie her ankles up” , and Christopher laughed and said ” hell no ,it will be fun to watch her doing the frog stroke with her legs like when she does the breast stroke in the pool ,or maybe just watching her kicking them up and down “, and they were all laughing.
I laid there looking in the mirror, I saw Chris take off his shirt and he waved at me in the mirror mouthing something without actually speaking and then laughing. ” Look over here ” he said a little later .I turned my head to the left side where he was standing, he had a huge hard on and he was holding a bottle in his hand. ” Say thank you Christopher” he said laughing. ” What for I said “,which got me another brutal slap on my butt making me cry out and shout ” thank you Christopher ” out loud. I could hear them all laughing and I could feel Christopher pulling open my ankles as he knelt between my legs on the coffee table.
Look in the mirror he said laughing, he was holding up a bottle ,I couldn’t read the label the letters were backwards but I recognized the bottle,I sometimes used it to lube the vibe I had if it was taking me a long time to climax when I played with myself. Nothing worse than a dry pussy and not be able to climax because you can’t concentrate on what your doing. I gave out a little shriek as his fingers opened up the split crotch in my panties ,the cold liquid ran over my perineum area, and I felt his finger touch the entrance to my anus. ” DON’T Christopher, don’t touch me there” I shouted but all he did was laugh before slowly pushing his finger deep into my butt . Sammy came and stood next to me,he slowly started to lift my head off the cushion with his hands under my chin so I was looking in the mirror where I could see Christopher laughing as at the same time I could feel the head of his cock against the entrance to my butt .
I should have known he would not be gentle with me, by nature he is a sad sadistic piece of shit and that’s a terrible way for me to speak of my eldest stepson, but it is the truth. He started pushing his cock into my arse ignoring my pleading for him to stop. By the time he started pumping his dick in and out of me I had stopped pleading with him, I was crying and biting the cushion I was laying on, praying it would be over soon .
I don’t know how long Chris did anal on me, I knew he was going to cum when he reached and grabbed my hair, and I could hear his heavy breathing as he said ” who do you belong to cunt “, and I whimpered ” you, I belong to you,” as once again he pulled my head back hard and I looked through my tears in the mirror at his face as he shot his load into my belly, before he collapsed on my back.
He laid there for a little while before he climbed off me ,I watched through tearful eyes as he left the room. wiping his dick on his tee shirt. It seemed to take Sammy and Kenny ages to untie me, and it wasn’t until one of them said to me ” get up” , I realized I had been untied completely. My arms hurt, my back hurt, my butt felt like it was on fire and as I slowly slid back off the table and onto my knees I just laid there praying it would all just go away.
I got up when I felt something begin to run down the back of one of my legs,I didn’t know if it was sperm or something worse coming out of my butt. ” Get me a towel” I said panic stricken, incase I was pooing myself or worse still bleeding . Sammy handed me a box of tissues and I wiped what proved to be Christopher’s cum off the back of my leg. I took another tissue,held it against my butt as I got up and with jelly legs climbed the stairs to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet I peed, gently wiped my butt , and went into the bedroom.
Kenny was there sitting on the bed, ” are you OK” he said softly, ” I want to you to know that wasn’t my idea “. I took a towel out of the airing cupboard and pulled the bed sheets back, I laid the towel on the sheet and climbed into bed making sure my butt was on the towel. I put on a brave face and weakly smiled at Kenny , ” so I assume your here to fuck me don’t try and fuck me in the ass ” I said somewhat sarcastically . “No “he said looking at me and smiling , ” maybe one day ,you have a nice ass ,I am amazed no one has every fucked you there before , but not now,I just wanted to see if you were OK, ” and with that he got up and started towards the door.
” Wait Kenny” I said, why I don’t know, then I said “come back here” . He turned and walked back to the bed, ” I need someone to cuddle,would you get into bed and hold me until I am asleep “. He smiled and began to unbutton his shirt , “of course ” he said climbing naked into bed and getting between my legs ,before pushing his stiff hard cock into my cunt .

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