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10 year old Kerri swallows cum

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10 year old Kerri swallows cum from a spoon

Kerri was only 10 years old and had been my little sex slave girl for a little while. She was a scared and timid girl, often trembling in fear when I entered the room, yet never resisting any of my orders. I was her master, and she my obedient servant.

Today, I had a special surprise for her. I had recently learned my way around the kitchen, so I decided to try my hand at making something special for her. It was a concoction of sorts, made of my own cum and cream. I gathered up a spoonful of my cum and was eager to share it with her. I put Kerri up on to the kitchen table she was only wearing panties, her panties was pink and white in color with flower prints.

‘Kerri, I have something special for you,’ I said as I handed her the spoon. ‘Do you know what is in this spoon? Kerri shook her head ‘NO’ and looked up at me with a puzzled expression. I stopped trying to explain to Kerri about what was in the spoon. I slide her panties down past her knees exposing her tight bald pussy.

I smiled and took the cum filled spoon to her lips, pushing it in gently but firmly. She tensed up, her eyes widening as the spoonful of cum filled her mouth. She gagged slightly and looked into my eyes with a mixture of shock and confusion. I explained to her what it was, and that it was a special treat from me. I could see the look in her eyes that she was not understand me, Kerri did not swallowing the cum, I was still trying to feed Kerri my cum from the spoon and get her to swallow it. I pushed the spoon in further till she gagged, Kerri’s mouth opens wide and with out any hesitation I took the spoon filled with my cum and pushed it down Kerri’s throat. I pushed it down her throat until she could no longer resist. Kerri shuddered for a few seconds and then forced herself to swallow it. She made a gulping sound and paused for a moment then shuddered again. The spoon became a kind of reward for Kerri after a good day she was allowed to have it.

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  • Reply Donna a ID:vufhe0qk

    I was age 9 when o was caught smoking by my mom’s new boyfriend and I thought he was going to shout and really punish me.. but instead he told me to get in their room and then he , sniffed up couple of lines of coke and then gave me another cigarette and told me to light up, so I did and then as took drags and blowing smoke out he started groaning etc and then he just dropped his bottoms and then he got ontop of me and then as forced tip of his cock between my pussy lips I screamed out in pain and he kept pushing it inside then he just blasted so hard and I screaming and not crying and he loved that and so he got rougher and more brutal,

    • Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

      Good story

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I milk my guys until they cum into my mouth,then when their done i spit it out !!

    • Nadia Ishmed ID:fx7qyy6ii

      God yes! I’d love to kiss her after she eats it, yummy!
      Snapchat: Nadiaishmed

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    Yeah, now force the little cunt to take it straight from the source!

    • MrFun ID:1ct7mlq74hk1

      @Cracksniffer 👍

  • Reply Cam ID:1cmw0z3znlxo

    At 10 she Should get it straight from the tap 😂

    • Joe ID:7481adjbm1

      At 10 she should be getting fucked